Meet Carlos!

Okay yes I know it is WAY late for me being up since I am off  but at least I don’t have to work tomorrow night.  I am thrilled to tell you about our new family member Carlos. We meet him on Carlos Whittaker’s blog. If you follow that link you will see all his information. Sponsoring him was kind of spur of the moment. Chris and I have been talking for a couple of weeks but didn’t think that we would start doing this till January and wanted the kids to be involved in our pick. However, God calls us to do things spur of the moment too, Carlos had been waiting more then 6 MONTHS for someone to sponsor him and make them part of their family. Now he is part of ours, forever in our hearts.

Did you know that their are a TON of kids who need help just like him? Did you know that a simple monthly donation will help them? Please consider this opportunity to help some else out. Now sure how? Well here is a link to find a child just right for you! Please let me know if you already do or if you followed the link to sponsor a child through Compassion.

I can’t wait to show the kids their new brother when they wake up! I think they will be excited too. I will share their reaction tomorrow so you know too how they feel about Carlos.

Now it is time for bed. Good Night.

End of Summer

Yes, I know that it isn’t the offical end of summer but it might as well be. Today is the last day that I have both my kids at home together during the week for a full day for a while. I am sure that I will hold up just fine till I am driving off with out anyone with me. As the school year starts this is one of the sure signs that fall is coming. And I have to say that I am not looking forward to it at all! Now fall doesn’t bother me as much as winter but just knowing that we haven’t had a hot summer and didn’t get in the pool much and now I have to look forward to it cooling down is not sounding like fun. No I don’t want jeans or a sweatshirt. I want hot weather to play in the pool all day long with my kids. Even though I can’t wait for Christmas to come that to invites the cold and even some snow. The more I think about it getting cold the sadder I get. I want nice warm sunny weather but I know it is coming to an end. Sigh.