So on Tuesday I made it through my first class. I haven’t been to school in 3 years but am working towards the goal of getting my RN. I am very close to finishing up with just a couple of classes to take and my clinical work. I had lots of anxiety about going back but feel that I picked the right class to start out with. It is only one night a week for 3 hours. Yes 3 hours but again only one night a week. This means that I will be away from my kids only one more night a week. Kendra dislikes me having to leave but it only a short period of time and before she knows it I will be able to be at home more with her. I am ready to have it done and over with so that we can move forward with things but am trying to be patient about it and taking it one step at a time. I thought that maybe I would feel overwhelmed with everything else going on with the kids, home, Ephriam’s therapy ect. but things are running very smoothly. I hope tonight to finish up my homework so that way I don’t have to worry about it the rest of the weekend. We will see how all that goes though. I am hoping to keep you posted on my progress with everything. Please keep the prayers going. Thanks.

Missing Friends

So this weekend I am releasing Chris… yep that is right I am finally allowing him to let Christmas take over our house. First of many task in that is to get rid of some of the kid’s toys in the living room. Right now there is no room for our Christmas tree to be brought in. Since we get a real tree we won’t be getting it till Dec. 6th but at the moment the toys are all where the tree will go. We will also be putting up the light on the house this weekend. Not to mention this year that a 7 foot Mickey Mouse will be added. It is  time now to let Christmas explode!

Please pray for our friends the Bohalls as they travel to Oregon for Thanksgiving. I am missing Penny already and she just left. I will miss her when we go to church since she will not be there. Even though we have only meet a couple of times one on one I feel like she is a truly special friend. After we are done meeting I feel so refreshed. I will also miss our friends this Friday since we are not meeting for small group. We will probably still see the Nelsons and the Kutchers at church but it is totally different when we get to followship and read the Bible together. I know that the kids will miss their friends. It will now be a few weeks before we gather again together since Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I will be praying for all of them until we can meet again.

Christmas is Coming Fast!

Christmas is coming out around our house slowly. And that is only because I have held Chris back from decorating the whole house. However Christmas around our house will be coming out fast over the next couple of weeks. This weekend Chris and i are going to finish up our Christmas shopping for Ephriam and Kendra. Yep that is right FiNISH. Meaning that yes we have already started. We will probably get some shopping done for other people while we are out but we will mostly just enjoy it being just Chris and I since we don’t get out just the two of us much.  I am looking forward to having a meal where I don’t have to feed a 2 year old or clean up spilled milk or even maybe I will get to eat my dinner while it is hot.

Anyways back to Christmas. Next weekend we are going for a Polar Express train ride where we will not only get to take a real train ride but we will also get to see Santa and have our Polar Express book signed by him. Then on Sunday the kids will get to see Santa again at Schroder. We had done this since Ephriam was a baby for Chris’ Grandma to show off her great grandkids.

On Dec. 6th Ephriam will get to take his first trip to pick out our Christmas Tree. We were going to take him last year but we got lots of rain the night before we were going so we didn’t think he would make it through the mud. This year however he should be big enough to walk out and find a tree.

Then we will totally be in Christmas mode. Part of me can’t wait while the other part doesn’t want to start too soon to get burnt out on Christmas before it gets here. So for now we wait.

Taken a Break?

I guess that you could call it that but it was more an over busy week. Work is either slow to the point that I get to stay at home and blog or busy to the point that I don’t even have time to enjoy my lunch. Outside of work last week consisted of me running Ephriam to the cardiologist, therapy, and a speech evaluation. I also had parent teacher confernces with his teacher. (I will post about that on the kids’ blog soon) On Friday Chris picked up his brother Matt from the airport while I hosted small group at our house. Saturday we did some shopping and went to church. Since I did nusery on church on Saturday night I got up early and headed to the 8:30 service at church. I sat with our small group friends who don’t go on Saturday night.  I came home and did some crafts with the kids and then headed out with Heather to go a craft show (which ended up being the day before but we headed out shopping at the Pleasant Tree and the thrift store.) Then back home for pizza and a movie with the family. Then Monday lead into a pretty normal week at home.

For the fist time in months I didn’t feel the way I normally have been at church. For months now I have not been able to make it through worship with out crying or. I thought that this week with there being baptism that it would be worse but wasn’t. I don’t know if it was because I never got focused or if what but church was not the same. I enjoyed what Joe talked about although I wasn’t as funny as I heard that he was on Saturday night. Might have been too early for him or maybe even that he preached to the differences in the services. Saturday nighters I heard are to the the roudy crowd. I don’t want to be in the funk I was in but  for now I will pray that next week it is not the same.

Sunday was really nice to get a chance to hang out with Heather. We don’t hardly ever hang out one on one and I enjoy our time together. We got to talk a lot about things and maybe God is doing something there with us. After the 1st of the year we are going to take a night and go scrapbooking. I miss being able to do that. I would love to take the time and be creative. Also this way we get to share and capture the memories of our families together.

Tonight by the way is my last Tuesday night at home for a while. For the next 10 weeks I will be going to school. I am a bit nervous but who isn’t when they haven’t done something for almost 4 years? I will be fine though. I am sure that it will be old hat in no time. I set the bar high for myself, hoping to make straight A’s. I got a lot of support to make it possible.

So I think that brings everyone up to speed on me will have to blog later about the kids since my battery only has a few more minutes left. Later.


This is a pretty personal post about how I have been feeling lately.

Dear God:

I don’t understand why you would bless me so much this year. For all the wrong things that I have done. Not to mention the lack of attention that I had given you the four years prior to that. You have blessed me with a fantastic church family. Ones Lord, who I feel totally care for us. I mean I truly feel like they are REAL family. Maybe I don’t know them all by name or even their face Lord but I feel their love Lord when we walk in the door of the building. The ones I do know by name always bless me with a smile or a warm hello. Mabye Lord, that may not even by true. Maybe they are just being nice. I don’t know but in any case, I feel Your love their. I feel Your spirit moving Lord. I feel the mission of the people Lord. I feel warm and welcome. I feel not only amd I warm and welcom their but those of this world who are the ‘unwanted’. I feel like we love them Like you would Jesus.

So thank you God for all that you have given me. Thank you for my small group. Thank you mostly for my beautiful friend, Penny. Lord I am still completely unsure as to what you are doing with us but I feel that it is going to be great Lord.  Thanks God for the most awesome husband. One who understands me, Loves me, and cares for me in ways that no other man could. Thanks for my children Lord. They have taught me a lot about you in the last 4 years. Thank you for the smiles,the cheers, the joy,  the defeats, the tears, and the slepless nights. Thank you for entrusting them to me. Thank you God ultimately for You. For Your death, resurection, and your Love. No One could ever do what you have done for me.

I am blessed. No more explaination but that I am blessed.