Yesterday I did something to better my blog reading. I switched from bloglines to google reader. One thing I like more about google reader is that I am able to us IE to see my feeds where with bloglines you could only use Firefox. Now I HATE IE but it is the only option at work. So now in my few minutes of down time at work I am able to read my feeds. I also like that I can share feed with my friends. Right now my husband is my only friend but that is fine with me. At least if I see something interesting I can share it with him. I also like that google makes suggestions for other blogs to read. I have found most of my blogs through the people that I follow through twitter. Now I am able to find more through google.

So far I am really happy with the switch. We will see how I like it the next couple of days. If it turns out bad I can always switch back but probably not at this point.

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