Still Waiting

Today is the day I suppose to receive my laptop, however dell has delayed it another week. So I am still waiting as patiently as I can. If you really know me, you know that it is KILLING me to have to wait. The only real time that I am having a problem sharing the computer with my husband is at night. I have spent the last week at home and if I want to look at something at night well I either have to wait or ask nicely for Christopher to share.

I have been enjoying my time at home. I love getting to watch American Idol and the Olympics at night. I really don’t like the decrease in my paycheck but I am hoping that will only be till business starts to pick up. I am hoping that with us changing hospital systems that we will draw more business. Who knows though what will happen.

I am getting my butt kicked in my karate class. The type of karate is Aikido. It has to do more with causing pain in defending yourself then it does it actually starting a fight and kicking butt. I have really learned a lot and my hands, wrist, and arms are very sore. Next week my teacher’s instructor will be teaching us. Makes me a bit nervous because I know nothing but what she has taught us so far.

Other then that there really isn’t much going on. I wish that it would stop snowing and bring on the warm weather and sunshine. At this rate it will be snowing for Estrofest 2010. I hope not. I don’t want to take a coat with me at the end of March.

Well it is time to go get the kids from school and feed them lunch. Will up date more often once I have my own computer (then of course I will be working more! ha!)


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