Happy Father’s Day!

Here is a picture of my Mom and Dad from vacation together in Florida. No they don’t just look young, they ARE young.

But here is too my Dad. I know that I was your good kid till I was 16 and dating a stupid boy. Then I know I was your spawn of Satan. However, God had other plans for me and blessed me with a good knock of sense, or a table flipping, to turn back right. I know that I haven’t always agreed with you but no matter what, I love you. You and I were 2 peas in pod. You could never deny me as your child, because you KNOW I act just like you, okay so I have a little of Mom too but most of your personality. No one could have made a better more dedicated Dad. I mean who at 17 gives up their life as a teenager to make his family work? You totally ROCK. I am truly blessed to have you and to call you my DAD. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

This is my husband and my kids. I couldn’t have picked a better one, a husband that is.I love him dearly and fall more in love with him everyday. I feel even more in love with him when we became parents together. To watch him hold Ephriams 5lb 9oz little body and love he had on his face was priceless. Then 19 months later to hold his 2 oz small daughter. The way he went sleepless nights with her to make her comfortable while I was at work. There is a special bond between him and his children. Each very different but each the same in the LOVE that is shared with him. He is a cheerleader in Ephriam’s corner and loves to celebrate his success and encourages him to try new things. The way he cuddles with Kendra and her yearn for him in thunderstorms. One day I hope that my kids understand the sacrifice that he given for them.

So Thanks honey for being you and for loving the way you do. Enjoy this week at SOS with the high school boys from church. We know that you are awesome at all that you do.


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