Getting Crunchy

Since we have been on a health kick around here we have also on a little bit of a going green kick. Chris and I have been trying to remember to take our reusable bags to the grocery store (okay so I usually forget but I am usually going to the grocery store after I drop the kids off at school and I am in a hurry), we were at Old Navy on Saturday night and purchased stainless steal reusable water bottles for the whole family, and we are also looking into getting a compost bin.

I want to use the reusable grocery bags mostly because they hold more then the plastic ones. Which in turn means less trips to the car to get them. When I do get the plastic bags I do take them back to the store to be recycled even if it takes me months and months. I do save a few to use as trash bags in the garbage can in the bathroom or on road trips to hold trash but I am trying to get away from using them period.

The reusable water bottles started out because I am trying to not use sippy cups for the kids any more. The are too big for them but I like them because they don’t spill in the car and we travel quite a bit to see family. I found stainless steal ones that have a plastic lid that you pull open like a sports bottle. This means if for some reasons they do spill in the car that it won’t be much.  Kendra loves hers. She wanted to use it right away only I couldn’t let her because it needed to be washed first but she has used it all day today. Another feature that I like is that it hold almost double of water then what the sippy cup holds. This means that they won’t need to hopefully be filled as often.

Composting came about when Sunchips came out with the compostable bag (I am not getting paid in anyway shape or form from Sunchips). I then got thinking about all the food products and such that we throw away. Not to mention all the paper products that we could be shredding up. There is also all the yard waste. Chris mentioned that I would have to dig up some worms but I know where to find them in our yard and don’t have a problem doing that. I think it would also be a good lesson for the kids to learn.

Of course we will continue to grow our own garden this year too. I can’t wait to get our seeds going. It just seems that it still wants to freeze from time to time so nothing is in the ground yet but it won’t be long. I am anxious to see what we will get this year!

So are any of you getting greener? If you have any tips on the composting let me know and I will keep you updated on things.


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  1. I’ve seen a T-shirt here that says “Vermont was green before green was cool”. I can probably tell you anything you want to know about going green. As far as the composting goes it’s pretty easy. You can just pick a spot in the way back of the yard and throw all your biodegradables in a pile. Mix it with some dirt/topsoil and the bugs and worms will come. It needs to be “seasoned” (left alone) for a year or so before you can use it in your garden.

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