Called Off

Lately I have been getting lots of calls off at work. This just means that there aren’t a lot of people having babies right now. Since I have some PTO saved up it hasn’t really hit us hard yet but hopefully when it does I will be able to work on another floor in the hospital for a night or 2 if needed. However, all of these call offs have lead me to spending more time with my kids and husband. I am loving every minute of it! Yesterday we were able to take a trip to Cassano’s Pizza for dinner. We were also able to bring my In Laws with us. It was a great time. Eating pizza and hanging out.  Today we are headed with friends out to the pumpkin farm to get our pumpkins for this year. Even though I am suppose to work tonight we will have a good day today.

The other good things about call offs is getting sleep! And lots of it! I have had a stay at home mom kind of feel to things. I am loving my time with my kids even though Kendra can be a little too much at times. She likes to be in your face all the time and sometimes you just want to breath on your own but pretty soon she won’t even want to be in the same room with me so I am enjoying it as much as possible.

Well I need to get a few things done before we head out to get our pumpkins. I look forward to hopefully more blog post in my free time! I have a few more post for when I took a month off of blogging. So check back soon for those.


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