Lazy Day

Today was a very lazy day for us at home. Ephriam was still running a fever from the time I went to work till I can home at 4 in the morning. Sometime between 4 and 9:30 am his fever broke. My stomach wasn’t feeling good at all that day so I asked to be called off of work for the night. I am feeling much better now but still not 100%. So with 2 of us down for the day this lead to a PJ day with TV watching. Kendra was feeling okay but I think that she was tired because she too spent the day laying around. By the end of the day she said that she her tummy hurt just like mommy’s tummy did. I think that she was just saying that because she ate her dinner well and was running around like no other. I am hoping that tomorrow can resume to normal but Ephriam just had a coughing spell that made him puke. This is something that happens often if he is coughing hard enough. So now his bed is covered in towels and fresh sheets just in case it happens again. Next time daddy is on clean up because mommy’s tummy is way turning now. Well I am going to see about post pictures from Shaw’s Pumpkin Farm to the kids’ blog. If they aren’t there I was not sucessful. Nite.

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