Another Garden Post

Okay so it has been a while since I have posted an update on my garden. It certainly has grown more then I expected, enough actually that I think one squash plant is enough next year. Here is why:

Here is the whole garden. As you can see the squash is about 4 feet out into the yard. so much for 36 inches apart needed.

Here are the tomatoes and the squash competing for space.

Here is something I didn’t  think that we would see at all GREEN BEANS! So far I was able to pick one with 5 more growing so hopefully we will see more.

Here is squash that I must have missed when I picked them on Sunday because this is how big they really are:

yep that is me with the squash.

I didn’t take any pictures of the corn but it is hanging in there. I can’t wait to eat it when it is ripe enough!

So how about you? Did you do a garden? If so how is it doing?

Courtney’s Wedding

I have to say that my family rocks! We had a blast at Courtney’s Wedding. Their wedding was so beautiful and well put together. Brent, welcome to this crazy family. Okay yes so here are some pictures:

The wedding party.

Eddie, Carson, and little Parker.

The girls.

The bride and groom with the pastor.

Miss Take My picture please.

Yes, this is blurry but we didn’t expect them to skip back down the isle.

Ephriam and sleep anywhere!

Picture of the women of the family, myself, Mom, and my future sister in law Katie.

My brother and I.

Table one of family

Table two of family

And yep a third table of family.

The cake

The cake topper.

Having a drink before dinner. Very patient waiting since we were the last table to go.

Ephriam flying his cup like a plane and playing with one of the coasters.

Eddie and Carson

Parker the ham.

Jordyn, Amber and Nicole.

The Bride and Groom. I love this picture!

The cake cutters! Watch Out!

The bride and groom with the kids and I. Look at Ephriam pointing like he is cool.

First Dance.

Father Daughter Dance.

Sorry that their are no more pictures. The camera batteries died and the spare ones that we brought were broken.

A REAL night off

So I really feel like this is the first real night that I have had off. I got to come home from school and dance with my kids, tuck them into bed, and then… well nothing. I did eat dinner since my class is from 4-7 with at least a 45 minute drive either way which means I don’t get to eat dinner till after the kids are in bed. Chris and I talked for a while before he crashed because he was over tired from our weekend. I don’t blame him, even though I have had 3 nights off prior to tonight they have been jammed packed. So I finally uploaded pictures from my couisn’s wedding to post later and did some internet surfing. I also took a nice long hot shower. Now I am just settling down a bit before going to sleep.

It is even looking like I might have another night like this tomorrow. We will see since Chris is having his wisdom teeth pulled at the dentist office. I hope that all goes well with the procedure and that he doesn’t hurt too much. He is off all day Wednesday so it would be nice for him to feel okay so that we could go out and do somethings as a family.

I am looking forward to tomorrow with the kids. We get to spend the day together. First off to the library for story time. Then they get to sit in the waiting room with me at the dentist, cook dinner, and hopefully if the weather remains nice to play outside and pick more squash from the garden. Hopefully also take new pictures of the garden for a new update.

Not sure what Wednesday will bring but at least we will be together as a family. For now I need to be getting some shut eye. Good Nite.


When things settle down…

I keep saying that they will but they haven’t, they continue to be choas. I keep thinking that if only I could spend a full 24 hours at home. Wouldn’t that be nice? This is how my past week has gone:

Sunday: spent the day int t-town and drove back home.

Monday: Took Ephriam to both OT and speech therapy then off to class then back home.

Tuesday: Story time at the Library. Then Lunch with Chris’ mom.

Wednesday: Work

Thursday: Sleep, then grocery store, and watch church over the internet.

Friday: Kids to eye doctors and work

Saturday:  Sleep then work.

Sunday: Church, Sam’s Club, and hopefully some sleep in there.

This brings back to  Monday more therapy and class. Part of me can’t wait till the kids go to school but still then I have to take them and pick them up. We will see what will happen.

It isn’t that I don’t like doing all these things because everyday there is something to look forward to for the day but sometimes my body just wants a break. To just stay at home for a little while. I know I say this now and when winter rolls around I will be tired of being locked in the house because I hate the cold weather. But right now a week in my PJ’s is sounding good.

There is so much to look forward to. Trips to the zoo, a little girl turning 3, family parties, at trip to see my parents again, getting ready for school, our fall events, and before we know it Christmas will be here!

I am just hoping for a little time at home between now and then. I am sure it will come. For now let the choas continue.


PS: One day I will put up pictures for Courtney’s wedding and maybe even get my husband to post the video of Ephriam dancing away!

Family Night- 4th of July

Of course the table. I tried to find a red, white, and blue table cloth late the night before and was not successful so the blue sheet had to do again.

and it wouldn’t be Family Night with out the ceiling fan decorations.

Tried to get a photo of the 2 of them together and this is the best that we got.

Yes the kids did changed their shirts because their Aunt Heather made them for them and they couldn’t resist wearing them.

Daddy and Ephriam waiting for the parade.

The start of the parade!

The SWAT car!

The Hamilton High Marching Band.

The Steam Colliope

Kendra is very sensitive to noise so she was covering her ears through the whole parade.

The cute ballerinas!

The Beverly Hillbillies!

A family shot.

Grandma and her 3 youngest grandkids.

Ephriam, Kendra, and Luke or triple trouble

Ephriam relaxing after the parade.

Our dinner. It isn’t very exciting looking but we ate dinner early to be at church so there usually isn’t a lot to eat because of it.

Look at how she thought she could eat her corn!

Ephriam asking for more hot dog.



Chris found a cool feature on the camera to take awesome pictures with the sparklers!

Kendra and her sparkler.

Christopher and his kids winding down the day.

Okay I look totally terrible in this picture but it had been a long week but a very enjoyable day with my family.

So that was our latest Family Night! What did you do? Let me know by leaving a comment or 2 or 3!

Where have I been?

So I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks and I have really missed blogging. It is just that I have spent most of my blogging time with my nose in flash cards studying all sorts of drugs for Pharmacology. This has lead to me not keeping up with a lot of things, such as my feeds, laundry, dishes, and my over all internet time. However this sacrifice won’t be forever if I keep doing as well as I did on the first test. I got a 91%! I am so excited because this is my second time taking the class. I think that the second test that I took I didn’t do as well on but I hope it is the one that I do the worst on.

Other things that have been going on is working on the basement. I am hoping that by this fall that we can have it all back in order, however if it is done by Christmas I will be happy. This has also caused me to get behind on my laundry because I had all the kid’s baby clothes in boxes and have been working on saving them instead of doing our own laundry. This is coming to an end as I am getting closer and closer to being done with them. Now just to get plastic bins to put it all back in.

We also did a family night day on the 4th of July. I still have to fix up a post with pictures from all that but we had a great day. It would have been better if we could have gone and seen big fireworks but it just didn’t work out that way because yet again it rained. We have fun at home anyways.

This past weekend we also were privelaged enough to attend my cousin Courtney’s wedding this past weekend. We had a total blast! The kids were awesome little dancers. Ephriam ate Cherrios and hummed through the whole ceremony but he didn’t seem to bother anyone. We then stayed the night at my Aunt Shell’s house and visited with family on Sunday.

We also have our normal every week stuff to do too. Ephriam’s therapy, school, work, normal house hold thing, ect. However we should be settling down till at least Kendra’s birthday party I hope. We will see what else is in store for us.

Garden Update yet again!

So here is the usual picture that you see on my garden. As you can see here I super huge squash plants. I even had to hold them back so that Chris could cut the grass under them.

Look what we have! I was so surprised that we had ears of corn. Granted they are only 2 inches long at this point but I didn’t think I had enough to cross pollenate to get actual corn! SCORE!

Here is an inside picture of the squash plant. We have picked 6 pieces of squash already and will have to pick the one in this picture tomorrow.

My tomatoe plants. They are bigger but yet haven’t produced anything looking remotely close to a tomatoe. However there sure are blooms coming out.

Trip Pics

Okay so it if finally time that I posted pictures from our trip to the Nashville area to see my parents. They aren’t really that exciting because we really didn’t do much but I love to post pictures!

Look at the big boy swimming! He loves the water and didn’t want to get out of the pool.

Don’t rock the boat!

Kendra’s true smile. This is such a beautiful picture of her.

Taking a break from swimming.

Playing in the kiddie/doggie pool.

The castle playground

Ephriam’s corner. He liked to hang out in the shade.

More exploring…

Looking across to find Ephriam but only could see my Mom or the kid’s Nana.

Carriage ride.

3 generations of women. I was missing because I was behind the camera!

Stopped to pose for a picture.

Ephriam’s second shady corner and a picture with his Nana.

Playing peek-a-boo with Mommy.

20 minutes of swinging in the shade.

Too close but a good picture of Ephriam anyway

Pefect. Do you see the sly smile on Ephriam’s face?

Water catching.

The start to the end. Kendra happened to dump the water on her head instead of tossing it up this lead to lots of crying and dinner time.

We had a great time mostly vegging out by the pool and enjoying the warm weather. One picture that I didn’t get that I wish I did was Ephriam with his Nana watching the Polar Express with a bag of gummi bears. Hoping to make it back their again soon to do the same thing.