Idol Reactions

Okay I don’t normally do this but I am kinda trying to distract myself from doing my school work so I thought as people came out to sing that I would write my reactions so here we are:

Matt G.- Awesome. Felt like he has really brought it on. He was one of my initial picks but think he could be a top 5.

Chris- Felt like this was his best week.  Not sure that he is going to hang in as long as some of the others but has potential.

Scott- Needs to get rid of the piano. Would like to see how he would do with out it. He was okay not sure that he is going to hold on as long as a lot of people thought. Would really like to see something different.

Megan- Another one who needs to do something a little different. Seems like we see the same thing from her every week.

Anoop- was pretty impressed. He is doing better each week. I hope that he keeps stepping it up.

Michael- felt like last week he deserved to go. He really hasn’t stepped it up and doesn’t show off his voice very well. I haven’t like his song choices.

Lil- Girl can bring it! I love listening to her every week. She can so sing. Look to see her in the top 5 too.

Adam- Okay so, Adam is my top pick. Totally hate the song last week. This week I totally hated the look. The one thing though is that he has been more then able to come out and preform every time. He has is such a great singer.

Danny- I like Danny a lot too.  He is a close second to Adam, mostly because I know what he does for a living. He does though come out and put on a great show too.  He could win over Adam because he is, well, more normal.

Allison- Can you believe that she is 16? I mean for real? I totally hated last week from her but this week she really got out there and showed us her voice.

I am looking forward to tomorrow nights results. Hoping to blog about it too if I am done with all my stuff for the weekend.


I have now offically worked 4 nights in a row! 12 hours at a time! I am now dog tired and will post a better post when I am awake. For now I am off work for 8 days! I can’t wait to see my family this weekend, play marbles, drink wine and just enjoy.  The next few nights I will enjoy just being with my kids. I know that Kendra misses her mommy dearly. Some good snuggle time is coming baby! Ephriam don’t worry there will be time for you too. For the rest of ya. Have a good one. Looking forward to updating you on life with me soon.


Coming Soon!

Chris and I were talking about how we were going to teach are kids about more things. We have decided to do:


Thanks to Heather, Brandi, and Jacinda for their inspiration. If there are more of you out there that do a family night and would like to share your ideas please leave a comment!

We will be starting on Sunday April 4th and will continue to have a theme night every Sunday! We will though leave room for when family comes into town to change things around. We also talked about the also planning out whole days where we eat a themed breakfast and then head out to the zoo or what not. Our first night is the Sunday before opening day for the Cincinnati Reds so we will be having a baseball themed day! Can’t wait to share photos and video of what happens! Dinner and decorations are planned and I am thinking about what we are going to do if it rainy or super cold outside. We might just have to move the furniture around in the living room to make space for a game!

I am super excited about this time together and have no expectations of what will happen, of course you never know with a 4 and 2 year old what is coming!

Provided For

So last night I was mad. Mad enough and stressed enough to give myself a little bit of chest pain (nothing to run to the ER about because it was all stress inducted). I stayed mad for a long time. I was mad that someone made a selfish decision and not a fair one.  Took me over an hour to fall asleep after much prayer. This morning I got up and was a littel grouchy, probably from not sleeping as much as I should have, but was trying hard to not be.  I took a shower hoping that would make me feel better but didn’t. Finally I decided to take a few minutes by myself to catch up on some of the feeds that I read. I happen to be saving Mark Batterson’s blog till last since lately the Holy Spirit has been using him to speak to me.  So I read this post of his. This is a total reminder that God needed me at home. He wants me to be at home with my family and despite why the decision was made I got to do things with Kendra this morning that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had worked last night. I also got to send Ephriam off to school and enjoy a morning cuddle. It also reminded me that no matter how many times I get called off that God has provided for us. Actually God has given us more then we needed. Now I have floated out to other floors to make sure that there is some money coming into the paycheck and haven’t taken for granted that God provides. Sometimes it is nice to be reminded that God not only loves you but he also likes you.

Myers-Briggs Results

Joe Boyd at church always talks about his results of the Myers-Briggs personality test. He happens to be an INTP. Chris kept telling me that he thought he was introverted over extroverted and I didn’t think that he was right. So we went to this site and took the test. Chris turned out to be an ENTJ or the fieldmarshall. It was really scary how close it was to him. I was curious as to what my results would be since I hadn’t take the test since early in high school. So here they are.

Guardian™ Portrait of the Protector (ISFJ) We are lucky that Protectors make up as much as ten percent the population, because their primary interest is in the safety and security of those they care about – their family, their circle of friends, their students, their patients, their boss, their fellow-workers, or their employees. Protectors have an extraordinary sense of loyalty and responsibility in their makeup, and seem fulfilled in the degree they can shield others from the dirt and dangers of the world. Speculating and experimenting do not intrigue Protectors, who prefer to make do with time-honored and time-tested products and procedures rather than change to new. At work Protectors are seldom happy in situations where the rules are constantly changing, or where long-established ways of doing things are not respected. For their part, Protectors value tradition, both in the culture and in their family. Protectors believe deeply in the stability of social ranking conferred by birth, titles, offices, and credentials. And they cherish family history and enjoy caring for family property, from houses to heirlooms.

Wanting to be of service to others, Protectors find great satisfaction in assisting the downtrodden, and can deal with disability and neediness in others better than any other type. They are not as outgoing and talkative as the Provider Guardians [ESFJs], and their shyness is often misjudged as stiffness, even coldness, when in truth Protectors are warm-hearted and sympathetic, giving happily of themselves to those in need.

Their reserve ought really to be seen as an expression of their sincerity and seriousness of purpose. The most diligent of all the types, Protectors are willing to work long, hard hours quietly doing all the thankless jobs that others manage to avoid. Protectors are quite happy working alone; in fact, in positions of authority they may try to do everything themselves rather than direct others to get the job done. Thoroughness and frugality are also virtues for them. When Protectors undertake a task, they will complete it if humanly possible. They also know better than any other type the value of a dollar, and they abhor the squandering or misuse of money. To save, to put something aside against an unpredictable future, to prepare for emergencies-these are actions near and dear to the Protector’s heart. For all these reasons, Protectors are frequently overworked, just as they are frequently misunderstood and undervalued. Their contributions, and also their economies, are often taken for granted, and they rarely get the gratitude they deserve.

Mother Teresa, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Stewart, and Tsar Nicholas II are examples of Protector Guardian style.

A full description of the Protector and Guardian is in People Patterns or Please Understand Me II

So for those of you who know me do you think it fits

I think it does. It also told me that I am slightly introverted and slightly sensing but I am indefinately feeling and judging. So Chris and I have opposite results except for Judging.

What are you?

Time Off

Just wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t forgetten about blogging. I have simply been taking more time for Jesus. God it teaching me a lot through the the RESET series at church. I am enjoying looking at Jesus in a different way. Small group has been really good an open. I really like how we are sharing more about ourselves and digging deaper. I happen to like the fact that the Holy Spirit is using me, like a while ago with Chris. I am hoping soon to return to blogging but I right now I am giving Jesus  a lot of my free time. I hope to tell you more about later but for now I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and doing great. I am also getting ready to post the results of the Myers-Briggs test that Chris and I took. Thought that it was interesting and that I would share with you.

So how are things for you and Jesus?