Okay so I maybe waiting for a lot of things to happen this year but really since we are waiting there are a lot of changes going on around here. Here are some of the things going on:

First I am super proud of my husband for wanting to change OUR diets to have healthier hearts. This year he has found out that not only does he have high blood pressure but his cholesterol and trygliserides are high too. He has made the decision to eat healthier. If you really know my husband you would know what a limited diet he has had and that it hasn’t been filled with very good foods. He has requested that WE eat better. I say OUR and WE because he can’t do it alone. WE as a family have to change. Last night I went to Meijer and for the most part didn’t go into the center of the grocery section. I only picked up 2 coke 2 liter and Mrs. Dash. I spent the rest of the time with all the fresh foods. Kendra of course was thrilled to see so many ‘real’ things. Ephriam was happier to see the fruit then the veggies but he will eat both with no problem. Tonight we had chili to dinner which for one serving was 190 calories!  I know that I am feeling better by eating healthier.

Second WE are working out more. So far we have just worked on the elliptical for 15 to 20 minutes. I am hoping that as it gets nicer outside that I will maybe be able to run a little. Yes I know this week it will be nice but when it gets nice I have to work. I am also hoping that maybe by this winter I can own the Wii Active for a change up in work out. If not I will probably mix things up with Yoga every once in a while. I am for sure feeling better after I work out.

Third this year my first born will start going to school full time. No he won’t go to Kindergarten but I have a couple of other placement options. I am hoping that by the middle of May I will know for sure where he will be.  This will be a rough transition for Kendra. Yesterday morning Kendra went to school with out Ephriam and she didn’t like that. She wanted him to go with her. She really enjoys them being together. However things much change. When this happens she will get to nap with me in my bed verses in her own since it will be just her and I.

Lastly things are changing around here to create margin. We are back to learning to say no to lots of good things to say yes to really good things. I am not sure how this is all going to pan out yet but we are working on it. Hoping this leads to more weekends at home this summer in the pool and laying in the sun.

So this is life right now. How are things with you?

Family Night of Snow Playing

I actually didn’t plan for a family night but we had dinner, made snow cream and then headed outside to have some fun playing in the snow all together as a family.  Here are some pictures of the kids:

Snow Cream!

Ephriam got to enjoy some however Kendra didn’t eat all her dinner.

Posing for a picture for Mom!

The snow slide.

Kendra enjoyed shoveling the snow to make the blocks that are behind her.

Kendra got brave and went head first.

Ephriam tried next I was just not quick enough with the camera to get as good of a shot.

Ephriam took his turn with the snow shovel.

The best part of course: Hot Cocoa! There was also marshmallows and whip cream in there too!

Feb 2010

I know that I a behind on my blogging. I don’t get afternoons like this too often where the kids are asleep in their own bed and I don’t have to work tonight. Actually we will be spending it having an awesome dinner totally together as a family. I am sure I will consume my last 1000 calories of the day there! Anyways here are some pictures from Feb of the kids I hope that you enjoy!

I dressed myself ain’t I beautiful?

Not an unusual position to find the boys in

working on an art project at home.

I love the camera!

My favorite funny face.

I love being outside no matter how cold or hot it is.

Mommy thinks I look just like her here.

Look for more special things that we did in February here soon!

Saturday Night Reflections- Free Series Week 4

Okay so I am trying to make this a habit, yes to post after church my reflections and thoughts as to what Joe or Dave or whoever the guest speaker may be.

Tonight was a good old flat smack in the face. Yep God was definitely talking to me. You see I lead a CRAZY BUSY life style. I really mean CRAZY BUSY. Even Chris wonders how I do what I do.  Before I just thought that is how life is… busy. Tonight however Joe talked about how God calls us to SLOW DOWN. What you mean I really need to sit in the quite everyday? Who has time for that? HELLO… God says too. Joe of course referenced how several times it says that Jesus went to be with the Father. Aren’t we suppose to try and be like Jesus? So if Jesus did it why can’t I? When do I have time to be quite and be in the quite? Right now I totally don’t have the answer but I do know that God has smacked me in the face to MAKE time and do it.

The other part was to PUSH THROUGH. So even though I am going through a period in my life where things are CRAZY BUSY after I am quite and hear from God I am to push through all the hard stuff, like life in general these days. I know that there is light at the end of the tunnel but the tunnel seems to be getting longer and longer or so it seems. That is probably because I am not pushing through but whining about lack of sleep, dealing with Eman’s delays, listen to Kendra’s mouth never stop while she is awake, and dealing with my household duties. Jesus PUSHED THROUGH the most horrifying death for me and I am complaining about the little things in life.

So I would say that the FREE series is really challenging me. Usually when we have done these church wide programs they haven’t been this challenging for me. This one is biting me in the butt. God is really showing me a lot of things. I am so glad though that he has reminded me how important it is for me to listen to him by SLOWING DOWN and how even though life seems tough right now to PUSH THROUGH. I will be working on getting a plan down to be quite with God. Not sure how it is going to go yet but I hope to keep you posted.

How about you? Do you feel God talking to you in anyway through church?

Between Two Kingdoms

Between Two Kingdoms is our teacher pastor, Joe Boyd, at VCC book that was just released today! I really can’t wait to get my hands on a copy so that I can read his incredible story. I know how can I say it is incredible if I haven’t read it? One week Joe read part of the story to us as part of his sermon. I was so taken in by it and am sure  that I won’t be able to put the story down when I get it. Not to mention that if the story is told anything like Joe tells stories at church I am sure he will suck me right in.

Congratulations Joe on book. I am praying that it sells millions and blows peoples minds.

Let me know if you have gotten a copy or if you plan on reading it. If you click on Joe’s link above it will take you to his blog where he talks about the book and more details as to what to pray for for him.