Winter Blues

So I think that winter has finally got a hold of me. This week I stayed in my PJ’s from Tuesday night till Firday at about 6pm. I actually thought about not getting dressed to go to small group but thought that 4 days in my PJ’s was enough. I did feel better to get dressed. I got more of a boost though to see our friends. It made me realize that I needed to get dressed and get out more. I don’t like that I let the snow and the cold get in the way of my normal going out and about. I did enjoy getting out and playing in the snow with the kids. Time went really fast while we were outside. I am looking forward to this next week because I have something to do everyday. I know that it won’t be long before there are long days of sunshine and warmer weather. I can’t wait for that to happen.However for now I must deal with the cold. I will be taking it one day at a time. I should get dressed everyday and plan on going out  even if it just to walk around Meijer for a little while Kendra. I am going to make a bigger effort to get things done. I am hoping that the snow will melt soon so that at least I can get out and take a walk with the kids around the block. I will let you know how my progress is with that. I won’t let winter get me down.


Almost Normal

Yesterday was almost a normal day. Chris didn’t go into work till late but he did go in. Ephriam didn’t have school but that was just fine with me because that means that we didn’t have to go out in the cold to get the bus. The kids and I played with Play-doh in the morning just to give us something to do other then watch TV.  Ephriam got into it too and played for about 25 minutes. Right now that seems to be his maximum time of doing something that involves sitting down other then to watch a movie. Kendra play with it till lunch time. In the afternoon we went outside and played in the snow. SOOO not my favorite thing to do but it kept us busy and not watching the boob tube for about 45 minutes. Of course Hot Chocolate and marshmellows to follow. I got to come into work tonight so that was nice.  So it was almost a normal day.

Today we were suppose to have Ephriam’s IEP meeting however school has been cancelled so there will be no IEP meeting. Not sure what Chris and the kids will do this morning while I sleep but I am sure that they will have a fun time whatever it is. Tonight we will have small group. I am anxious to see our friends. We are starting to study the book of James. It will be nice to hear what everyone has to say about what we are reading too.

Tomorrow is church and Sunday we will watch the Super Bowl while eating fried turkey. Since I will be home tonight I hope to post something more interesting then our boring lives at home. I hate winter so I haven’t gotten out of my PJs in 3 days. I have no desire to get dressed if we don’t go anywhere. Hoping tonight with friends and some warmer weather this weekend will lift my spirits. For now I have work to do so that I can go home on time.


Snowed In!

For the past couple of days it has snowed here. I hate it. Yep not dislike but hate. I don’t like the cold or the snow. Praying now for spring. My kids are tired of being trapped inside. However they were able to go outside with Chris for a little while when he was shoveling snow. Ephriam will go outside any time no matter what the weather is. He really is my outdoors man. After the kids come in from the cold there is always some hot chocolate.

I have gotten lots of things done around the house. Tonight since I as called off of work Chris and I we got all the baby clothes that have been sitting in boxes all around the basement sorted and put away. I also found some 2t shorts that fit Ephriam for the summer. He is so skinny but I would rather him have shorts that fit then to have something too big that we have to fight with all the time. I will probably pick him up some more t-shirts but Kendra is going to be the one to mostly get new clothes since she has out grown hers from last summer. I also got the dishes done today and all of the laundry put away.

I am not sure what I am going to do tomorrow but I a sure that the kids and I will end up outside at some point and time. I know they love playing in the snow and it is a good outlet for them. I will probably start some laundry to try and stay ahead of that. Of course there will be a nap because I will be working tomorrow night. So mostly just play time with the kids tomorrow.

Friday is a big day for us, so long as the roads are clear. Chris and I will be going to do Ephriam’s IEP reevlauation for the next year. This means that Chris gets to be in a room of women again.Ephriam’s teacher, speech therapist, occupational therapist and this time we will also be adding a physical therapist to the mix.  I am sure that Chris will provide entertainment for all of us like he did last year. Please pray that we make goals for Ephriam. I know that in the past year he has made a huge improvent and I can’t wait to see him grow more.

So that is all for today. Hoping to have something a little more exciting tomorrow.

Inner Life

This past weekend Joe talked about the Inner Life at VCC.  I love when Joe talks, he always keep my interest and I can’t believe time is up when he is done talking. Anyways you could call the inner life also your spiritual live. So here is what I learned. Joe used the example of the cross to show us the different parts of our life. The vertical part being our relationship with God, the horizontal being our relationship with others, and the imaginary third dimention come at you from the front is how we serve others. You could also look at those parts as Intimacy, Community, and Ministry.  Joe reminded us that we can’t start with a minitry and expect to have a community or intimacy. Everything has to start with God. But how do we get inimacy with God? We slow down and create space. Yeah I know, slow down when? I fell that way all the time except for when it comes to my time with God. I create space for him almost every afternoon at nap time. As the kids are settling into their beds I take the time to read my Bible. Chris and I are currently study Luke and God has shown me some amazing things through Luke’s Gospel. After the kids are all settled (or mostly settled some days) I take the time to talk to God. You know be a real person with him. I have told him many times that I didn’t like some or how I have felt about things. Mostly I am happy with things right now but I do have my days. The more I get to talk to him the closer I feel to him. This week so far hasn’t been so great but it is only Tuesday so there is much more time to work on that. Joe also talked about 1 Samuel 16 about how God choose David to be king after Saul. He talked mostly about how God looked at David’s heart. The only one who knows are true heart is God, but also that is all he sees. Here are six things about our hearts that God knows

1. The state of our heart determines how we respond to God’s message. Luke 8:15

2. A hard heart pervents us from knowing God. Matthew 13: 14-15

3. We can say and do all the right things with hearts for God Mark 7:6-7

4. Good heart= good people, Bad hearts=bad people Luke 6 (I missed the verse that Joe put up)

5. Our treasures from our heart Matthew 6:20-22

6. Loving God with our whole heart is the most important thing. Matthew 22: 36-37

Also we can not change our hearts. Only Jesus can. We can meet Jesus through Mediation, Fasting, Prayer, and Worship.

So be diciplined and create space for God.

I can’t wait for next week to hear Joe talk about the Relational Life. It also won’t be long before we start our new series Reset later in Feb. where we will join other churches in the area to RESET.


Feeling Good

Right now I am feeling really good about the way my house looks. The basement is really coming together well. The kids really enjoy their play area but Kendra is having issues over the chairs that are down there. She however will have to wait till I get the rest of the baby clothes packed away so that she can have the couch. I have found my scrapbooking area and have things narrowed down to about 5 boxes. This is from the 15-30 that Chris put in my are for me to go through. One box is all scrapbooking stuff which has homes that it needs to be put in, one has school related stuff in it, one has some of the kids’ stuff, and one is all the stuff that Chris has given. I just need to sort through them and find homes for things but the importan thing is that I found my scrapbooking table. So once all the cleaning is done I can start back on my books and maybe one day get them caught up. Today I finished up the dishes, swept and mopped the floor. It felt really good to see the clean floor and most of my counters again. Hoping that this cleaning spree keeps up. Looking forward to do more tonight when I am at home since I don’t have class. Next week however I will start interpersonal communication. I am hoping soon to hear back from HR so that I can take my state tested nurses aide test. My boss said that it had to go down to the main HR and she hasn’t heard anything about it yet.  I hate waiting so I am just curious where it is at.  The kids have been good the past couple of days. Saturday however was a trying day for us. They didn’t get enough sleep so they pick and pushed at each other. I couldn’t be out of the room long enough to pee before they were at each other. I tried many distractions but nothing worked. I was so glad when nap time came around and they went to sleep. Church was REALLY good on Saturday. I was hoping to blog about that tonight but I don’t have enough time to get everything out that I want to say while I am at work. However it is on my to do list tonight while I am at home after of course I fold all the laundry I washed. Well more work is rolling in the door got to go.

Growth Update

So last I blogged (like forever ago) I told you that I would update you more on how I was growing.  So here we go:

Spiritual growth: God is definately growing me and stretching me. The past couple of weeks he has made me rely on him. My pray time is always really good and focused. I would however like to pray more for others. Even though times are kinda tough for me I have felt guilty lately about asking for things for me and my family. I want to pray more for my co worker and friends, especailly those who don’t know Christ. As far as outreach and serving go I havon’t made much progress on that but we are only in the first month. I do however look forward to my times of playing with the kids at church. It is nice to have the same kids that you get to know everytime I am there. Most of the kids I don’t have to even look at their name tags.

Intentionally teaching my kids about Jesus: I really feel like this is coming along well. Each day we spend time doing something talking about Jesus. Thanks to our new preschool  program at church with ideas of things to do at home. We spend time reading their Children’s Bible together, praying, and talking about the stories. This past week we were working on Jesus walking on the water. Kendra really gets it. She retold the story to both Daddy and to Nana. A couple of weeks ago we talked about friends and how to pray for friends. She still continues to say how she prayed for her friend Ella and how Ephriam prayed for Nathan. We don’t always spend alot of time on it but at least for 15 minutes or say a day. Even if they don’t get the concept of the story I hope that they at least learn the story. I am not sure yet if Ephriam get the things due to his lack of speech. However I will not let that get in the way of trying. I hope that he soaks in all in and one day will be able to tell me about it. Now I am hoping to work Chris into doing more with them. Tonight was nice because he was able to participate in our time. Even though we just colored their picture and talked about the story. So I think this is going well even when I feel like I don’t have the energy because I know it is more important to put God first.

Meeting with Penny: This has been a SLOW start this year. Penny and I have only meet once this year so far but between the 2 of us being sick and us being out of town there hasn’t been much time for us together. However I don’t think that this is going to get in the way of  us eventually getting together. So not much to update here yet.

Educational: I have just finished my first term of classes. I have at least an B but maybe a low A.  I will find out my final grade sometime at the end of next week. I wanted to have my state tested nurses aide test taken but due to the paper work having to go to HR it has been slowed down. So hopefully by the end of this term I will be done and on the waiting list for clinicals. I start taking Interpersonal Communication on 2/3. That will only leave me with repeating Pharmacology and clinicals left. I am gaining my confidance that I can work, be wife, be a mom, and go to school at the same time. I don’t think that I could take more then one class so God knew what he was doing with me there. However I still can’t wait to be done. I am still praying about what type of nurse I want to be but I am sure in time God will reveal his plan for me on that.

Marriage: Chris and I are doing pretty well so far this year. We have been reading the book of Luke and trying to talk about it. Sometime we don’t get to talk about it and other times we spend a lot of time talking about it. Chris is totally a great husband and is trying so hard to keep things going at home too. Even though I don’t always tell him how much I appreciate him I hope that he knows I do. Some days I don’t think that I would make it through if he wasn’t here. It is nice when he walks in the door and the kids are excited to see him and he embraces that. He comes home, goes to the restroom, and comes upstairs to play with the kids. Of course some days are harder then others  but in any case I am glad he is here as my parnter.

House space: Last weekend Chris had a 3 day weekend so we spent time working on growing up our space in our house. We started in the basement because it was getting to the point that there wasn’t room to move. However due mostly to Chris, we have found the laundry room, most of the kids’ play area, and found a nice space for my scrapbooking area. There is still a lot to be put away but to find all that room was exciting. There is almost enough room for the kids to ride their bikes! I am very happy with the progress but know that there is still a lot more work to be done around the house. We are hoping by Chris’ 30th Birthday weekend in Febuary that we will have the basement ready to have a party. I think that this is a reasonable goal. Hopefully by spring we will have our whole house decluttered so that we can have on huge yard sale and give a bunch of stuff away!

So far I feel that I am really growning. I know there are areas that still need work but I can’t wait to see the growth there too. Thanks to everyone for their help on garden choices for our small garden. I will let you know what we decide to grow in the spring. Look for more blogging tomorrow sometime.


What a week

This week was a really odd one for me. First off I at work I only worked on my floor for 4 of my 36 hours. I stayed at home for 8 hours and the other 24 I spent working as a nurses aid on a med/surg floor. My body has totally forgotten what it is like to work like that. I am used to sitting at a desk most of the night and not moving very far. I don’t go in patient rooms very often so I am not used to tugging and pulling on people to change beds or clean some one up. I have done it before but it has been 3 years since I was able to do that. I got to meet some really sweet new people and didn’t do anything that was terribly difficult. We did have someone code on us but everything turned out fine with him. I kind of miss that since I saw many codes in ICU. I miss the intensity for the 20 or so minutes that it all happened in. Makes me wonder if God is preparing me for a career outside of Labor and Delivery. Part of me would like to be a cardiac critical care (CCU) nurse. I know that I will have to get my feet wet first by being able to take small steps and work slowly towards that but I know that I may really like it. Part of me would really love to heal real heart for Jesus. I also know it could be a tough area to work in. I will continue to be prayerful about that part of my life.

Anyway, after being on my feet all night I slept well in the morning. I was a little rusty getting up but the more I moved the better I felt. At first I had a hard time even holding Kendra. Even though she weights only 29lbs my muscles just weren’t ready for it. I really don’t feel like I spent that much time with the kids even though I was home more this week, not sure why but just didn’t. Neither one of them is feeling 100% although Kendra is doing much better. Ephriam ran a fever on Thursday morning so he didn’t go to school and he has Monday off so he got an extra long weekend. However they are falling back into their routine. AMEN! Ephriam is settling down sooner at night and is almost falling alseep as soon as I lay him down for his nap. I think that the kids do better in their routine and rest easier. I know that we have pushed them to their limits some weeks but for the winter we will be resting up.

Right now I am suppose to be writing a paper for school but I totally don’t think it is what the teacher wants and Chris is at church for a meeting so I will probably finish that up tonight after the kids are in bed. This will be my last week of class for English. In a couple weeks I will start interpersonal communication as I wait for my papers to be a state tested nurses aid to come back to me so that I can go and take the test. I hate the waiting but at least I have the ball rolling as far as I can with that.

So I think that is it for now. I am going to study my notes for my final exam on Tuesday but I hope to post tonight an update on my Growth so far this year.


Getting Cold

Tonight it is going to get cold. I don’t mean cold like 32 degrees cold. I mean into the teens cold. I hate the cold. No I don’t mean dislike, I really HATE it. I would much rather it be 90 degrees outside then 14 degrees out. I mostly like when it above 80 and sunny but deal much better when it is warmer. I added an extra blanket to the bed tonight just for extra warmth.  I will not be headed outside tomorrow other then to get Ephriam on and off the bus and to go to work. Other then that I won’t be seeing the cold. I am hoping to keep the house warm, however the kitchen floor is cold because it is not over the basement but under the crawl space.

Things that I am looking forward to as the warmer weather comes around is growing a very small garden. Last spring for Mother’s Day my nephews and niece gave me a tomatoe plant that they grew from a seed. I was very sucessful at growing it up and getting a ton of tomatoes. I hope this year to also get some tomatoe plants. I want the kids to see how things grow from a seed when they are cared for. I am not sure what else we will grow sinces I have a limited amount of space and will take any suggestions. My mom said that carrots would be good. So if you have any suggestions as to what grows well with limited space and all day sun I am game for trying. I hope that we will be able to share some of our goodies with family and friends.

I am also looking forward to getting back in the pool and more sunshine. I don’t do as well in the winter getting dressed or going outside due to the cold and lack of sunshine. As the spring rolls around I will be more apt to go outside. This year the kids will have bikes to ride up and down the street too.

For now I have to wait for a few winter events to come before the winter months turn into spring. This weekend we will be celebrating Chris’ Mom’s Birthday. Next month Chris turns 30 and we are having a birthday weekend for him. Before I know it spring training will be rolling around. Oh how I miss summer.

Christmas 2008 is offically Over!

Well, it is over. Christmas 2008 has finally shut its door. Most of me is glad that it is over, but part of me is sad that it is. It just seemed like we put up all the decorations when we took them down a couple of weeks ago. The presents that we wrapped got opened so quickly. However, I savored every minute of it. I loved watching the kids open present after present and looking for more. I loved their reactions to everything. Ephriam getting more excited with each one and Kendra opening it and looking at it and wanting to open it. Christmas morning was special because we just got to hang out at home. Normally we head to the Toledo area to visit with my family, but this year since I had to work we weren’t able to go. It was enjoyable to watch the kids play with their toys and to play with them. I also enjoyed reading my new book that Christopher and the kids got me (I read it in like 6 days which is super fast for me). The day after Christmas (yes after I worked all night) we headed up to Toledo to visit with my family.The kids and I enjoyed hanging out with my family while my super husband sat in the chair trying not to get sick . (Yes he drove 3 hours one way feeling like he was going to throw up). My favorite part that day was just a simple note my Aunt Shell wrote to me, it made me cry which it turn made all my aunts and grandma cry (we have a way of doing this to each other all the time). I also enjoyed watching Ephriam get excited about a turtle named Curly Sue. He was totally thrilled watching her swim back and forth in her tank and didn’t want to leave. Then there was the Walker Christmas, it was totally nice of my sister-in-law to have it at her house, out of all of us she has the best house for it. I just enjoyed soaking that in too. I enjoyed watching my nephews and niece unwrap their blankets that we made. I also enjoyed Cindy opening her gift since I had her name this year. Next year we are hosting and looking forward to it because this time I won’t be almost nine months pregnant (I hope that is). This past weekend we had our final Christmas in Louisville with just my mom, dad, brother, and future sister-in-law. It was nice to just hang out with them and enjoy them. I also enjoyed watching my children in the movie theater for the 1st time. Ephriam was so into the movie that he didn’t even hum while he was eating (very rare and unusual for him not to). Kendra watched some and then feel asleep through part but at the end was yelling at the small mouse with big ears to GO, GO,GO. I enjoyed opening presents and seeing everyone’s reaction to what we got them. I was most surprised that my mom and dad got me a new winter coat from Old Navy. Mom thought it was on my list but miss read it. I am glad that she did and happy as a clam with my coat. However the evening was spent taking care of Kendra getting sick. Poor baby tried so hard not to and kept trying to still play. I am sure that she was glad when Mommy said it was bed time. It was still sad to see it all end.

I am glad that it is over now because there is no more shopping or looking for list or stress. I don’t feel pressure to do one more holiday party or traditional get together. I am glad that we all will be getting back into a routine life. The kids will be going to bed at a normal time and getting up at a normal time. There will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner at home for most nights at expected times. I am probably mostly ready to find my house. Next weekend starts Walker house organization. We are starting in the basement because we plan on having part of Chris’ birthday bash down there. Then we will move upstairs. Hopefully we will have the whole house in order by spring so that way this summer we can work outside in the yard. We will see how it goes though, it is probably going to take longer then I expect. Well my friends, I need to shower and head to bed. Hoping to post pictures tomorrow of all our Christmas’. I will also be updating the kids’ blog here again soon.



Gardasil Vaccination

Today was a better day. Kendra and I spent a lot of time together and you can read that over on the Kid’s blog.

Anyways, I wanted to post my opinion on the Gardasil immunization that is out. This shot only protects girls from cervical cancer that is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). HPV is only transmitted sexually. Therefore, will I have my daughter vaccinated? NO. Why you ask? You see I do not believe in sex outside of marriage, therefore in order to keep with that I will not give her the vaccine. Once she is 18 and able to make her own health decisions that will be up to her, but as a teenager I feel that since she won’t be having sex there is no need for it. I fully intend to tell her why she will not get it and discuss with her all the consequences for having sex. I hope that I can be a good example to her and that she can come to me and talk when she needs to. So that is where I stand on that. Feel free to comment and discuss further your thoughts and feelings.