Where is the Easy Button?

Today I could have used the easy button. Starting from this morning when getting Ephriam out of bed for school. I probaby should have left him there and not sent him to school but he seemed to be doing okay. So got him on the bus and off. Got Kendra up and go her dressed and going. We went to the store even though I wasn’t feeling really well.  Kendra and I came back home unloaded groceries and checked the phone messages to find one from Ephriam’s teacher letting us know that he wasn’t feeling so well and that she thought that it was best if I pick him up. Of course by the time I got to him he looked better and was being more active. The rest of the day he was pretty normal. Took me forever to get him to nap and he is taking forever to go to bed now. So back to school he will go tomorrow. So then I forgot a few things at the store for the kids so I had Chris pick them up on his way home. He came home and cut the grass for what I hope is the last time this year. We had dinner and then the kids got a bath.. this is where I needed the easy button for real. I was trying to change our bed sheets while they played in the next room in the tub.  I heard them laughing and went to check on them to find them dumping cups full of water all over the floor. It looked like they had taken half of the bath water out! So now the bed was not made and the bathroom was a mess! The kids still needed their PJs on and put in bed. The kitchen was still a wreck since after dinner and laundry still needed to be done. So I was trying to find the easy button to get it all done. I did get the bathroom cleaned up quicker then I anticipated and started those in the laundry right away. Then the kids watched Charlie Brown while I made our bed and then they went to bed and the ktichen got cleaned. So for now things are okay and I will be heading to bed. Hoping that tomorrow I will get to finish the laundry and get a few more uncluttering things done upstairs. We will see how I am feeling.

Speaking of that I was feeling better today but not 100% until a few minutes ago after a literal run to the bathroom. Now I am not feeling so great but hopefully some sleep with help with that.

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