So God must really know what you need. Having a night off of work has relieved a ton of my stress. Now I know I still have a lot to do tonight but am looking forward to coming home for pizza, coffee, grocery, and acouple of other stops, putting groceries away, and then going to bed. I will have piece of mind that my house is clean and ready to go. My kitchen right now looks fabulous right now, the living room is almost there (I just need to dust), and the bathrooms still needs a good cleaning but the floors are done and they are at least picked up so it won’t take too long to do. I have to get my scrapbooking stuff organized and get the boxes out of the kid’s area so they have more play room. In the morning I will pick up the kid’s rooms and make their beds. So that doesn’t seem like a whole lot.  I will have Chris’ help at least tonight. Not sure if he is going to his Men’s morning or not but either way I feel like I have things under control.

Doing all this today has relieved my stress. In fact it has relieved it so quickly I have a headache from the release. I am willing to deal with the slight headache for now. I am looking forward to getting a good nights sleep because of it even if I don’t make it to bed till late. Just knowing that things are clean and ready to go makes me happy. I will be able to sit and have coffee tonight with Penny with out thinking of the 800 things I could be doing at home.

I hope though that since the house looks this good that we can keep it looking this good. I know it will be hard but I hope that we don’t slack off. I am really looking forward to it staying this way. It makes it much easier to clean up after things. I do have to say that the only room I hate looking at right now is our bedroom. There are things all over. There is no flat space and it is getting to be where there is no floor space either. I think that it will be our next room to tackle in our organziational game.

Okay I am going to do some reading for school now while Eman settles down a bit more before I can go in the basement. Maybe tonight I will blog before I go to bed or tomorrow sometime. Thanks for stoping for now.


Night off

I think that having the night off has relieved some of my stress about this weekend. Today after getting an e-mail from Chris telling me that not only was he going to be gone on Saturday morning but too that he would gone most of Sunday morning too. This would leave me here by myself with my two children attempting to keep things cleaned and picked up.

If you don’t have small children you won’t know  what an impossible task this is unless you tied them down somewhere. You get one thing picked on and the thing that you picked up before is already out and across the whole house. Leaving you to hunt down several small pieces. So you get that picked up and whatever you picked up previous is now all over. I tell you that it is a terrible cycle unless there is someone to help distract the hevens precious children from doing so. I will now not have to worry about that since I will have the rest of tonight and tomorrow to work on things.

This then will give me the opportunity to do my homework for school either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. There for decreasing more of my stress.

It is so amazing what being called of for a 12 hour shift will do for you. For now I am watching The Office to relax. Then a shower and to bed. I will post more tomorrow while I wait for the kids to settle down for their nap.


2 weeks

So it has been almost 2 weeks since I have posted to my blog. So where have I been? What have I been doing?

On the 6th I had Ephriam’s IEP meeting. All went well and he is doing great. Probably going to have some further testing done with him due to what his teacher mentioned to me. Need to call the DDBP to see if I can get some of that done. I also finally got to meet with Penny to have coffee. I always enjoy being with her. I love getting to know her more and I think that she is a great listener.

On the 7th we worked more on the basement (not too much more to go before Saturday but we will get it done I am sure) and then I went out scrapbooking with Heather. I had a fantastic time with her and hope that we can do it again soon. Unfortunatly March weekends are pretty busy for me between work and Estrofest ( I will tell you more about that in another post) but hopefully  we can get together and do that again soon.

Sunday then we went to church and worked more on the house. I got to play with the kids since I felt like I hadn’t seen them most of the week.

Monday was stressful because silly me didn’t look at blackboard for my assignment since I missed the week before due to weather. I didn’t have the book yet because I planned on getting it before I went to class on the first day. Now I needed the book and couldn’t go down there to get it since I had the kids. So Chris looked all over the Cincy area to see if he could find it but he couldn’t. So I called on of my co-workers who also go to school and I worked with that night and she said that she would get it for me. So then I worked on getting what I needed to have read done and worked on my paper Tuesday instead of napping.

On Wednesday and Thursday I got my butt kicked at work so I was very tired.

Friday was small group. We had a really good meeting about where we are headed as group and how to communitcate with one another. I think that things went well and just hope that we can keep up communicating with one another. I really want our small group to do life together. I would like to know what is going on in their lives so that we can pray more for them. There are also some in the group who I just don’t feel like I know beyond the surface. I want to be able to reach in deep and feel like I have family around when we are with them. Of course I feel that with Penny but not so much everyone else.

Saturday we didn’t do much becuase we were all feeling a little under the weather. I tried to read my chapters and take notes for my test on Tuesday but couldn’t concentrate on them. I went to church and helped out Penny in the nursery.

On Sunday we all went to church and then we tried to get things done around the house and I finished up my notes for school. Chris went to something for his high school small group kids while I stayed at home with the kids. I got A LOT done while he was gone and the kids were in bed. I felt much better about where things were at but I was really tired.

This week so far has been mostly normal. I am still not feeling 100% but am feeling better.

This week we will be celebrating Chris’ 30th Birthday! I am looking forward to a weekend of fun for him and hope that he enjoys himself with his family and friends. I have a few things that are scheduled while he has events going on I hope that the kids aren’t too much.

I think that is all in a nutshell. I hope to be posting more soon maybe even tonight!



And the people all rejoice! I am so glad that it is Friday. I love having the weekends off and being able to get a little more sleep. This weekend is a preview for my Estrofest weekend in March. Tonight I get to have coffee with Penny! It has been over a month since we have last met. There is always so much to say when we get together and lots more when we haven’t seen each other in while. Today at 3 I also have Ephriam’s IEP meeting (FINALLY).

Tomorrow night I am going out scrapbooking with Heather. I am sure that we are going to have a blast.  We have been talking about getting together to do this for months now and now are finally going to do it. I think that  Heather and I really started to connect more after Luke was born. Of course I feel it is more of the mommy thing and sharing in the same values in raising our kids. I hope that both Ephriam and Kendra stay close to Luke. I know growing up I really enjoyed have close cousins and would like my kids to be close to theirs. Anyway it will be great fun.

On Sunday we will go to church.  This week we will start taking Ephriam over to the 4 and 5 area to see his new room. Last time we moved him he started to not want to go to church and when we got to church he didn’t want to go to chapel so I am hoping this time he will be able to adjust better. He has a few weeks yet before he will be moving over so it is a good time to prep him.

When I am at home this weekend Chris and I will continue to go through the basement. I am hoping that we make huge headway this weekend because then we will only have one more weekend to get things ready for Chris’ birthday weekend. I can’t believe that he will be 30! We are hoping that we will get to see lots of his friends and of course family.

Well I need to finish up more here at work but I am looking forward to telling you more about my weekend as it unfolds.


More Snow

Tonight I was suppose to attend my first class of Interpersonal Communication, however as I was driving to school our county went under a level 2 snow emergency so I turned around and came back because I wasn’t even 1/4 of the way to school.  On a non snowy day it takes me an hour to get to school. Today it took me 1.5 hours to drive in a circle. However Chris’ usual 40 minute ride home ended up being a 3 hour drive home. I was thankful that Mark was here with me to help with the kids and to keep me company since he was suppose to watch the kids while I headed to school till Chris got home. Mark, though, wanted to wait for Chris to come home so that he could visit with him.

I also just recently found out that Ephriam will not have school again tomorrow. This means that I will be taking the kids outside in the snow to play. I guess that we will take sand buckets and shovels out with us to play. Then of course comes more hot chocolate and marshmellows. I really think that is the kid’s favorite part of going outside in the snow is to have the hot chocolate. With the school cancellation this again cancels out Ephriam’s IEP meeting. However it has to be done this week so I am hoping that when Ephriam goes to school on Thursday so that I can send a note saying that I will come in on Thursday or Friday.

I am still hoping to go to work tomorrow and Thursday night and I have big plans for the weekend so I hope that they don’t get snowed out. Of course they are saying that by the weekend we are suppose to warm up again into the 40’s.

Well I need to head to bed because I am sure that Ephriam will still be up at 7:30 like he does for school. Nite.


Blogs I Read

I have been meaning to post this for a while to let you all know what I read in the way of blogs.  This is installment is the types of blogs I read. Look for 3 more post to follow, one for each section, with actual links to the blogs themselves

I mostly read “mommy blogs” it is nice to read about other people that are kind of in the situation you are. It is nice to connect and get inspiration from them. I find that there is sense of community amongest moms. We all try to help one another out with things that we have done with our kids. Not to mention that I feel completely different being a mom from when I wasn’t. I really don’t know how to explain it but it has made me grow to be a different person.

 I also read a lot of ministry blogs, those who work for a church, pastors, or pastor wives. I think you get a unique presective from them.  I like to read about how they do it all, run a ministry, a family, and keep themselves in check with God. I also like to read about the real them. I don’t want to just hear about the church as much as I want to hear about their One Life.

There are also my friends’ blogs. I love to keep up with all of friends who live out of town or who we don’t see often enough.  There are friends of ours who live just around the corner who we don’t see do to the different schedules that we live. I wish that more of my friends would blog but I hope at least they keep up with me.

So there are the 3 main types of blogs I read. Look over the next week for more on each section.