Garden Update.

Well I am still getting squash and lots of it! I can’t believe how much is growing! I have finally gotten some tomatoes in and have been sharing them like crazy. My one tomatoe plant is so heavy that it is actually took the whole wire plant holder to the ground with it. I actually don’t think that the holder was in the ground as well as it should have been but oh well. Other then that I think for a ‘trial’ garden that we did well. I am sure that next year that I will want to try new things and see where we can head with them. For now I am enjoying the last little bit of summer that is left with it.

Zoo Trip!

I know that it has been a week since we have been to the zoo but I finally have been able to post pictures! Better late then never. So enjoy!

Of course it wouldn’t be a trip to the zoo with our their picture at the Rhinos!

Kendra and Grandma looking at the elephants.

Grandma’s first time to ‘look a giraffe in the eye’

Riding the train with Grandma!

Chris and I with no kids!

Looking at black bears.

Ephriam and the polar bear!

I couldn’t resist a picture of them like this!

A Mommy and a Baby Chimp.

This is an honor of Kendra for real seeing a Rhino at the zoo for the first time! (even though she has told stories of seeing one before we only saw the one at the entrance!)

Trying to get a closer look at the butterfly!

I seem to have a hard time getting good pictures of Ephriam! So Ephriam when you read this YEARS later I am sorry but you don’t like looking at the camera. Don’t worry though there are plenty of pictures of you!

Pictures of Hardwood Floor



Don’t they just look stunning? I can’t believe that they have been there all along and we never thought of pulling up the carpet! I can’t wait to see what they will look like down the hall and in Eman’s bedroom. I am so glad to get rid of the carpet though. It really made the room sad looking and smelled like an old lady. Now the house feels more vibrant and doesn’t smell like old lady! The kids don’t even seemed to mind that the carpet is gone. They still bring out all of their blankets to lay and watch TV. I feel like the house is more ours will all the renovations that it is under going.

Good-Bye Carpet… Hello Hardwood!

Have I mentioned that my husband rocks? Will if not let me tell you that he TOTALLY ROCKS! The kids and I headed to the park on Wednesday evening for a church in the area putting on a Wacky Wednesday event. There was pizza to eat, slushies to drink, balloon animals made, face painting, and school supplies handed out. We didn’t take any of the school supplies because there were a lot more people who were there that needed plus my kids only need backpacks at this point. We did enjoy a slushie and a balloon animal. While we were enjoying just being outside, my wonderful husband was spending his time ripping up carpeting to expose the hardwood floors that were underneath. I knew that they had to look better then the carpet but little did I know they would look as fabulous as they did. The kids seem to enjoy the carpet being gone too. I can’t wait to see what it will look like when we have enough money to get my area rug from IKEA that I like so much. As soon as I pull off the pictures from the camera of them I will post them but right now I am trying to head off to dream land as I post this. You too will be in total shock as to how good they look. We still have plenty of carpeting to rip up since we have to do down the hall and Ephriam’s bedroom but in the end I think it will be great. I think that the kid will enjoy just having an area rug in their rooms. I will appreciate the easiness it is to clean.  Now if we can just get the basement looking back this good we will be in great shape.

Returning to Normal?

So I think that we are headed back to some sort of normal schedule. It will even be more that way in 12 days as both my kids will be attending morning preschool till noon. This means that FOUR days a week, I get to have almost 3 full hours by MYSELF! Now you are asking what am I going to do with my free time? Well the first day I am sure there will be some tear sheading, my little shadow will not be here. However after that I think I will sit (which I don’t do much of), read my bible or maybe some of Mark Batterson’s Wild Goose Chase, I will have  a clean house (or I hope I will), I might even get to bust out the scrapbooking (GASP)! However I do know that on Monday’s I will be picking the kids up from school and still running Ephriam to therapy. I do know that Kendra will be TIRED when she gets home. So this will set our schedule for us. Still my works schedule will be out of whack. I don’t think that it will ever return to a regular work the same days every week but that is what you get when you sign up to work at a hospital. We will be taking less trips out of town except for one more in October and of course for the holidays. Our weekends will consist of being at home and improving our house. We still have the basement to work on. I am sure that there will be fun things that we do with the kids and or normal traditions. I look forward to sharing them with you as they happen. For now time to enjoy my babies while they are still at home.

Awesome Husband

I just wanted to give a little shout out to my husband. I know that things haven’t been easy on you with my work schedule being so crazy and going to school but you are doing one heck of job. Please keep up with all your hard work! I really appreciate your efforts. Your kids are also benefiting from you being with them so much. I am looking forward to this weekend and getting to chat it up with you.  Not to forget that we get a bit of time off with the kids as Nana and Grandpaw take over! It will be nice to just relax by the pool. Thanks for your dependance on God too. You know that we wouldn’t be where we are at with out him. You are working ever so hard to keep the adventure going and to be a great spiritual leader. Thank you also for remembering to trust in him with his money that he has entrusted to us. I know that it is hard sometime but look how far we have come by being dependant on Him. Well I am off to start my mini marathon this week to enjoy time off with family this weekend.  Love you forever.

Twitter Down

Okay so twitter is down and I am having withdraw! I love twitter. It is one of the best apps that my husband has showed me and he is showing me things all the time.  I love that it is connected to facebook so that I don’t have to log in all the time to post. I also like that it updates my blog. As you know I haven’t been really good about blogging lately. I am hoping to do several post tonight after I study my pharm so that there is something posting everyday for the next couple of weeks. We will see how that goes though. I just hope that twitter gets fixed soon. Or I might need a life line! Well I am off to play games with Kendra since she has been begging all morning.