The Birth Survey

Today I took The Birth Survey which included prenatal, labor, delivery,  and post partum care. The survey looked at not only just your OB or midwife but also hospital and hospital staff.

I felt that it was a very good survey. It asked a lot of questions about your care providers and the hospital itself. The thing that I found most hard about the survey was that I work in Labor and Delivery/ Postpartum unit at the hospital I delivered at so it was hard to look at just how I was taken care of and not what I see on a day to day basis. However in looking at my care providers I found it easy to give my opion of them because working night shift we don’t see them as often.

I really like my midwife, Rachel Sizemore, and continue to see her in the office.  I feel that she has a great bedside manner and feel that she has my best intrest in mind. I feel that it is easy to talk to her about everything and have no problems asking her questions or calling the office to talk to her about something.

I felt that Fort Hamilton was a great hospital to deliver at. I feel that my co workers took great care of me as a patient. I don’t feel that I was over looked or under taken care of. I felt like they took care of me as if I were a stranger with a little bit more personal care.

I think that when The Birth Survey is used by others that they will be able to get a good look and get a good review about their choice of hospitals and care providers and be able to make a decision to look at whow fits their best interst. I really enjoyed taking the survey and hope that it will be a good resource for other women.

Vacation Awaits!

It has been almost 5 years since Chris and I have been on vacation that wasn’t just a long weekend. What am I looking forward to most you ask? The slow pace and not agenda! The only thing that we have planned at all is to visit with family one afternoon. Other then that most of our time will be spent on the beach. I am looking forward to quite moments with God. To just sit and enjoy the beautiful things that will be around me that I don’t get to see every day. I am looking forward to the decrease in technology avaliable to us. I don’t think a few days without a computer with the internet is going to kill us. Okay so maybe it might cause a little nervous breakdown for Christopher but I think he will survive. (Okay so really my mom will have her wireless internet card with her so there won’t be any problems reaching the net.) Just a few short more hours here at work and one more full shift and bam.. Vacation time! If you haven’t been able to tell I am not the least bit excited about it not at all. I hope that my kids get to enjoy their grandparents but I also hope that my parents take time for themselves too and to just enjoy being them. I know that they will be going to bed early and getting up early so there will be quite momments for them too. Probably about the only thing that I can say I am probably going to miss while I am gone is my bed. I have yet to meet another bed that can make me sleep that way I do on it. My brother’s mattress stinks. I hate it. I don’t sleep well in it and I sink towards Christopher unless I hold on to the side of the mattress. I will not miss not getting enough sleep or running around like crazy. I want to just sit and breathe in the salty fresh air.