I am still here…mostly

Another month and half has gone by since I have blogged.  Life has really got me will barely enough time to sleep right now, let alone to blog. I am hoping that January is a little slower so that there might be some more post to update you with.  Mostly as a personal outlet for me. I love still here at the computer and dumping share my life with all of you. I know I have had fewer hits to the blog since I am not blogging as much. I am hoping too by the end of January when my State Tested Nursing Assistant Training (STNA) class ends that things will be better too. For right now I am running Ephriam to therapy once a week for speech and once every other week for OT, taking the kids back and forth from school, working 3 nights a week, going to school 2 nights a week, keeping the kids out of my husbands hair as he, his brother, and his dad work on refinishing our basement by themselves. I will post pictures when it is all done, on Jan. 5.  Next year at this time I hope things aren’t this crazy and that we can have a relaxing December. For now we are just hanging in there and taking it day by day.  One thing at a time. This week I will get to be at home all week. There isn’t much to do but play with the kids and keep them going pee and poopy in the potty. Which there should be an updated post on the kids’ blog too. I am working on the New Years Goals.  I say goals because really that is what they are I am not resolving to be a new person just trying to get things done. I also know what my word is for next year too. You will just have to see what it is on New Years day along with my verse and of course a new theme for my blog.  So tomorrow I am hoping to have some pictures posted of events through the year.  It really depends on how nap time goes with the kids.  Leave me a comment and let me know how you are doing. Thanks.


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