Jon and Kate Plus 8

* I would have like to just like to call this Jon and Kate since it is about just them and not the 8 but since most pleople know them by the title of the TV show I went with that*

I really feel weird typing this out but ever since I watched the end of their season one episode I can’t stop thinking about them. No I am not some crazy psycho fan or anything. I enjoy watching them but at this point since things are on the rocks with Jon and Kate, I really think that they need to get out of the spot light. Now I know that there maybe underlying issues with money and all that but I totally believe that they can save their marriage. I even believe that if it is THEIR together choice to stay in the spotlight they they can still work it out. I think they can beat the odds that are against them. THEY have to want to do it. And I believe with what Motherhood Uncensored says in her post:  about not just doing it for the kids but for themselves.  Not that the kids don’t matter because they do but Jon and Kate also matter. I totally believe that they can get through this and it will make their marriage stronger. I am sorry for them that it has to be in the spotlight and with the rest of the world watching but I belive they can do it.

I also totally belive Jon when he said that he didn’t have an affair but made some really stupid mistakes. And yes one day when his kids google him they will find things that he doesn’t want  them to know or see but I hope that they believe him.

So Jon and Kate: Here is to what is best for not only your kids but also for you. I have been praying for you because I would be disappointed if you couldn’t work it out and lots of prayer never hurt anyone. You have made it through some really tough times and I think you can make it through more.  God wouldn’t have put you together if he didn’t think that you couldn’t do it.  I believe that through God all things are possible. You have proved that over and over. You can do it.



*No I will not blog about this all the time. Just was weighing heavy on my heart and needed to get it out. I don’t expect anyone to agree or disagree. This here was me sharing with you my personal feelings. I hope that in any situation like this that people work it out, not just Jon and Kate, they just happen to be names I know.*

Family Night- Pajama Party

Kendra had been talking about our last family night for a while so I thought it was time to do another one since I was off this weekend. So here we go:

Our decorations. Ephriam was up from his nap when I brought them upstairs to hang and he was totally pumped.

The table cloth. Ephriam got to put the stars on the table.

Ephriam in his PJ’s

Kendra in her PJ’s

How your picture comes out when you ask your 2 yr old to take it.

How it turns out when you take it yourself. (okay so Chris took the picture but it turned out better then Kendra’s attempt).

Kendra’s second attempt. Better but still not so hot.

Getting ready to make their own pizzas!

Their finished pizza!

Chris and I finished pizzas. Can you guess whos is whos?

Time to Eat them!

And for dessert: Aunt Cindy’s Dream Dessert.

Now watch Ephriam eat his:

Do you think he liked it?

Here is Sissy with hers I think she enjoyed it too!

Here is what we did after dinner:

Chris’ view of the movie.

Kendra sugglin’ up with me.

Ephriam sugglin’ with Chris.

The after mess:

Chris and the kids’ shared popcorn. I however didn’t want popcorn and made myself a fruit and yogurt parfait with some granola. Kendra kept picking the granola off the yogurt so I gave her just a bowl of granola. For several days now she has asked for more ‘nola. Needless to say after this mess I make her eat it at the table.

So tell me what did you do for Family Night?


Gatlinburg- Headed Home

On our last morning here we packed everything up and got ready to head home. We said good-bye to our family members that we met there and I am sure that we will see them again soon.

So here are the photos from last day and on our way home:

The clan that actually stayed in the cabin.

The Christmas Inn Hotel in Piegon Forge.

Kendra asleep in the car and it didn’t take her long to get there.

The Sexy Stuf store that we pass in Severville.

The mountains on the way out.

After our short lunch break Ephriam decided that it was his turn for a nap.

Good ‘O Cincinnati! Such a nice view coming back through the cut in the hill.

So that concludes our trip. I hope you enjoyed my post even though it took me forever to get all the way through.


Gatlinburg Day 3 and another Family Night

We spent the morning hanging out at the cabin. We really didn’t go anywhere or do much. But here are some fun pictures from that morning:

Here is Luke looking cute!

Hamming it up for the camera.

Ephriam playing with the blinds.

Kendra and Luke reading a book together.

Nap time ment crash time.

More guitar hero.

Kendra taking a picture after I did.

After nap time we all headed to the pool for a while. It was nice to be out swimming and taking advantage of the warm weather. Again no pictures because both Chris and I were in the pool with the kids.

The 3 amigos watch the Wiggles

Family Night Starts: Yes it would be unusual that we would do 2 Family Nights in  a row but when you are all together two nights is awesome!

The kids eating dinner together.

The line to get dinner.

The coffee club

Uncle Tom,Uncle Mike, and Aunt Star eating out on the deck.

The mini family reunion.

We weren’t up quite as late that night since we were all going to prepare to leave in the morning. It was nice to see everyone and we can’t wait to do it again next year!

G’Burg Day 2 (part 2 of 2):Family Night

Okay so since we were out of town we and couldn’t do an official family night with just the four of us we had 2 night of family night! The first night Uncle Mike and Aunt Star were so kind to buy KFC for all of us! So here are some photos of us haning out together:

If you didn’t know Kendra you I should tell you that once she gets tired she sucks on her fingers.

There were about 20-25 of us there. It was nice to have a mini family reunion 2 nights in a row. The kids got to bed REALLY late but were good while they were up.

Gatlinburg Day 2(part 1 of 2)

We started our morning off slow. We got ready and headed down to the strip.

Kendra in Aunt Heather’s hair curlers.

Luke’s Ready!

Uncle Mark and Ephriam walking down to the strip.

Luke in his stroller.

A bird that we saw while we were out.

A Beautiful picture of Chris’ parents.

That my friends is triple trouble. How cute though!

The gang visiting Fort Fun with out a thunderstorm!

Grandpa and Ephriam pausing for a snack.

Then naptime came and all the kids but K.C. took naps. I was hoping in seperating Ephriam and Kendra that she would nap but he did and she didn’t.

While Ephriam was sleeping we all were playing this:

After nap time Uncle Mike and Aunt Star arrived and took us up to the school house and the Walker Sisters Cabin.

Here is the school house that the Walker Sister’s attended school.

Here is the sign that says my father in law was there! LOL.

Here are all of us that went on the hike minus Aunt Star since she is taking the picture.

I know this one is kinda dark but it is Aunt Star, Mark, and Matt. Headed to the Cabin.

*Note: This was a 1.1 mile hike one direction and yes Ephriam walked all that way only holding on to Daddy or Mommy’s hand (just so we could keep him out of the poision ivy)*

Here is a picture of 3 generations of Walkers together.

My attempted at getting a picture of the stream. Yes I said attempt!

We made it!

The Cabin.

The inside of the spring house. Most of us have refrigs to keep things cold but this is how the Walker Sisters keep cheese, milk, and meat cold.

The tool shed.

This is where their garden used to be.

The fireplace in the main living area.

This is Ephriam and Mark. Note how low the ceiling is to Mark’s head.

Here is the kitchen fireplace or where they would have cooked.

The kitchen shelves.

Chris and Kendra checking the place out.

The upstairs. I am glad this picture turned out because it was really a shot in the dark.

The ladder I had to climb down to get back to the main floor.

Having a snack while it rained.

A group shot at the cabin, again minus Aunt Star who is taking the photo.

Again another dark shot but here is Mark and Uncle Mike walking back to the car.

We ended up getting rained on the last part of the hike but it wasn’t too bad. Then we went back for dinner. Watch the next post for the rest of the evening.

I know you are wondering if there is a connection between the Walker Sisters and Chris’ family and I would be glad to tell you that there is! The Walker Sisters’ great grandfather would be Chris’ 4 or 5th great grandfather and Ephriam and Kendra’s 5-6 great grandfather.

Gatlinburg Day One- Thursday

We started out in a caravan of 3 vehicles. 7 adults and 3 kids 4,2 1/2, and 2. Yep that makes 10 us all together. Chris’ Mom, Chris’ Dad, Matt, Heather, Luke, Mark, Chris, Ephriam, Kendra, and me.

We spent about 6.5 hours in the car getting there with a stop at the Cracker Barrel for about an hour for lunch. Kendra and Daddy spent most of the trip talking with each other.Kendra may ended up being Daddy’s backseat navigator as she gets older. While I slept on the back bench of the van since I had worked the night before. Ephriam is just happy riding looking out the window. I even am happy to say that there was no need to play a movie in the car on the way down.

When we got there we unloaded everything and got things all set up while the kids spent a lot of their time exploring the place. Of the 10 of us only 2 didn’t stay in the same place as the rest. Chris’ mom and dad had a nice little place all to themselves. After we unloaded we cooked dinner. We had a great pasta dishes, garlic bread, and salad. Then we took the kids to the play area.

Then we came back and got our kids ready to go swimming while Luke got ready for bed. We watched big black clouds roll in and brought the kids back for bed. It would be the only night that they got to bed at a decent hour.

Here are a few pictures from our first night.

The mountain view coming in. Of course Chris’ took the pictures because I was still sleeping.

The mountain view from the playground

Our friend on the porch.

Back from G’burg

This past weekend we spent from Thursday till today in Gatlinburg, TN. We had a great time hanging out with family and enjoying the warm weather. I can’t wait to share pictures from our trip with you. The kids were super troopers. Ephriam even walked 2.2 miles round trip with us to see the Walker Sister’s Cabin. Don’t worry there will be a whole posted dedicated to just our walk and the cabin. We enjoyed the company of all the family members that traveled to be there. It has been a great weekend but tomorrow we go back to the grind. Chris has to work and I will be doing our Monday therapy run and working tomorrow night. I however can’t wait to share with you all of our adventures.


Happy Late Mother’s Day!

I just wanted to say Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who are Moms! I also wanted to give shout outs to other special women in my life:

My Mom:  Of course the most inspirational women to me. I hope that I can be a mom just like her. To give my children just enough ‘rope to hang themselves’ She has always been there for me when I needed her and even when I didn’t think that I did.  She has fought hard for my life from the very beginning, being only 15 and pregnant. She did all the best for the little person she never met. She fought hard for my teenage freedom that brought tons of life lessons. She is the one I look to for help with my own children. She always tells me how good of a mom I am and I appreciate that. She is more like a friend now then a mom but she will never not be my mom. I love have long phone conversations, e-mail, and now even Skyping with her. I wish that she was just around the corner and not 325 miles away. She is the who taught me how to love Jesus. She is always praying for me and encouraging me to reach for the sky because there are no limits. I most love that she loves me for who I am and not what I was or could be. Thanks Mom for everything. Couldn’t imagine doing life with out you!

Grandma: For being there for everything. For recitals, softball games, volleyball games, and for school plays. To extend your love to your grandchildren in such a special way is a gift from God. Thanks for making lifes important moments more special with loving special memories. Thank you for making me feel special in homemade Prom dress. Thank for the BEAUTIFUL wedding dress that you made when you were the sickest with your cancer. I will forever cherish it and hopefully one day Kendra will appreciate it as much as I do. Thank you for taking the time to make Kendra’s baptismal gown out of the left over material from my wedding dress. What special gift to share with my daughter. I piece of her history. Thank you for all the love that you share everyday. Love you very much!

My mother in law, Kendra: Girl, I just don’t know how to say Thank You for loving me like I was your own daughter. You are always there for me when I need a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or mostly when I need a cup of coffee and a full belly. I love the sunshine in your heart that spreads like wildfire around you. I love your compassion for others and the time you spend reaching out to them. You are a one of kind mother in law and I am so glad you are Chris’ mom.

Aunt Shell: Thanks for making me a sister and not just a niece. For being not just a sister to my mom but a best friend. For lending her your ear and time. No words can express how hard it is for her to be apart from you. Thanks for always opening your home to me, from letting me visit you in Lexington to Atlanta to Sandusky to your home in Toledo, and soon I am sure you will welcome into Chicago! Thanks for all your encouragement with the mom stuff too and sharing your words of wisdom. Thanks for good times and memories.

Aunt Annie: Thanks for your inspiration to be a nurse! Thanks for the high school internership in the ER and the wonderful job working 3 East. I couldn’t have picked a more heart breaking and rewarding job to do. Thank you also for opening your home some many times to me and for allowing me to watch your children. I don’t know how you do all the things you do! I am so glad know where I am coming from and how difficult it is. Thanks for all your love and support.

Mel: To my sister at heart. Thank you so much for stepping out of your comfort zone and asking if I had an Uncle Herb. Even though we are miles apart and we don’t talk or e-mail much I feel unbelievably connected to you. It might just be the fact that I would never know Jesus as well as I do. Thanks for the slight nudge in the right direction. Thanks for letting me cook you dinner in your studio apartment. Thank you for introducting me to Heidi who lead me to meet my husband. You are a one of a kind cousin. Can’t wait to see pictures of your new addition when he arrives. Can’t wait till I can see or talk to you again. Thank you so much for all that you have done your are the best!

To my Daughter, Kendra: I know that you are not a mother yet, because you are only 2, but you sure do act like one! Thanks for being my little helper. Thanks for the hugs, kisses and cuddles day in and day out. Thank you for you compassionate heart towards others. Thank you for looking out for Ephriam and making sure life is fair for him. You are one of a kind and I couldn’t have hand picked a better person to be my daughter. I hope that you know I love you and am glad God gave me to you to watch over. I love you to pieces girl and hope that you and I can have the same relationship that Nana and I now share. I pray that you love Jesus with all your heart and soul because I know that I could be where I am today with out and sharing him is the great gift I think I could give you. Little girl, you are so precious to me, I love you so MUCH! Mommy.

Thank you to all the other women in my life whom I don’t have enough time to write about , especially my Aunt Liz, Courtney, Katherine, Ariel, Payton, Mia, Cindy, Heather, and Clare. I love you. I care for you and want all of you do live life to the fullest.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This Month Never Ends

The month of May seems like it goes on forever. I feel like I am going from one event to another. This week and all of next week I don’t have a complete 24 hours at home. From therapy, to mini family runions, to school, to church, and the regular runnings of the house. I like being busy but sometimes I feel like May is too busy.

Ephriam’s school year is wrapping up and I looking forward to having him at home. I am looking forward to working with him more and seeing his improvement here at home. I still think that school is one of the best things that I have done for him. I will still be in school throught the summer though. I am enjoying taking the Women’s Writers class that I am currently taking. I really enjoy having the opportunity to read some works by people that I normally wouldn’t have thought to read.  Chris also say that my writing has improved a lot since the last time he read one of  my papers.

Both Kendra and Ephriam have been getting restless inside and are wanting to go outside. Lately though it has either been raining outside or has been on the chilly side to be outside. I am hoping this summer to be able to take them out more often. I can’t wait to set up the swimming pool and be able to go swimming every day if want.

This  up coming week we have Ephriam’s part of the psych eval so that we can get him the best help he needs. We also will be having a mini family reunion coming up this weekend. When that is over on Monday we are back to therapy, me working, Kendra hopefully getting her cast off, more of me working, small group, and church. Hopefully on Memorial Day we can stay home.

This past week has been Family Night, school, work, parent- teacher confrence, small group (which got cancelled), back to work, and Mother’s Day.

For now I am headed to bed. Tomorrow we will be doing some shoe shopping for Kendra. She has been getting blisters on her little toe because her shoes are too small for her. Hopefully we can find something cute for cheap. We will see.  My bed is calling my name. Nite.