Today was a better day for me. We were all feeling better. I am glad that the first part of the week is over since some how we managed to all get different virus. I got a ton of stuff done around the house. The kitchen looks good. Laundry is almost caught up. Kendra was a bit of a handful but I think that she has missed one on one time with me. Not to mention that she was getting tired early today. I think she just needs more sleep. Now if I could just make the phone stop ringing at nap time life would be much better.

Thank brings me to the next point. I can’t wait for the election to be over. I am tired of the adds, phone calls, and mail! I feel like a lot of them are wasting my time and not to mention paper. Good thing that I was at work tonight when Obama had his big add on all the network stations. I can’t even believe that my husband listen to even part of it! (His waste of time not mine.)

Tomorrow (Today more likely) will be better. The TV shouldn’t be on as much as we are carving pumpkins, finishing Halloween costumes, bathing the kids, and maybe resting a little ourselves. Well that is if the house staying looking the way it does now minus maybe a few things in the basement. I will just be needing some sleep this morning.

Well I need to get back to work but hey this week hasn’t been too bad for blogging for me. Hoping to keep the pace going and post at least once a day for now.

Where is the Easy Button?

Today I could have used the easy button. Starting from this morning when getting Ephriam out of bed for school. I probaby should have left him there and not sent him to school but he seemed to be doing okay. So got him on the bus and off. Got Kendra up and go her dressed and going. We went to the store even though I wasn’t feeling really well.  Kendra and I came back home unloaded groceries and checked the phone messages to find one from Ephriam’s teacher letting us know that he wasn’t feeling so well and that she thought that it was best if I pick him up. Of course by the time I got to him he looked better and was being more active. The rest of the day he was pretty normal. Took me forever to get him to nap and he is taking forever to go to bed now. So back to school he will go tomorrow. So then I forgot a few things at the store for the kids so I had Chris pick them up on his way home. He came home and cut the grass for what I hope is the last time this year. We had dinner and then the kids got a bath.. this is where I needed the easy button for real. I was trying to change our bed sheets while they played in the next room in the tub.  I heard them laughing and went to check on them to find them dumping cups full of water all over the floor. It looked like they had taken half of the bath water out! So now the bed was not made and the bathroom was a mess! The kids still needed their PJs on and put in bed. The kitchen was still a wreck since after dinner and laundry still needed to be done. So I was trying to find the easy button to get it all done. I did get the bathroom cleaned up quicker then I anticipated and started those in the laundry right away. Then the kids watched Charlie Brown while I made our bed and then they went to bed and the ktichen got cleaned. So for now things are okay and I will be heading to bed. Hoping that tomorrow I will get to finish the laundry and get a few more uncluttering things done upstairs. We will see how I am feeling.

Speaking of that I was feeling better today but not 100% until a few minutes ago after a literal run to the bathroom. Now I am not feeling so great but hopefully some sleep with help with that.

Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day for us at home. Ephriam was still running a fever from the time I went to work till I can home at 4 in the morning. Sometime between 4 and 9:30 am his fever broke. My stomach wasn’t feeling good at all that day so I asked to be called off of work for the night. I am feeling much better now but still not 100%. So with 2 of us down for the day this lead to a PJ day with TV watching. Kendra was feeling okay but I think that she was tired because she too spent the day laying around. By the end of the day she said that she her tummy hurt just like mommy’s tummy did. I think that she was just saying that because she ate her dinner well and was running around like no other. I am hoping that tomorrow can resume to normal but Ephriam just had a coughing spell that made him puke. This is something that happens often if he is coughing hard enough. So now his bed is covered in towels and fresh sheets just in case it happens again. Next time daddy is on clean up because mommy’s tummy is way turning now. Well I am going to see about post pictures from Shaw’s Pumpkin Farm to the kids’ blog. If they aren’t there I was not sucessful. Nite.

Will my kids sleep in ever?

I have so thought for the last couple of days that my kids would sleep in since they have been acting so tired. However, i have had no such luck. Yesterday they were up at 0800 am and today the same. Even after last night they went to bed at 1030 pm. Now that is a pretty usual time for Ephriam to fall asleep but that is awefully late for Kendra to go to sleep. I thought that at least she would sleep in but once she heard Ephriam is was all over.

Today is going to be a busy day for them with going out ot get our pumpkins and church. Maybe tomorrow they will sleep in till 0900 am. If not I hope that they take good naps because I am suppose to go into work on Sunday night. It will be the first time in at least 3 years that I have had to work on a Sunday so I am not complaining.

Next week is kind of a busy week but not too bad looking. Ephriam has just speech therapy on Monday and I am hoping that the kids will take a nap so that I can since I will work both Sunday and Monday night. I am not getting my hopes up about that but will probably be going to bed early on Tuesday night. Or at least trying to go bed early but it nevet seems to work out that way.

I hope tonight after church to post pictures of the kids with their pumpkins. For now I am off to get some breakfast.

Small Group

Last night we had small groujp and it was really good. I really feel like I got to know people a little bit more through the questions that Chris asked about the passages that Joe mentioned last week. I really think that digging into the Bible for us as a small group is going to be a really great move. I think that we talked a lot more then we did when we were reading Christian Living Books. I also enjoyed our time afterwards of just hanging out with everyone. We are so blessed to have them as a part of our lives. They have been wonderful to us. I can’t believe that it has already been over a year that we have been with them. We are looking forward to many years of hanging out with them, praying with them, and serving with them. God surely knows where and with whom we need to be with. He is been truly amazing in our lives in the last year.


I mentioned that I would let you know how I feel about Ephriam’s appointment with the DDBP (Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician). I feel really good about it so far. The only thing that I wish  that we could have answers sooner then June 10 but  at least I know that I am doing all the I can right now for him. Dr. Schor let me know that he is in the right places for things. I know that he will continue to make progress all the time. He is doing super with everything. His therapist and teacher have a super outlook on him. He make me proud everyday. I enjoy last Sunday being able to play one on one with him outside. We don’t get to do that very often so it was really nice to kick th ball with him and blow bubbles.


Yesterday I did something to better my blog reading. I switched from bloglines to google reader. One thing I like more about google reader is that I am able to us IE to see my feeds where with bloglines you could only use Firefox. Now I HATE IE but it is the only option at work. So now in my few minutes of down time at work I am able to read my feeds. I also like that I can share feed with my friends. Right now my husband is my only friend but that is fine with me. At least if I see something interesting I can share it with him. I also like that google makes suggestions for other blogs to read. I have found most of my blogs through the people that I follow through twitter. Now I am able to find more through google.

So far I am really happy with the switch. We will see how I like it the next couple of days. If it turns out bad I can always switch back but probably not at this point.


Okay I have a few, very few minutes to type out a short post. This weekend was a good one. I feel REALLY good about all the stuff that we accomplished. First off we finally got Ephriam to see the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrican on Friday. I feel really good about what he had to said but sad to say that we won’t have an official diagnoses for him untill June 10, 2009. I will post more when I have more time but it seems to me that it is just developemental delays. Next we finally after 4 years of living in our house have painted the living room. It totally makes the house feel more like home to me. It feels much warmer with the light brown color over the ice blue flat painted walls. I makes our house feel more like our house. The only rooms we have left to paint are the kitchen and bathroom but we aren’t in such a hurry to do that right now. We also got to hang out with our small group friend for about an hour after church. I can’t wait till we can all be together again. Maybe this Friday? Chris and I also took a break from the painting to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. It was good and I thought that Harrison Ford did a great job for an older guy. The last part of our weekend we had pizza with Chris’ family. It was a great little family gathering. Some of my favorite things from that day we talking to Cindy and playing with Ephriam outside just him and I. Today was kind of a hectic day with getting Ephriam to school, making it to the grocery and back, and then getting Ephriam to therapy on time. It all worked out and the kids let me take a short 30 minute nap after we got back. I wish that it was longer but I am sure I will sleep well today. Well I better get back to work but am hoping to post again tonight when I work. Cya!


My Cup Overflowith

So I have done a better job updating my blog then the kids lately but keep hoping to blog more. I need to make it more of a priority so that I can keep everyone updated with them and me. So here is how things are going with me…

About a year ago, when Chris and decided to go back to VCC my cup was not only dry but I think beginning to crack. I was so over run with ministry that I now know is not for me and trying to keep things together for my family that I let my relationship with Jesus fall to the wayside. After making the tough decision to leave the church family that you love to move on to take care of yourself was hard. We don’t want people to feel offended because it was not about them but about us. Trying to find our fill. Trying to fix ourselfs so that we could serve others. Today I still stand by that decision whole heartedly. It has been the total best intrest of our family all around. We have a place where we belong, minister, grow, and serve one another. We have an awesome small group who pray for us and have been there for us through the good and the bad. They have been generous enough to not only open their homes to us but their hearts. The church has spured Chris and I to read our Bibles and fix our wounds. Now instead of praying just to God when I need something I pray to him all the time. Mostly in worship to him for all the great things that he has done. For all the wonderful blessing that he has blessed us with.

I know that somewhere in the Bible it says “through him all things are possible.” And I have known that in my head for many years but now I am really starting to feel it in my heart. I feel his love and sacrifice for me. I feel undeserving of the things that he has provided me with. I feel Loved. My cup is overflowing and I hope that it shows. I hope people feel that I am His. I hope that it comes out all the time and not just sometimes. I want people to know that I feel loved.

I also know that Chris is feeling it too. I know he has made a change for the better. He is finally getting back into doing ministry with High Schoolers and is loving it. He didn’t have words to say about how excited he was about diving back in to it. He loves teenagers and can’t wait to get to lead a small group. He is so excited. I can’t wait to see all the great things that God does through him.

Words can’t express how happy I am. It is so wonderful to have what we do. Praise the Lord.