This week in Coupons

So I told you that I would update on my coupon use so I haven’t saved as much as the second week but Meijer’s hasn’t had a really good add to use coupons with since. The good news is that I am planning better for my trips to the store and saving more that way too. This past week with coupons I saved almost 11 dollars but with the add savings and my coupons I saved over 32 dollars. I was pretty proud of that. I did find good deals with the coupons were I paid 9 cents for toilet bowl cleaner! It was on sale and I had coupon which doubled to a dollar. So I will keep at it.

Chris has said that since I have gotten into the couponing and looking at the adds that he feels that our cupboards are fuller. I thought that was a nice compliment to me because I have been working so hard at getting us there.

I also have been able to take food to church every week. Not a full bag but at least a meal with some can goods and some extras. That makes me feel even better. I like that I can take some of what we have and give it to people who really need it.

I will continue to keep you posted.


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