1st Product Review

Okay so this wasn’t some product that was sent to me to review but a free sample that was given out at Sams.

Honest Kids Organic Fruit Drink. When I think Organic I think of Health Food. So I thought that this would be a healthy nice drink for my kids to have a lunch. So I grabbed a couple and brought them home. On my way home I noticed on the back of the package that it say only 10% juice. So I continue to read what is in the drink. The drink was a pesticide free Kool- Aide. There was really nothing healthy about it. Water, sugar, the juice for flavor and absorbic acid (Vitamin C).  So needless to say, I think that we will stick with Juicy Juice for Juice and leave those as treat or maybe just stick to Kool- Aide.

One Year!

Okay so I just realized that this blog is one year old! Now I have been blogging longer then that but changed over to this URL just over one year ago! So Happy Birthday to my blog!

How long have you been blogging?


So this weekend has been a good one, of course busy, weekend. Friday night we relaxed at home. Saturday Chris went to Panera with Rob. As the kids and I were getting ready to go to the park he arrived back home and went with us. When we got back home the kids had lunch and headed for a nap. Well Kendra napped a little bit but Ephriam just jumped around in his bed. Then we went to church.  I had a great time serving with the 13-20 month old kids. I had 9 kids in my room and ended up changing 7 poopy diapers! That is a lot of poopy for  on hour! The kids were really great though. Only had one little boy who didn’t want to settle down at all and I was fortunate to have Penny there to take him and try to settle him down. After church we were on our way home and Ephriam fell asleep but after he was home in bed decided to bounce around and didn’t go back to sleep till late. This morning we got up and hung around the house till noon till we went to church for the Discovery Land picnic. Came home and tired to put the kids back in bed but no prevail they were up and playing in no time. So while I had them resting in their beds I mopped the kitchen floor and started getting things ready for dinner. Then I got them up and let them watch part of a movie while I put the kitchen back together. Then I got started on dinner while they were running around. Chris’ parents showed up around 5:30 for dinner and it was almost done except for the mashed potatoes. Ended up have a great dinner and enjoyed having them there with us. Looking forward to next weekend when we should see the rest of the gang. So this week is a little busy but should be easy flowing.  Keep you posted I hope. You know me and blogging!

You Never Know…

… who is reading your blog. Today we went to a church picnic with those who volenteer at the Discovery Land, or the children’s ministry,  a long with the pastor’s and their families at church. We ended up sitting by Joe Boyd and his wife Debbie and his kids Eli and Aiden (not sure that is how they spell it but oh well). Ended up finding out that Debbie has read or does read both my blog and my husband’s blog and really wanted to get to meet us. It was truly a pleasure talking to her for the few minutes that we got to. It is also a pleasure to have her read my blog. I know a few things from Joe preaching at church about what they have been through and how supporitve she has been to him. I hope that I can be that way with Chris in his job or job search or finding who he is.  Debbie is one of the many women who are inspiring to me.  We also talked about our move from Park Ave to the Vineyard and she only gave me more confirmation that what Chris and I decided was right for our family.

God has really blessed us with a great church and church family. Everytime that we are at church there is more and more confirmation that we are where God really wants us to be. It is really great to get that week in and week out and have it not die after being there for 8 months. VCC Rocks!

Busy Again

Does life ever stop? I don’t think so. Things are of course busy and get so more everyday. The past couple of nights I have either gotten to come home early or I have gotten to stay home from work. So I have been living it up being able to stay at home with the kids and playing with them. This past weekend we went to my parents house and you can read more about that on the Kid’s Blog. This weekend we don’t really have much planned but are hoping to pull up the bushes in the back yard and get it looking nice before the big party here on the 4th for both the 4th of July and Kendra’s 2nd Birthday which isn’t till the 26th but since my parents will be in town we decided that we would go ahead and celebrate it then. I have some family coming in from Toledo too so it should be a nice day. Sunday we have a cook out at church and then Chris’ parents are coming over for dinner and they can’t wait. I decided that we would have steaks on the grill, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and brownies for desert. Next week I have a long stretch off of work so the kids and I are going to do some fun things just not sure what yet.  Well I got to get  going before the battery dies but looking forward to maybe posting more this weekend or tomorrow night.

Not So Bad

I thought that this week was going to be really bad. However it really wasn’t. Mostly impart to the fact that I got called off on Monday night. It was a complete blessing since I was up all day Monday taking the kids to the eye doctors knowing that I was going to work that night and do both therapies with Eprhiam on Tuesday. God was watching over me because the rain was pouring down on Tuesday. He knew that I needed to get some sleep before I went to therapy so that I could drive. I also got a lot done at home since I didn’t have to work.  I got to have 5 nights of sleeping like a normal person at home in my bed which I don’t see very often. It was wonderful but I am sure that I won’t happen again anytime soon. Wednesday I got the house ready for small group and then came to work. Nothing Thursday thank God. Tonight we are off to dinner with friends of ours. Can’t wait to see their sweet little boy Drew for the first time. It will be nice to see Xander and Kendra interact together. They both seem to have strong personalities so I am not sure how that will go over but it will be nice for her to be with someone her age since most of the time the kids are bigger then her. Then I have a meeting at church on Saturday about the new program that we are doing with the kids. It sounds really great and I can’t wait to see how it grows our kids. Well I need to get back to work. Chat at ya later.

Tell Me Thursday

About Wordless Wednesday:

Sorry this is a bit late but here are my children sitting on the counter eating cereal that was suppose to be my breakfast at work. However as you can tell it never made it to work with me. How cute they were sitting next to each other eating. Not very often that they both will look at the camera at the same time. It also decreased the meltdowns of me going to work too.