Okay I have a few, very few minutes to type out a short post. This weekend was a good one. I feel REALLY good about all the stuff that we accomplished. First off we finally got Ephriam to see the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrican on Friday. I feel really good about what he had to said but sad to say that we won’t have an official diagnoses for him untill June 10, 2009. I will post more when I have more time but it seems to me that it is just developemental delays. Next we finally after 4 years of living in our house have painted the living room. It totally makes the house feel more like home to me. It feels much warmer with the light brown color over the ice blue flat painted walls. I makes our house feel more like our house. The only rooms we have left to paint are the kitchen and bathroom but we aren’t in such a hurry to do that right now. We also got to hang out with our small group friend for about an hour after church. I can’t wait till we can all be together again. Maybe this Friday? Chris and I also took a break from the painting to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull. It was good and I thought that Harrison Ford did a great job for an older guy. The last part of our weekend we had pizza with Chris’ family. It was a great little family gathering. Some of my favorite things from that day we talking to Cindy and playing with Ephriam outside just him and I. Today was kind of a hectic day with getting Ephriam to school, making it to the grocery and back, and then getting Ephriam to therapy on time. It all worked out and the kids let me take a short 30 minute nap after we got back. I wish that it was longer but I am sure I will sleep well today. Well I better get back to work but am hoping to post again tonight when I work. Cya!


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