The end is near

Of May that is! I am so glad that it is almost over. It has been a busy time for us and has lead to the kids being sick for what seems like weeks on end. I am sure it is just because they have been run ragged. This weekend wraps things up. I am so excited for my brother and his soon to be wife as they are getting married this weekend! I am so glad to be getting such a great sister (in law) and for them to FINALLY just be married. I hope that even though things have been stressful as they head to the ends of their single lives, that they have enjoyed the ride. I hope that they have enjoyed making the plans and being in each other’s company. I hope mostly that they make the most of the beginning of their life together. I hope they also know that with each day that passes that you love each other more and more. I hope next week in my ‘free time’ (whatever that maybe) to post pictures of their day.

June is looking so good. I know that I will be working over time or at least being on call extra but to know that other then my ‘normal’ routine we will be at home is a breathe of fresh air.  Knowing that I have weekends at home and will be at small group all but one week makes my heart sing. For now I need to get ready for the rest of the chaos.

(please excuse spelling, grammer, ect. since I have been working all night and haven’t gone to bed yet. Thanks.)

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