Garden Growth

I haven’t posted pictures as to how well our garden is doing. I took these pictures on June 5 so that are a little out dated but you can see our progress!

As you can see our large corn is the corn that we grew in the house to start. The other corn is ones that we replanted because the birds and squirrels ate. Not sure that we will get real ears of corn due to the decrease in number of plants but I did learn how to keep the critters out for next year.

My replanted sunflower.

And real green beans. What I orginally had labeled as green beans turned out to be squash.

Our green beans squash.

And lastly tomatoes.

Here are my flower seeds that I planted. I will have to move the sweet pea to the back of the flower bed and the other flowers to the front because I didn’t realize that the sweet pea would get 6-12 feet tall.

So I hope that you enjoy watching my plants grow as much as I have.

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