Growth Update

*Advance warning that this could be a long one*

It has been a long time since I have updated you on my growth theme.  So I thought that I would give you a little update on things with that.

My spiritual growth has been fantastic this year. I really feel like I am getting closer and closer to God. I have really enjoyed reading my Bible and praying almost everyday. Chris and I have been reading different books of the Bible together and talking about things as they come up. We have also had some deeper decisions about our spiritual life and sharing things about where we feel God is leading us. I having been doing too much outreach but now that VCC has added a 5pm service for the short term I am able to play with the babies in Discoveryland once a week. I really enjoy it and will be sad when there isn’t a 5pm service for the summer. My prayer time this past week hasn’t been so great but I think that it will get better this week since I hopefully won’t be too sleep deprived.

I haven’t been teaching my children like I started out teaching them about Jesus. Instead I have taken daily moments to teach them about different things. For example, this week Kendra and I watch the video of Gage’s Birth on Pete’s blog.  She asked about her video and I explained that we didn’t have one but we could look at pictures. I had the opportunity to share pictures of her and talk about how God created her and made me her mommy. It was a very special bonding experience for us. Another recent event that has gotten them going is on Easter we talked briefly (5 minutes or so) about why we celebrate Easter. Even through the past couple of weeks Ephriam and Kendr have gone through the house saying “Jesus is Alive!” There are many more examples but we would be here forever. I really enjoy taking those moments of teaching them. I really feel like they get it more then just the coloring pages from church of course they are helpful too in leading me to good Bible stories to tell them.

As far as having a growing relationship with Penny things were on hold for a while but I think that they may be getting back on track. Penny and I got to have coffee for the first time in a long time. We did the reset series at church and saw each other every week but didn’t connect like we did while we have coffee. It might be the atmosphere or the fact that we have to pay attention to our children that it isn’t the same but I am glad that we are getting back on track. After today’s events with Kendra (see the kids’ blog) to sit and relax and share with her. I still think that as time goes by that we will grow to be better friends.

I am still attending school and expanding my education but there have been some set backs to me finishing up. I am still waiting on some paper work to come in from work for me to send into a testing company so that I can take my STNA and be on the waiting list for clinicals. This really has been a big mess and I am hoping to resolve it soon. As I do continue to take class I am learing a lot about history, literature, interpersonal communication ect. One day I will be a nurse. I hope it is just sooner then later.

Chris is still finding his focus. He still is searching for where in life God has called him to further his kingdom. Hopefully it won’t be a long time before he gets his anwer but I hope that I can continue to support him in his search for it. I do however feel that everyday we are getting closer and that we have the same things in mind for our family. I love (and hate) having late night converstaions (lack of sleep). I think that we really get somewhere when we get to talk to him. I hope that we still continue this and to be lead down the same path!

Our space growing in the house took a little bit of a halt to the nice weather. However we did find some room in our room this past week. I am hoping that before summer is out that we have completely gone through our room and it is more of sanctuary for us and not a don’t touch area. Keep up and see how we are doing and don’t be afraid to ask about it.

Chris and I are doing a great job not growing the numbers in our family and focusing on what we have. I am greatful that today I got to focus on Kendra and be there for her. I love her very much and was glad that she got to have the attention when she needed it. I am glad of this too when we do therapy with Ephriam. Last week I had a hard time containing myself in seeing all of his progress! Before I know it he will be able to have great converstaions with him! I  am so proud of him and glad he gets my time when he needs it!

Another growth thing that I didn’t mention in my original post was that we are going to grow a small garden. So I think that my garden has gotten a little out of control. We will have (if everything grows) 16 stalks of corn, 2 tomatoe plants, 2 squash plants, 2 green been bushes, and 2 sunflowers. The kids got to pick what they wanted to grow. Ephriam picked the squash and Kendra picked the corn. I picked the tomatoes and the green beans for other things that we will actually eat. I think that Penny might give us a couple of strawberry plants too. I am sure the kids will love to eat pick them. Can’t wait to share our what grows for us. Also I hope to share some pictures tomorrow.

So that is your update. I think I managed to cover it all but maybe not. Got Questions? ASK!


Leaving Churches

Today Tony Morgan made this post and Perry Noble made this post.  I am sad that New Spring is loosing Tony but am glad that Tony feels like he is being called some where else to do more for Jesus. The thing that probably bothers me the most about both of these post is the fact that they both had to say they didn’t dislike each other and that they were still friends.  I think that when you leave a church it doesn’t mean that you have problems with people or the church. I feel that God calls us to be somewhere else for his will and sometimes for your own good. I guess that part of that stems back to when Chris and I decided to leave Park Ave. We loved the people at Park  but felt that for us it was time to move on. We enjoyed doing youth ministry but it was really putting a strain on our family. We left because God called us back to VCC to do recovery for ourselves and do ministry as a family. We still pray for Park Ave and want the best for the people there. We haven’t really been back there since we left but have been in touch with several people from there, not to mention that part of our family goes there and we want what is best for them. God just called us somewhere else. One day I am sure that God will call us away from VCC but I am sure that it will be for his will. Right now we are doing great there, our kids are thriving, we are doing ministry, and we feel we are filled with the Holy Spirit. We have meet wonderful people who we now consider family. God called us to more then just change churches he called us to do His works.  I hope that we as God’s people can understand that there is nothing personal involved in changes, sometimes God just calls us elsewhere.



So I am offically 28 years old. My birthday is offically over. My birthday was an ordinary day. There wasn’t much special about it. Really, I mean it, there wasn’t much that went on here other then the normal every Monday happenings. Got Ephriam off to school, did dishes, laundry, packed for therapy, picked up Eprhiam from school for therapy, ate lunch in the car on the way to therapy, watched Ephriam did therapy for 2 hours (this week was both an OT and Speech week), drove home, took afternoon nap incase I went into work, work up from nap, played with Kendra, got called off of work, ate dinner, Chris and I then cleaned up our tornado grounds bedroom (we might even be able to show it off at small group this Friday?), put kids to bed, did homework (because my school book came today and I have class tomorrow), watched the news, and now blogging. Yes I know it is after midnight and I have to get up at 0730 to get Ephriam up for school but I felt that I needed to blog. Yep that was my birthday. However, yesterday we celebrated my birthday and that was much more fun. Did I mention that today I also caught a cold?  I think that Ephriam gave it to me. He hasn’t been acting his normal self today and he has had a runny nose most of the weekend. But it is all over. It is time to go to sleep and prepare for a new day in the morning.  Hopefully with a little less of a stuffy or runny nose. Nite.


Family Night- My Birthday

Tonight we celebrated my birthday, yes I know it is not till tomorrow but due to therapy, work, and Ephriam’s school it isn’t going to feel like my birthday so we celebrated today! So here is our celebration:

Here are the decorations for the night. The sign in the back the kid’s made last year while I was on Estrofest so I thought since I saved it that I would use it again.

Kendra making her party hat!

Ephriam making his party hat!

Ephriam and wearing his party hat all decorated.

Okay, that is me,  I don’t usually post for this reason, they are bad. However you had to see my party hat!

Kendra and her finished party hat!

Here is the greatest husband in the world in his party hat. He put DAD on his!

Here is my hottie grilling out in the rain for dinner. It eventually started raining so hard he had to bring the grill into the shed! What great man!

My birthday dinner. I wanted steak REALLY bad but knew we couldn’t afford it for all of us, so we split it and chicken. Thought it turned out to be a nice meal.

After we ate dinner we went over to my in-law’s house for dessert. Here is my birthday cake. So where is the frosting? No need to have any. This is Paula Deen’s Ooey Gooey Butter Cake (I tried to find a link to the recipe online but could only find the ice cream). My father-in-law asked where was the frosting till he started eating it. Then he realized that he didn’t need any. What is left in the pan is what made its way home with me after 6 adults and 2 children had dessert. Yummy!

Here is all the fun we had after we got back! Needed to burn off some of the sugar and butter from our cake!

So how about you? What did you do for Family Night? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Next week will be more challenging theme so hopefully I have enough prep time to do the things that I want to! Till then…


Rough Night

Last night was rough for both Chris and I. Mostly for Chris. Kendra decided after sleeping for 2.5 hours that it was time to be up and play. Chris and I decided on our way home from church that we would fold laundry and watch a movie together. We haven’t watched a movie together in a LONG time. We were reaching the end of Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End when Kendra decided it was time to wake up. We aren’t sure if the movie woke her up or if she had bad dreams. So from 11:30 at night till about 4 am we took turns conforting her and putting her back into bed. She slept on and off. I tucked her in last at 2 am. At some point she climbed into bed with Chris and I, neither of us is sure when she came in or how long she had been there. Which scares me becasue at any time we could have rolled over on to her but of course God kept watch over us. Around 4 am she woke up screaming in Chris’ face about bees. Chris got her calmed down she rolled over looked at me and started screaming again. Chris took her into her room and turned on the light to wake her up thinking that she was asleep. While she was in there she told him that there weren’t bees in her room and she wanted to go back to sleep in her bed. This gave us 4 straight hours of sleep before both her and Ephriam were up for the day. Please pray that we get rid of the ‘bee’ problem and get a good night’s sleep tonight. She has to be exhaused since she didn’t nap yesterday and didn’t sleep well last night. We are hoping for a good day today with out too many melt downs or much whinning. Especially since tonight is Family Night. Hopefully I will have a post up before I go to bed, pending we have a good day today. I will let you know either way before bed though. For now it is time to play with the kids.


Family Night- Resurrection Sunday

Since we do Family Nights on Sundays it worked out nice that for our second Family Night that we celebrated that “Jesus is Alive!” This week we got to invite all of Chris’ side of the family to celebrate with us.  So here are some pictures from the day:

Here is Ephriam opening his Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left him. He really likes his pinwheel.

Here is Kendra with her new headband that she liked the last time Mommy went to get her hair cut. Mommy came through with her promise to tell the Easter Bunny where it was.

Here is Kendra hunting Easter Eggs with Grandma.

Ephriam and Daddy are looking all through the grass to find some eggs.

Here is my newphew Luke with his Mom and Dad hunting for eggs.

Ephriam, Kendra, and Luke after the egg hunt. As you can see that there were plenty of eggs to go around. Kendra’s hair is in her face because it was a little breezy while we were outside.

Here is most of the clan waiting for dinner to be ready.

Kendra sneeking a bite of melon before dinner.

Here are the decorations on the ceiling fan. There was one with everyone’s name on it. This one was in the dinning room where the adults ate. In the living room all the of kids’ names were hanging. Also notice my sign in the background. I started to do one and it looked stupid so I did that one.  In total it took me 5 hours in sign making. I am sure that next year it will also make and appearance!

Making Empty Tomb Biscuits to eat after dinner but…

All but one opened up before they were suppose to. It was fun thought though. My sister-in-law, Cindy, said that she had done them before and used cresent rolls and they sealed up better. So next time we will do that.

Dessert: Yummy cupcakes that my sister-in-law Heather made. There aren’t any more pictures of food since we had a pot luck deal but there was plenty to go around.

So that was our excited night. There was tons to clean up afterward but it was great to have everyone around. Next week it will be back to just the 4 of us. Hoping that soon the kids will catch on to what is going on but if it takes them awhile that will be okay too!

So what did you do this week for family night? Leave a comment and let me know!

Also I have been asked where I got his idea from, well none other then the queen herself Whittaker Women. Stop by her site to see all of her Family Nights.



There is not another word for it today. I have been ready to go to bed for a long time. Hoping that tonight brings tons of rest for me and I am refreshed to face my monster princess of a two year old. Today was filled with everything but sleep. I worked all night last night to drive an hour to Ephriam’s psych eval (more on that when I am awake), psych eval for a hour, another hour drive home, 1.5 hour nap, lunch, back down for a 3 hour nap, up to cook dinner, drive an hour to school, class for 3 hours, drive another hour home, kiss and hug the GREASTEST husband, shower, PJ’s and now hopefully to bed for 8 hours of luious sleep. Tomorrow looks brighter and hopefully warm. Will hopefully be able to post my family night soon. Can’t wait to share our fun night with the whole family. For now. Sleep… 8 lucious hours… Nite.



I am behind in a lot of things lately. First being that we had family night 2 nights ago and I haven’t had a chance to put up pictures for it. I am hoping that tonight after school that I will be able to do that but I am not holding my breath since I won’t be getting much sleep today. I am also behind on folding laundry. Most of the laundry is washed and dried but I have to say that at least for a week now it has been waiting to be folded. I am getting tired of digging through the bins to find clean clothes for everyone in them. I like them all in everyone’s dressers. I am also behind in the dishes due to the plumbing issues. However, the good news is that we are fixed or at least for now. We have been able to hand wash dishes and now even run the dishwasher. I don’t know how or why it got fixed on it’s own but it worked! I am also way behind in sleep. I know that is probably my biggest problem. I am getting more grumpy the more I am awake. I am also glad to be at work so that Kendra and I have some time apart, I love her dearly but the more sleepy I am and the more she is the worse off the 2 of us are together. So a little break for the both of us should be good but who knows. Well I need to finish up here at work but I hope to get this thing caught up the next couple of days.



You know how you have been telling someone for a while that something needs to be done and they wait and wait and wait? Well this weekend it finally caught up with us. Friday night my kitchen sink drain decided to stop draining. My husband has been trying to fix it since and now it is Monday and still I don’t think that we are much further then we were on Friday. I have been telling him for a while now that we probably needed to get someone out and look at our drains since both the kitchen and the bathroom drains were getting slow. He said right now he didn’t want to put the money into it. So now here we are. Not able to run the dishwasher or even hand wash the dishes in the sink. I finally took the dishes downstairs to the stationary tub to wash them.  Three diaper boxes full to be exact. Got them washed but not put away just yet but I will be working on putting them away today. The stinkiest part about the whole thing? We had almost 20 people here at the house to celebrate that Jesus Has Risen. We did just fine though. No one really knew. Now on Wednesday we are suppose to have a bunch of high school students here for them to have a party, I hope by then that the drain is fixed. I am not holding my breath though. I know that Chris has been working hard on it to try and make it work but it is still overly frustrating. I had a mini melt down as I was getting things ready. On the good news, Chris did fix the light in the basement so that I can see now to do laundry and to do the dishes in the stationary tub. Right now I am being to feel so agrivated with the drain. I hate that I can’t do things in my kitchen. It is hard to cook in there too under the conditions. I know that that the problem will be solved I am just not good on waiting on that. I have little to no patients when it comes to things like this. I just don’t tolerate them well. And the kids being over tired and grumpy isn’t helping my nerves either.

For the record, I love you dearly Christopher but I am not liking the drain sitution. I know that you are trying to get it fixed and I am glad about that but I still hate it. There will be HUGE cheers when it is fixed.

I need to go eat breakfast, maybe  that will take the edge off.


Good Friday

Today is the start of Good Friday.  It means a lot to those of us who are Christians. Today is when we reflect on how Jesus died for our sins. Not did he just die but died the most painful death a human being could go through. He was mocked, made fun of, and beat.  Pilate didn’t want Jesus to die. He felt that Jesus was handed over in envy to him. The crowd however got restless and Pilate gave in, he washed his hands and said “I am innocent of this man’s blood, It is your responsiblity” He then sent Jesus to be flogged.  For 6 hours Jesus suffered for me. So that he could take my sins away. I will never be able to feel the hurt that he felt that day. I will never be able to pay him back. All that I can do is be a witness. To love Jesus like no other and to persue being like him to the best of my ablility. Today however is about his suffering. Today I will be reflecting on what he did for me all the suffering. Sunday we will celebrate his victory. Today however will be spent reading, thinking, praying, praising, ect. on how much my God suffered for me. I hope that your day is spent the same. In reflection on what God has done for you.