Please Pray

I don’t usually post this kinda of stuff on my blog but felt that extra prayer is always needed.

Today I got an e-mail from mom saying 2 things. First being that my Grandfather Mother passed away this morning. Yes Busha was older, I think somewhere in her 90’s I am not really sure thought because I haven’t spent a lot of time with her. I can remember a very few occasions when I saw at HUGE family gatherings and a couple of times at my Grandparent’s house. She lived a long life. She raised 5 Boys! And lost a daughter at a young age to Polio. I am sure though that she is much happier being with Jesus now then she ever was here. I pray for my Grandpa and his 4 remaining bothers. That they will have comfort knowing she is in a better place and that arrangements for her funeral go smoothly. Not to mention for safe travels of the people who will be going to the area for her funeral.

The other thing is that my Grandmother is not doing so well.  For those of you who don’t know she has Multiple Myeloma. While my Grandfather was at home dealing with his mother’s death, my aunt took my Grandma to get some blood. Her blood count has been low and her medicine to increase it hasn’t been helping. They say that she looks yellow ( I haven’t seen her since September because we live 3 hours from them). Mom also said that her kidney function is not good either. Her kidney doctor was so concerned that he pulled her cancer doctor out of meeting to talk. The plan right now is for her to see him on Tuesday. Please pray for her healing. I am not sure about anything more then that.

Please pray for my mom and her siblings as they help my grandfather deal with all this. Pray for my mom’s and her younger sisters’  safe travels to their house. I will not be able to go to their house right now due to the kids being little germ bugs! Kendra just finished up having the flu and I caught a cold either from one of  them or from work. And since Grandma is already sick it is best for me to stay at home.

Thanks in advance and  will keep you posted on Grandma. She sure does have a lot to live for these days!



Lately there have been  a lot of people who have lost loved ones or are loosing love ones. My heart breaks for them. Our pastor Dave Workman wrote this blog post on Monday about all the losses he has had in a few short weeks. What a crappy time for him. Please keep him and his wife in your prayers as they grieve so many losses.

This family is loosing a battle to keep their son alive. He has a chronic illness that has caused them to make some rough decisions this week.  Please pray for God to  guide their decision and do what is best for Gavin. My heart has broken for them because I have children the same age as theirs. I don’t understand how hard it is on them but I keep praying for them. When I read this post on the DNR decision, I cried. What a hard choice to make and yet understand it is best for your child to be able to live what is left of life before moving on to the arms of Jesus. Makes me thankful too that my kids are healthy.

Then there is this blog. Time is coming up on the one year anniversary and it stinks too. Keep them in your prayer as this dark time comes upon them.

On Monday night I happen to tell my husband about Gavin, he is somewhat familiar with his story and he asked “Did you read Dave’s post?” Of course I hadn’t but headed over there. Then I spent the next 45 minutes in prayer, for as Dave put it, DEATH SUCKS. The lost of too many too young people.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that all of these people are or will be with Jesus. No more tubes or pain. Just Jesus. I don’t think there is a better ending then that. Even though we are sad here on earth that we don’t get to be with them anymore, Jesus is delighting in them coming home.

Fall Bash!

On Oct. 10th we had the chance to visit my parents for their fall bash with their small groups. We had a great time and are looking forward to going again next year if they have it. Here are some pictures. However, since I am not sure that all of the people that were there want their picture or kids’ pictures posted to the internet I am mostly putting up ones of my kids! Enjoy!

Christopher and Kendra cuddling while waiting for everyone to arrive.

Wanting a picture with Mommy.


This is one of my favorites of the 2 of them. Might be Christmas card potential!

Laughing on the deck.

My Dad and Brother pow powing.

The bounce house. I don’t think it was ever empty all night long!

Jumping around

Aunt Katie joins in the fun!

Look at my face! LOL!

More jumping

Running to Mommy!

Yep, we match! A cute picture though.

Wrestling with Uncle Bubby.

Have to stop and say CHEESE!

Most of the gang.

All of the kids stopped for a few seconds to pose for a picture.

Getting ready to get crafty.

Painting treat bags.

The fire!

Nana helping Ephriam put carmel on an apple. Ephriam thought is was funny.

Poor girls all caged in for the night.


Making Smores.

Do you think she was cold?

Ephriam getting ready to eat his smore saying “Ooo”

YUMMY! (That is with out the snot!)

Katie warming up inside.

Triple trouble.

Hanging out by the fire.

Cuddles for Daddy.

And Kendra’s smore.

We had a really great time. Hope that you enjoyed the pictures.