Called Off

Lately I have been getting lots of calls off at work. This just means that there aren’t a lot of people having babies right now. Since I have some PTO saved up it hasn’t really hit us hard yet but hopefully when it does I will be able to work on another floor in the hospital for a night or 2 if needed. However, all of these call offs have lead me to spending more time with my kids and husband. I am loving every minute of it! Yesterday we were able to take a trip to Cassano’s Pizza for dinner. We were also able to bring my In Laws with us. It was a great time. Eating pizza and hanging out.  Today we are headed with friends out to the pumpkin farm to get our pumpkins for this year. Even though I am suppose to work tonight we will have a good day today.

The other good things about call offs is getting sleep! And lots of it! I have had a stay at home mom kind of feel to things. I am loving my time with my kids even though Kendra can be a little too much at times. She likes to be in your face all the time and sometimes you just want to breath on your own but pretty soon she won’t even want to be in the same room with me so I am enjoying it as much as possible.

Well I need to get a few things done before we head out to get our pumpkins. I look forward to hopefully more blog post in my free time! I have a few more post for when I took a month off of blogging. So check back soon for those.


Simple Moments

Yesterday was a great day for me. I didn’t think that is was going to be but it was. It started off with getting the kids off to school. I am finding that each day is a new adventure for us in this department.  They spent most of their morning “eating” breakfast. Kendra only ate a small bowl of cereal and I have seen the girl put away 3 bowls before. Ephriam ate only half a piece of toast. This is my son who on most days out eats me at every meal. So then we were on the hurry to get dressed for school.  They did make it to school on time! Yeah! Then it was off to pick up my mother in law for a coffee date. We ended up spending some time with Christopher’s younger brother’s girlfriend Kerstin and were late to pick the kids up from school! YIKES! Only by about 10 minutes but they were the last ones standing. Then we headed to my in law’s house for lunch. It was nice to get to hang out with them and let Grandpa see his grandkids for a little bit. We headed back home for naps. I noticed that we had a voicemail message on the phone so checked that as I was getting the kids ready for their naps.  I was my cousin calling as she was headed into the area wondering if we could get together tonight instead of tomorrow morning! I called  her back and told we had nothing planned and come on over! I was so thrilled! So she showed up about an hour later with her 3 boys. They spent almost 3 hours with us. It was so nice to be with someone very much like me. Her boys were good as gold and played well with my kids. I wish that we lived closer together and could spend more time together but am glad to have the little time we have together. After they left I just enjoyed my family. The kids were really happy and it was fun to watch them laugh and play. This is what life is about.  The simple moments in life.  I am loving life. Thank you Jesus for such a great day.

Family Night-Carlos’ Birthday

As most of you know we as a family have sponsored a child through Compassion! Shortly after we sponsored him he had a birthday (on 9/26) and what better way to celebrate then to have a family night (on 9/27)!

Kendra had a hard time getting that he wouldn’t be here with us. She thought that she was going to help him blow out his candles. The one good thing though is that she asks about him often. Ephriam was just happy to celebrate someone’s birthday to have cake! He loves to point at the cake and say “Happy Birthday?”

We had a late dinner due to earlier events in the day so it was just dinner and cake. Next Family Night will be more then that.

So here are some pictures:

Here is the table.  The kids set it so that is why everyone’s plate is in the corner

My Plate. As you can see we Americanized a little bit what Carlos eats every day. I even spiced things up and Chris still said it was bland.

Kendra’s plate.

Ephriam’s plate. They both wanted me to take pictures of their plates too.

The cake. Okay so the cake was still warm when I went to frost it(due to rushing to get it done) and he writing drifted. However it tasted great.

Singing “Happy Birthday to Carlos” and the kids getting ready to blow out the candles.

Ephriam was more interested in his cake then in me taking his picture!

Kendra on the other hand is always ready to ham it up for the camera

Christopher taking a bite.

And me trying not to laugh and take a bite.

Next Family Night will happen next week. Hopefully I will be done getting you caught up on life here and will share new pictures with you.


Where have I been?

Yes, I know it has been a month since I have posted. I didn’t really mean to take a break and not tell you about it. It just sort of happened. I have been spending my blog time reflecting and communicating with God. I have shared my thoughts and my feeling with my husband and now want to poor them out here. So here is where my mind has been since it has not been on blogging.

As most of you know I am school to be a nurse. Oh how I can’t wait till it is over, I have been waiting 10 years to finish this up. I have spent one night a week for almost a year now going to school. Starting mid Nov. it will be 2 nights to finish up the class that puts me on the clinical waiting list. They say then I will have 2 years to wait but I happen to over hear administrative people in the hallway saying how it goes by a lot faster due to people not saying they are leaving the nursing program or those who have stopped going to school. I don’t care how long the wait is, this time I am going to finish.  When I am done God has bigger plans for me. I feel Him telling me this all the time.

A couple weeks ago on my way home from school I had it out with God. I am so mad that people are suffering all over the world. I hate that their are people who don’t have fresh water or food to eat. That babies are getting sold in to the sex trade, girls as young as my daughter who is 3, and the younger the better. I had it out with God how my heart hurt so much for these people. I feel that giving money is not enough for me. I know that yes there are ministries that help these people and we do give. We have a Compassion Child and we give money to the Luke 4 Challenge at church, and of course we prayer for these people. I my heart that is not enough. As I am driving with tears streaking down my face, God told me just wait one day you many not be on the front lines but you will physical help, just wait.

I feel like I am in  holding pattern. Knowing what could be around the corner but having to wait to finish it. Each day has become a new adventure and becoming a nurse is not just for me. It is for the MILLIONS of people that I hope God will help me to touch and change. This journey is totally worth the wait.

So where have I been? Enjoying the wait. Spending time with my children and my family. Enjoying the smiles and the laughter. Soaking up the tears and putting on boo boo band aides. Spending HOURS doing Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy. Just enjoying everyday making a little impact on my children who I hope one day will too have an impact on the world.

I can already see the compassion in Kendra as she helps the other kids out. She doesn’t like other kids to cry and helps them to not. Ephriam right now is his own happy little self. He doesn’t like it either when people are crying. You can see his helpless look on his face. He knows that you just need a good o’ hug.

For the next few days I will be playing a little catch up on here as to where we have been and then where we are headed. Please continue to pray for us as we WAIT that we enjoy it and savor this time now.