Post MRI-Waiting for Results

First off thanks to all my prayer warriors. I think that Chris, Ephriam, and I felt the angels surrounding us and causing peace within us. Thank you for storming heaven on behalf of us. I KNOW God heard you. I just can’t thank you enough.

So right now I know that the results from Ephriam’s MRI are sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for her to read them. I am not anxious or worried about what they say. I am ready to hear what they are. Really I am ready to just know that everything is fine with Ephriam, that is no matter what the results say or what are next step is, it is how God created Ephriam.

I know that you all might be wondering how the little guy did during the MRI. He was quite the patient. He did just fine with all the pretesting things. They even put a nice numbing cream on 3 spots in his arm to numb his skin for when they started his IV for the sedation. They didn’t start the IV until he was actually strapped down on the table. He was fine and enjoyed playing with his toys that we brought from home for him to keep him comfortable. Then we walked into the room with the MRI machine and it was over. He was screaming and climbing all over me and then on Chris. Chris even asked him if he wanted McDonald’s and he said NO! I guess he wasn’t falling for that trick. Once we got him on the table and strapped down he gave up his fight and settled down. He did great when they started his IV and the nursed said they hadn’t seen a kid his age be that calm before, after he got his first dose of sedation. The thought that for a minute that they weren’t going to have to give him a second dose but he would still open his eyes when they touched his eyelashes. They said that he would probably fight a little bit more with the second dose since his vein was already sensitive be he didn’t. We were able to stay with him if we wanted but the MRI machine was super loud and Ephriam was sleeping so Chris and I decided we would go out and get a snack since I had been up since Thursday afternoon. When he hit the recovery room we were able to join him. The nice thing about Childrens is that he went to the surgery recovery room. While he slept we got to chat with his nurse and finally after what seemed like an eternity a baby cried and woke him up. He was very much still drowsy but was excited to see his new horse duffel bag as a prize for being such a good boy. He has named it Cow. He was very much like a drunk little man with the drugs on board. He was like this most of the day however when he woke up he also remembered Daddy saying he could have McDonald’s and asked for it. Yes he had juice and crackers before we moved on to McD’s but he did a great job eating and keeping stuff down. By the end of the night he was able to run around again. They did say that he would sleep up to 8 hours that day but not Ephriam, he was awake the rest of the day but slept almost 12 hours that night. Now you would never know that he has had the sedation.

So I am hoping in the next 12 hours to post results and what our next steps are but that all depends on when the doctor’s offices calls with the results.

Thank you all again for your love and prayers. You are such great family and friends.


Ephriam Update

So I have been getting a lot of questions as to what is going on with this little man.  In all honesty I truly don’t know that is what we are trying to figure out. Ephriam has not made quite the progress in the past 6 months that he should have made. He has had a little back sliding, like calling grapes  strawberries and the looking at me like I know they aren’t mom but what are they when I tell him no they aren’t strawberries. He also hasn’t been able to get remember his class mates names like he did last year and he is still having a hard time recognizing his name. To most people these may not seem to be big things but when you have already seen your child slide back once you don’t want to see it happen again. The school also feel like there is something else going on in his head and had requested that the doctor do an MRI to be sure there wasn’t. He teacher sent over his entire school folder to the doctor to give her a better grasp at to what was going on. I did notice when comparing his evaluations through standarized testing that he either scored the same or drop slightly against kids his age. So all of this has lead to an MRI of his brain. We are looking for a possible physical cause for all of this. It is scheduled for 8:30 this Friday morning. I know they got him in quick! Since Ephriam is unable to hold still  for an hour they will have to sedate him, making the appointment 3 hours long. I asked what kind of sedation they would use and the person in the scheduling department said that she wasn’t sure but she thought they might us IV sedation. This then makes this a whole frightening experience for him. It is hard on him because no matter how I explain things he doesn’t understand. Yes is is worse on mom!

Now I know that I hadn’t mentioned to many people yet about Ephriam having seizures. It isn’t the type where he falls down and shakes all over. It is one that if you weren’t really looking for it that you wouldn’t even know it was happening. It is called and absent seizure. It is where Ephriam will just stop what he is doing stare off into space for about 30-60 seconds and then go right back to what he is doing. I had noticed this a few time but then it started to happen more frequently. Sometimes it is 3 times a day and sometimes never. I really thought that I was crazy because no one else had noticed it until his teacher today mentioned that his speech therapist at school had noticed them. As a matter of fact he did have one while I was typing this blog post out. He was taking a pillow to the living room and stopped in the hall way. I went to  see what he was doing and called his name and nothing then he just started to take the pillow down the hall. This is the first one though that I have seen in almost a week. I mentioned them to his doctor and she ordered an EEG for when he is having frequent episodes.

As for now, his life is carrying on like is always has. He is going to school and receiving his speech, PT, and OT at school. He will be going to speech therapy on Monday. Right now he doesn’t know anything else that is going on. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer them. As much as possible I will keep you updated.

For now if you could just keep Ephriam in your prayers because I am not sure what effects all this is going to have on him. He is such a sweet loving boy and I couldn’t imagine not doing all that we are doing for him to get him the best help. We are so fortunate to live where we live and have access to the doctors and medicines that we have. He is God’s son and no one loves him more  then God. So I am trying not to worry or be anxious about it because God has him in the palm of his hands.

I think that is it for now. Thanks to everyone for their concern and prayers it means a lot to me and my family.


Going Public

Tonight at church I am getting baptized and then turning and baptizing my future sister in law Kerstin. I know that some people will disagree with this decision but I believe this is a personal decision.  I made my own choice to my Jesus the King and Lord of my life a little more then 10 years ago on the couch of a friends’ house that she was renting. I was a student at University of Cincinnati.  I will never forget that night, I had such a blast with the people I was with and felt that they accepted me and loved me almost instantly. I knew that I wanted to be like them and that is when my life changed. I especially thank my cousin for Melissa for having the courage to ask me if I have an Uncle Herb because with out that things would have been different for both of us. God was right there in that moment changing both of our lives.

So tonight as I am bawling my eyes out because I don’t ever make it through baptisms at church with out crying, I will be wearing my University of Cincinnati t-shirt and shorts. It is the where my life changed, forever. Not to mention I met this really nice hot guy who is now my husband there too (I love you honey).

So tonight at church I will proclaim to the rest of my church family that I love Jesus.

How about you? Have you been baptized?

Compassion International

The weekend of April 10 and 11th the President and CEO Dr. Wess Stafford came to VCC on behalf of Compassion International. I love all that Compassion is doing around the world. My husband and I sponsor a little boy in the Dominican Republic and love getting letters from him. We pray for him and his family everyday. Wess did a great job of presenting information yet he didn’t ask for people of the church to sponsor a child at all. I love that our church has the kind of heart it does. Just from the tables alone the people sponsored 509 kids! That means that over one hundred kids were sponsored each service! That doesn’t include the people that went home and got on line to sponsor a child. I truly makes my heart sing to see the church working together. I love VCC for that reason, we are not just a bunch of people who get together once a week to praise God but we are his hands and feet who go out to the community and world to reach others. So thanks Wess for being at the Vineyard and sharing your heart. Thank you also to the hundreds of people who sponsored a child this past weekend.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to a the lady in the middle! Yep that is my mom. I love her to pieces and miss her dearly. Many years ago today God brought this beautiful woman into the world. I wish that I could say that her life and has been easy but really it has been a long tough road for her. She has shown me how to have strength and never give up. She has shared with me God’s love even when she didn’t like me. Growing up she was not always my friend, but now that I am grown and have a family of my own she is my on of my best friends. She has taught me how to be a mother. She has also taught me how to be independent and do things on my own. I am so glad that those many years ago God had picked her out to be my mom. I would be nothing with out her.

Mom I hope that you have a fantastic day and that you know that I love you!

Happy Birthday Mom!


Yesterday was a weird day. I spent most of my morning trying to get Ephriam’s therapy bills all on one payment plan and have yet to hear back from the billing department. This means I have to call them again today. I have tons of things that I would love to blog about but I don’t know where to start. I feel my mind being pulled in tons of directions. I think it is Satan attacking me. Causing me to not get out what I think needs to be said. So I am going to sort things out and blog about them one at a time starting tomorrow.  Sorry for the break it was really unintentional but looking forward to returning tomorrow with things like baptisms, zoo trip, sex trafficking, Compassion ect. Stay tuned.


On Friday at noon I shut down my computer and turned off all my twitter updates on my phone. I thought that since I was visiting with family that it would be a good time to go unplugged. I have to say that it was weird to not look at my phone for twitter updates but I didn’t feel like I missed out on much either.

If you watch the show Parenthood and at the end how they all get together, that is how I remember my family growing up. I remember hanging out with my cousins for all types of events. My mom’s brother and sisters were over at each others’ houses helping each other out when needed. I also spent a lot of time at my grandparents house.  Now my family is spread out across several states but when we all get together we don’t miss a beat.

I hope that my children can have this sort of relationship with our family. I know that they enjoy when they get together with their cousins. I am glad that we meet twice a month on Thursday nights to have dinner together as a family. I am glad that they will be able to see their cousins all the time.

We are so blessed to have the family relationship that we do have. I don’t know too many people who are close to both their family and their in laws.

What do you think is special about your family?


Just wanted to let you know that since I have been faithful in blogging this week that I am headed into an unplugged weekend. I will have my cell phone on but will not be checking e-mail, twitter, or the internet until after church Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to just enjoying my time with family and so maybe some quite time with God too. (yes honey I plan on getting caught up on my Bible reading completely.)

I don’t do this often but hope to make it at least a once a month thing so that I can hear more from God and less of the noise around me.

How about  you? Do you go unplugged ever?


Pastor’s Wife

I should really get used to that. My husband finally got cracked up side the head decided that he was feeling God calling him to be a pastor. This hence forth makes me a pastor’s wife (PW, thanks Mel). He asked me how I felt about it, and really at the time I was just excited that God finally wacked him hard enough for him to get it.  Now if you asked me I am scared to death.

He continued to ask me how I felt about all the attention I would be getting just because I was a PW. Honestly, it makes me want to crawl into a hole. Not that I don’t like people or anything like that. I really love people and want to be around them. I just feel that the attention is too much. Why? Probably because I am introverted, yes people I would rather stay at home by myself doing my own thing then to run the 5,000 place and talk to the millions of people that I do (okay so there is some stretching of the truth). I see it happen with a lot of the PW’s.  I watch it happen with the PWs at my church.

I did tell him that I will support him in all ways possible but not to expect me to be at the church with him like he is. I have my own mission in life (to rescue women and girls out of sex trade, no joke, but more later) and that this would be like his job now. Yes I will probably be at the church more since I will be able to have lunch with him and all that stuff. He will also have a more flexible schedule too. The good thing is he totally supports that.

Since his revolution on Easter Sunday I have been reading more closely the PW blogs I do read and find them slightly helpful. However, I am still scared. You know that crazy scary cool, like when you know something is right and it makes you a train wreck?

So what do you think? Could I do a good job at being a pastor’s wife?

Valentine’s Day Family Night

Yes this is another back post so that I can document our lives. I think it is always better late then never. Okay so I had to actually work on Valentine’s day so we celebrated together the next day. Right now the kids are little enough that we can do that but I am not so sure that I will be able to get away with it as they get older. Here are some pictures from our evening together:

The table

This idea was stolen from Heather Whittaker from their celebration last year. We took hearts and wrote something that we love about each other on them. The things the kids said for me to write were cute and it is nice to express our love to one another. I did also let the kids use my Valentines day stamps to decorate the side not written on.

Ephriam’s present from Mom and Dad.

Kendra’s present from Mom and Dad.

This was a present to the both of them. It is important that our kids know that God loves them more than anyone every can or will.

Ephriam with his present

Kendra with her present.

Daddy showing them God’s word.

Can you guess what this is?

yep pancake batter to have pink heartshaped pancakes.

While we were eating dinner we each shared what we wrote on our hearts for each person. Then we played with the new toys and read from the new Bible.

How about you? What have you done for a family night?