Simple Moments

Yesterday was a great day for me. I didn’t think that is was going to be but it was. It started off with getting the kids off to school. I am finding that each day is a new adventure for us in this department.  They spent most of their morning “eating” breakfast. Kendra only ate a small bowl of cereal and I have seen the girl put away 3 bowls before. Ephriam ate only half a piece of toast. This is my son who on most days out eats me at every meal. So then we were on the hurry to get dressed for school.  They did make it to school on time! Yeah! Then it was off to pick up my mother in law for a coffee date. We ended up spending some time with Christopher’s younger brother’s girlfriend Kerstin and were late to pick the kids up from school! YIKES! Only by about 10 minutes but they were the last ones standing. Then we headed to my in law’s house for lunch. It was nice to get to hang out with them and let Grandpa see his grandkids for a little bit. We headed back home for naps. I noticed that we had a voicemail message on the phone so checked that as I was getting the kids ready for their naps.  I was my cousin calling as she was headed into the area wondering if we could get together tonight instead of tomorrow morning! I called  her back and told we had nothing planned and come on over! I was so thrilled! So she showed up about an hour later with her 3 boys. They spent almost 3 hours with us. It was so nice to be with someone very much like me. Her boys were good as gold and played well with my kids. I wish that we lived closer together and could spend more time together but am glad to have the little time we have together. After they left I just enjoyed my family. The kids were really happy and it was fun to watch them laugh and play. This is what life is about.  The simple moments in life.  I am loving life. Thank you Jesus for such a great day.

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