Weeks Learnings

This week has seemed like a long one. Monday seemed to drag on forever as we were getting ready to go and visit my Mom and Dad. Time didn’t seem to move fast enough for me till I was on the road. It seemed like in no time that we were there at their house. Our stay seem short lived, but of course it is never long enough. One day we might live around the corner from them but for now over 300 miles seperate us.

But here is what I learned:

Lesson 1: Never tell ANYONE about going anywhere unless you are willing to take them along too. While you are at it make sure that you mention at least and hour or 2 later then what you anticipate leaving. This way they aren’t sitting around waiting for things to happen.

Lesson 2: It is HOT in Nashville. Not just a little but stinkin’ hot. Even though we were in the pool most of the day it was still hot outside. Even if there is little humidity and it is suppose to be 90 it is HOT!

Lesson 3: Enjoy the love of family around. You never know how long you will get to enjoy it. Despite being frustrated or upset LOVE always.

Lesson 4: God protects you all the time! We literally pulled in the driveway and put the car in park before a HUGE storm rolled through. We lost power till noon yesterday.

Lesson 5: When sleeping in the basement and hearing water running always tell the owner of the house. Yep 2″ of water in my basement while someon was sleeping down there. Not sure why they didn’t hear the water but awoke in the morning to be surround by water.

Lesson 6: Despite the damage it is just stuff. Not sure how much we lost yet in the basement but knowing that it is just stuff (probably stuff we needed to get rid of even) and no one was hurt is priceless. Stuff is replaceable, life is not.

Lesson 7: Satan, no matter what you do you will not prevent God’s will. You may delay it or push it back or even contribute to it but you will NEVER prevent it! So get back! Actually you may have improved that atmosphere, so HA!

Lesson 8: Sleep is over rated. Okay so I haven’t gotten too much but enough to get by but sometime in the near future I will get some and hopefully awake feeling rested.

No matter what happens, I love my family. Thank you Christopher for being supportive through the week. I know that you have gotten just as much sleep as I have and have carried on.  Thanks for thinking on your feet and for lovin on your children despite their attitudes. I couldn’t have picked a better husband. I love you more everyday and in events like this week feel our relationship deepening. Always remember that no matter what happens that I am your wife for life. Thanks again for just being you.

To my readers, this week was mostly good but will continue to be long as we clean up the mess from the flooded basement. Please be patient as there won’t be many post due to clean up. Hopefully I will be able to sit down soon and post pictures from our trip to my parents. Thank you all so much for reading.



I just want to let you all know that this will be my last post for probably a week. I am headed to my parents house with my kids while Chris stays behind to do SOS (Summer of Service). SOS is where High School Students come out and love on the people of Cincy through service, passing out water, Habitat for Humanity ect. There will probably be a TON of pictures to share with you when I get back. Can’t wait to share our adventure with you. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter for more updates and pictures through the week.

Happy Father’s Day!

Here is a picture of my Mom and Dad from vacation together in Florida. No they don’t just look young, they ARE young.

But here is too my Dad. I know that I was your good kid till I was 16 and dating a stupid boy. Then I know I was your spawn of Satan. However, God had other plans for me and blessed me with a good knock of sense, or a table flipping, to turn back right. I know that I haven’t always agreed with you but no matter what, I love you. You and I were 2 peas in pod. You could never deny me as your child, because you KNOW I act just like you, okay so I have a little of Mom too but most of your personality. No one could have made a better more dedicated Dad. I mean who at 17 gives up their life as a teenager to make his family work? You totally ROCK. I am truly blessed to have you and to call you my DAD. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

This is my husband and my kids. I couldn’t have picked a better one, a husband that is.I love him dearly and fall more in love with him everyday. I feel even more in love with him when we became parents together. To watch him hold Ephriams 5lb 9oz little body and love he had on his face was priceless. Then 19 months later to hold his 2 oz small daughter. The way he went sleepless nights with her to make her comfortable while I was at work. There is a special bond between him and his children. Each very different but each the same in the LOVE that is shared with him. He is a cheerleader in Ephriam’s corner and loves to celebrate his success and encourages him to try new things. The way he cuddles with Kendra and her yearn for him in thunderstorms. One day I hope that my kids understand the sacrifice that he given for them.

So Thanks honey for being you and for loving the way you do. Enjoy this week at SOS with the high school boys from church. We know that you are awesome at all that you do.



Okay so you know how a while ago I told you that I would update my picture of my garden for you. Well I took this pictures from my phone for you to see.

garden on Twitpic

I know it is little but if you click on it you can see the whole thing. As you can see from my last post here. It has grown quite a bit. I am even excited to say that we now have several pieces of squash growing. I need to move the green beans to the other side of the corn because it isn’t hardly getting any sunlight between the corn and the squash. I thought that the green beans would be bigger bushes that what they have been so far. But I am very happy with it’s progress.


Phone upgrade

Tonight my husband and I finally, after a few years, have upgraded our cell phones. I went from a Razor to an Envy Touch. I have gotten to play with it a little bit, well enough to tell you that so far I have enjoyed it. It took almost 2 hours to charge on via the USB on my computer but I am hoping it is worth it and the battery will last longer then the Razor. What I am most enjoying so far is the unlimited text that  I get.  I can now twitter my little heart out while I am away from the computer. I might even get to see what I am missing while I am at work. We will see. So far for my needs I am very happy.

Jeremiah Ch 20

Chris and I are continuing to read Jeremiah and while we have been reading this week I came across Jeremiah Ch 2o:11 which says:

” But the Lord is with me like a mighty warrior. So my persecutors will stumble and not prevail. They will fail and be thoroughly disgraced their dishonor will never be forgotten”

This reminds me in times when we have others who are putting us down that God is behind us. He will not let us down. He is behind us and will prevail over the evil. Also that those people who put us down will not only prevail over us but they will be forgotten. So you should stand up for Jesus be proud of who your father is and not be a coward in the corner. Know that God is behind you all the time.

I am so glad to have Jesus behind me all the time. To know that my father loves me enough to fight for me. Definately some good words for me. Thanks to my Father for giving them to me.



Today has not been the best of days but it also hasn’t been the worst of days. I am feeling yucky and tired today. Really I could have spent from nap time on in bed and been fine.  I was hoping that the hot fudge sundae would have helped but it only did a little. I did however enjoy getting to web cam with my parents. I can’t wait to see them in 6 days and they can’t wait to have us. Tomorrow I am hoping is a better day. I think that the kids and I are going to go shopping for a little while. I have a few ideas for Chris for father’s day I am drawing blanks on things to get my parents for both of their birthdays, along with Mother and Father’s Day. I also will be getting Kendra a new bathing suit because her one that I bought last Aug. before we went to the beach is too small. She is growing so fast. I think too that tomorrow that Chris and I are finally going to get new cell phones. I has been several years since we have upgraded. I will let you know that I get but feel free to take guesses.. one hint is that we are on the Verizon network. Well I think I am headed to bed. Look for more tomorrow.



This is a pictures from our trip home last weekend from Toledo. We were definatley in Northern Ohio when it was taken because look how flat it is! However it is truly beautiful.

God has used Chris and I trips to and from Toledo to reveal some of his plans for us. A couple of years ago we made the decision to change churches. This has lead us to growing and changing for the better. It has made us a closer as a family. This time God has revealed more of his plan to us and I can’t wait to see how it opens us to be better people and to have a stronger community. I love to see God work through us and can’t wait to share more with you.

This week in Coupons

So I told you that I would update on my coupon use so I haven’t saved as much as the second week but Meijer’s hasn’t had a really good add to use coupons with since. The good news is that I am planning better for my trips to the store and saving more that way too. This past week with coupons I saved almost 11 dollars but with the add savings and my coupons I saved over 32 dollars. I was pretty proud of that. I did find good deals with the coupons were I paid 9 cents for toilet bowl cleaner! It was on sale and I had coupon which doubled to a dollar. So I will keep at it.

Chris has said that since I have gotten into the couponing and looking at the adds that he feels that our cupboards are fuller. I thought that was a nice compliment to me because I have been working so hard at getting us there.

I also have been able to take food to church every week. Not a full bag but at least a meal with some can goods and some extras. That makes me feel even better. I like that I can take some of what we have and give it to people who really need it.

I will continue to keep you posted.


Garden Growth

I haven’t posted pictures as to how well our garden is doing. I took these pictures on June 5 so that are a little out dated but you can see our progress!

As you can see our large corn is the corn that we grew in the house to start. The other corn is ones that we replanted because the birds and squirrels ate. Not sure that we will get real ears of corn due to the decrease in number of plants but I did learn how to keep the critters out for next year.

My replanted sunflower.

And real green beans. What I orginally had labeled as green beans turned out to be squash.

Our green beans squash.

And lastly tomatoes.

Here are my flower seeds that I planted. I will have to move the sweet pea to the back of the flower bed and the other flowers to the front because I didn’t realize that the sweet pea would get 6-12 feet tall.

So I hope that you enjoy watching my plants grow as much as I have.