My Cup Overflowith

So I have done a better job updating my blog then the kids lately but keep hoping to blog more. I need to make it more of a priority so that I can keep everyone updated with them and me. So here is how things are going with me…

About a year ago, when Chris and decided to go back to VCC my cup was not only dry but I think beginning to crack. I was so over run with ministry that I now know is not for me and trying to keep things together for my family that I let my relationship with Jesus fall to the wayside. After making the tough decision to leave the church family that you love to move on to take care of yourself was hard. We don’t want people to feel offended because it was not about them but about us. Trying to find our fill. Trying to fix ourselfs so that we could serve others. Today I still stand by that decision whole heartedly. It has been the total best intrest of our family all around. We have a place where we belong, minister, grow, and serve one another. We have an awesome small group who pray for us and have been there for us through the good and the bad. They have been generous enough to not only open their homes to us but their hearts. The church has spured Chris and I to read our Bibles and fix our wounds. Now instead of praying just to God when I need something I pray to him all the time. Mostly in worship to him for all the great things that he has done. For all the wonderful blessing that he has blessed us with.

I know that somewhere in the Bible it says “through him all things are possible.” And I have known that in my head for many years but now I am really starting to feel it in my heart. I feel his love and sacrifice for me. I feel undeserving of the things that he has provided me with. I feel Loved. My cup is overflowing and I hope that it shows. I hope people feel that I am His. I hope that it comes out all the time and not just sometimes. I want people to know that I feel loved.

I also know that Chris is feeling it too. I know he has made a change for the better. He is finally getting back into doing ministry with High Schoolers and is loving it. He didn’t have words to say about how excited he was about diving back in to it. He loves teenagers and can’t wait to get to lead a small group. He is so excited. I can’t wait to see all the great things that God does through him.

Words can’t express how happy I am. It is so wonderful to have what we do. Praise the Lord.

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