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I have been meaning to post this for a while to let you all know what I read in the way of blogs.  This is installment is the types of blogs I read. Look for 3 more post to follow, one for each section, with actual links to the blogs themselves

I mostly read “mommy blogs” it is nice to read about other people that are kind of in the situation you are. It is nice to connect and get inspiration from them. I find that there is sense of community amongest moms. We all try to help one another out with things that we have done with our kids. Not to mention that I feel completely different being a mom from when I wasn’t. I really don’t know how to explain it but it has made me grow to be a different person.

 I also read a lot of ministry blogs, those who work for a church, pastors, or pastor wives. I think you get a unique presective from them.  I like to read about how they do it all, run a ministry, a family, and keep themselves in check with God. I also like to read about the real them. I don’t want to just hear about the church as much as I want to hear about their One Life.

There are also my friends’ blogs. I love to keep up with all of friends who live out of town or who we don’t see often enough.  There are friends of ours who live just around the corner who we don’t see do to the different schedules that we live. I wish that more of my friends would blog but I hope at least they keep up with me.

So there are the 3 main types of blogs I read. Look over the next week for more on each section.

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