Family Night-Zoo

So it seems like it has been a while since we have had a Family Night but instead of doing Family Night we had a Family Day! We started out eating breakfast ALL together. We are not really morning people so this was a big deal, even though we all just had cereal. After breakfast we headed out to Ephriam’s DDBP appointment to get his finally results of all his testing. If you want to know more about that you can find it out here. After that was over we headed out to the zoo. So here are the pictures….

So here are the hangings from the ceiling fan. These are actually die cuts that are from my scrapbooking stash. The most enjoyable part is when BOTH kids came into the dinning room they said “Family Night!”

Here are the kids eating breakfast. Again we are not morning people so no pictures of Chris or I.

Here is Chris and the kids at the new entrance! If you didn’t notice it its raining and it did all day. And it lead to this:

Yes, it took Kendra a GOOD deal of time to get used the rain even though this happened most of time:

Daddy is her hero for holding her hand and keeping her under the umbrella.

Of course there were lots of animals too see:

One of the advantage to our zoo membership is that we get to feed the giraffes for free! So here is each of us taking our turn:

I messed up on Chris’ picture you can’t hardly see him or see the giraffe.

Notice here the giraffe’s tongue. Of course Chris is a good shot with the camera!

There was a break from the rain and a good chance to take a picture in front of some of the flowers.

Of course on the way home we all started to crash:

Even Me:

How about you? What did you do for a Family Night or Day?


Life might slow down

So I really don’t feel like I had a weekend this weekend. Even though we had good times with family we feel behind at the house. We are slowly regaining ground on it. We were suppose to have a garge sale next weekend but we are no where near ready for it so we are going to wait till September to have one. We just feel like we need to stay at home and get things down around there along with getting to play with our kids.

Kendra woke up tonight after being in bed for a while and cried for Mommy. I have been at work the past couple of nights and have my last class of the term tonight, so again I won’t be home. However I will get to spend Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday with her and then being off the weekend. I am sure that we will have plenty of time to play together and to cuddle.

I am also looking forward to having a real bedroom for once. It has been at least almost 3 years so I feel like my bedroom has been a sacturary. There is now a ton of closet space and drawer space for more clothes and a lot more floor space once we get everything out of there. I have boxes of things that I just need to go through and decide what to keep and what to get rid of.

All I have to say is that I am looking forward to the next couple of weeks and being at home. I am however looking forward to going to my Mom and Dad’s house this month! I can’t wait to see them. They haven’t gotten to hug or kiss their grandkids for over 6 months by the time we get there. I saw mom back at the end of March but haven’t seen Dad since we celebrated Christmas in January. I also can’t wait to see what Dad has done with the house. He has been incrediable in his remodling marathon! I am amazed at what he can do!

Well I should get back to work but just thought I would give y’all a quick update.

OH WAIT ONE LAST THING: Please pray tomorrow for Ephriam! We will finally get a diagosis from the doc. I will post about to their blog that night because after that appointment we are headed to the zoo to celebrate no more testing for Ephriam for a while! Watch for lots of pictures too!

Okay now I am done. Have a good one!


Jeremiah Ch 12

Yesterday, 6/4, Chris and I read Jeremiah Chapter 12. So far this is the most meat that I have gotten on Jeremiah. I could totally relate to Jeremiah in the first 4 verus. It is here that Jeremiah complains to God about how it isn’t fair that the people who are not following God’s law seem to have it easy and how because he is true to God it is harder.

I can relate to him because I feel that way sometimes. I feel like “look God, I am trying hear but it really feels link a huge up hill battle and I am not getting anywhere, actually, I am being pulled down further.”

God replies to him and tells Jeremiah that if you think this is hard just wait till later. That this now is nothing compared to what he is going to have to face later on.  That God is just preparing us for the bigger battle.

I just know that things will get better but never easier for trying to follow in Christ footstep are huge shoes to fill. I know that everyday I fail. But when I feel that I am getting to the top then God throws something else for me work at that seems hard at the time, but looking back when it is over was easier then the next battle.

I think too that this shows that we can complain to God but he is going to give us the push that we need to over come what obstacles are in our way.

Coupon Update

So as I posted this morning I would update you on my savings this time at the grocery store. I am pleased to tell you that I saved a little over 20 dollars! I got A LOT of things for next to nothing and a few things for FREE! I also wanted to let you know that before I saved my 20 dollars that I my bill was over 60 dollars! This means that I saved 25% off my bill! So now if I wasn’t before I am now a firm believer in using coupons! So far some of the places that I have looked to save is at the following:

Bargain Briana– I like this one because it told me what coupons to use with what was on sale at the store.

The “Cent” sible Sawyer is also a good for this too.

So those are the ones that helped me to save my 20 dollars but I have yet to check out the following:

Southern Savers

Money Saving Moms

Coupon Mom

Deal Seeking Mom

A Full

and my newest one to check out is Mommy Coupons this one of course is thanks to my sister in law, Heather.

I tired to use and print some coupons but I was having printing problems today and didn’t end up being able to. However I am hoping to next time.

In all the money I saved I also have things to give away! For example I had a buy one get one free coupon off of Lysol’s Neutrair and they were already buy one get one free at the store so I got 4 cans for the price of one! So the Healing Center at church will be getting more from us!  I love being able to give stuff away!

So watch next week for my savings! Don’t worry if I start saving about the same amount every time I won’t be posting it but right now it is a new adventure and a new area of GROWTH for me!



Okay so I have never really done the coupon thing. I thought that they were a waste of time and effort and the you can just get the off brand cheaper even with the coupon. Well that was until I found out that other moms out there are save HALF or more of their grocery bill.  So I have gotten into cutting them the past couple of weeks to see if I could get a good deal or not. My first week out I saved 3.20! Okay I know that isn’t a lot to most of you but it is a lot for me on my first week. This week however, I have used a few websites out to help me. I am headed out this morning to see what I can save. I will keep you posted and will post the websites that I have been using. I know that there are places that you can pay to do this: Like the grocery game but there are free sites too. Moms who just enjoy being frugal and share their knowledge with everyone. This has also lead to finding new free things too. I should be recieving a coupon in the mail for free chocolate and I got a coupon for free sugar when buying Kool aide! So here we go.. I hope that I can help others like me out there who know nothing about how to do this. I will get there one day. Just wait!