Family Night-Carlos’ Birthday

As most of you know we as a family have sponsored a child through Compassion! Shortly after we sponsored him he had a birthday (on 9/26) and what better way to celebrate then to have a family night (on 9/27)!

Kendra had a hard time getting that he wouldn’t be here with us. She thought that she was going to help him blow out his candles. The one good thing though is that she asks about him often. Ephriam was just happy to celebrate someone’s birthday to have cake! He loves to point at the cake and say “Happy Birthday?”

We had a late dinner due to earlier events in the day so it was just dinner and cake. Next Family Night will be more then that.

So here are some pictures:

Here is the table.  The kids set it so that is why everyone’s plate is in the corner

My Plate. As you can see we Americanized a little bit what Carlos eats every day. I even spiced things up and Chris still said it was bland.

Kendra’s plate.

Ephriam’s plate. They both wanted me to take pictures of their plates too.

The cake. Okay so the cake was still warm when I went to frost it(due to rushing to get it done) and he writing drifted. However it tasted great.

Singing “Happy Birthday to Carlos” and the kids getting ready to blow out the candles.

Ephriam was more interested in his cake then in me taking his picture!

Kendra on the other hand is always ready to ham it up for the camera

Christopher taking a bite.

And me trying not to laugh and take a bite.

Next Family Night will happen next week. Hopefully I will be done getting you caught up on life here and will share new pictures with you.


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