Today has not been the best of days but it also hasn’t been the worst of days. I am feeling yucky and tired today. Really I could have spent from nap time on in bed and been fine.  I was hoping that the hot fudge sundae would have helped but it only did a little. I did however enjoy getting to web cam with my parents. I can’t wait to see them in 6 days and they can’t wait to have us. Tomorrow I am hoping is a better day. I think that the kids and I are going to go shopping for a little while. I have a few ideas for Chris for father’s day I am drawing blanks on things to get my parents for both of their birthdays, along with Mother and Father’s Day. I also will be getting Kendra a new bathing suit because her one that I bought last Aug. before we went to the beach is too small. She is growing so fast. I think too that tomorrow that Chris and I are finally going to get new cell phones. I has been several years since we have upgraded. I will let you know that I get but feel free to take guesses.. one hint is that we are on the Verizon network. Well I think I am headed to bed. Look for more tomorrow.


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