Kinda Tough Day

Not tired like physically tired like I have been but tough to watch someone else disapline your child tough. Now before ya’ll get too crazy, I was present. Ephriam didn’t want to do what his OT had asked him to do. So she pushed him to do what she wanted him to do and didn’t let up too easily. He ended up in time out for not listening and cried while putting on his socks and shoes. It was tough for me to watch him go through it knowing that it is best for him and that he needed it. If he had done it at home the same thing would have happened but there is something about being a mom and doing it verses watching some one else do it. Ephriam did survive and later tonight did one of the things that he fought so hard not to do. He drank from and open cup! 3 glass filled half way of lemonade. I am so happy for him! He did a great job! I think it was mostly do to him being tired or he could be testing the waters. Just yesterday he didn’t want to pick up his toys either and ended up in time out several times.  By the time we made it to speech therapy he was doing better and enjoyed making a special snack with his speech therapist and playing some games with her.

The kids decided that the 20 minute ride how was enough sleep for them and didn’t take an afternoon nap but got to have a snack and watch TV for a little while to rest. They were back in full motion then.

It has been nice tonight to be at home. I got called off of work and probably will tomorrow night too. Everyone had babies last week. Maybe by the end of the week things will be better and I will get to work. If not it was nice to be outside and play with the kids after dinner and tuck them in bed tonight.

Well I have to get up early to get Ephriam ready for another day at school so I am off to bed but am hoping do some more blogging soon. I know that I say that everytime and life gets crazy for now I am looking for rest. Check ya’ll later.