Zoo Trip Pics

We had a good day at the zoo on Saturday, the morning was good because it wasn’t so hot. As the day progressed however it got hotter and hotter. The air conditioning felt great by the time we got in it. We didn’t stop as much as I thought we would be we did hit the highlights. The kids got to touch and see some more animals that were out. I was not the photographer on this trip so there aren’t as many shots as I expected from my husband but it was hot out. We usually sit at a table and eat our packed lunch but this time we found a couple of benches in the shade instead of sitting in the hot sun. Kendra of course had to use the bathroom so we had to hike half a mile backwards to get to one. The kids got to pick out something from the gift shop in the end for a special treat since they have never gotten to do that at our zoo before. Kendra picked a cute little monkey and Ephriam picked a snake that looks real. Yeah his mom is totally thrilled with that because of how much she enjoys snakes, ha ha. So here are the pictures:

Looks like the Rhino is kissing Kendra’s butt here and Ephriam is like what is going on!

A bit better picture but still kinda strange.

Checking out the waterfall.

Looking at the fish in the water.

Posing for a picture with the waterfall.

Ephriam, Grandma, Kendra, and Daddy photo by Mommy.

Ephriam, Mommy, Grandma, Daddy. Photo by Kendra

Grandma and Daddy. Photo by Kendra.

Kendra posing for a picture. What a ham!

Kendra taking pictures during the cheetah show.

Yes, that is a dog not a cat of any sort taken during the cheetah show by Kendra

No we don’t know these people, I think that Kendra was trying to get the wart hog in the background and caught them going down the stairs but what a funny pic!

And yes she finally got the cheetah standing on the tree stump.

I took over on the camera to get the cheetah coming out of the gate. Tried to get more pictures but failed because he was too fast!

Usually when we go to the zoo we see the boy lions but the girls were out today.

This is what Ephriam comes into the reptile house to see, he really doesn’t care about seeing the snakes.



This weekend I have a full weekend off. This means that I don’t have to work Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights! I can’t tell you the last time this has happened because I usually work either Friday or Sunday. It will only happen again on July 4th weekend because it isn’t my holiday to work but who knows when again it will happen, probably not till my vacation in August. Anyway we have a packed weekend of fun. Yesterday we had the pleasure of serving at SOS, that is Summer of Service, at our church. I am sure that a lot of you aren’t familiar with this, it is where that gather about 1,000 high school students to serve the city of Cincinnati for an entire week. We only took a small part by making sure that the kids were safe while playing on the inflatables during free time. This is because we did it as a small group. We loved watching the kids have a blast on the water slide. I had the opportunity to share with someone about having a jewelery party to help girls be rescued out of slavery. I got to meet people Chris hangs out with all the time with his high school small group. It was a really good hour and half that we spent.

Today we are headed to the zoo. Yes I know it is going to be HOT outside but there will be plenty of water and we will be shade to be in. Plus I am sure the zoo will have the water misters going too. The kids are so excited about taking Grandma and Daddy with us since last time they didn’t get to go with us.

Tomorrow we are headed to church of course and we will be having friends over for dinner. Not to mention that VBS starts for our kids. Not sure what my husband is going to do with a couple hours in the evening at home by himself. I am hoping that he will use his time wisely and maybe find a job. We will see what God has in store.

Okay I need to get going and haul booty because we are suppose to be leaving soon and I am still in bed! Have a great day and look for pictures from the zoo later!


Pools UP!

Yesterday morning Chris and I headed outside with the kids to get the yard ready for the pool. We waited for a while to get the pool up so a ton of weeds had taken over its spot. So we pulled weeds, turned over the dirt a bit and then put up the pool. The kids were so excited that they could hardly stand it. Kendra didn’t even take a nap because she wanted to go swimming so bad. Someone should tell that kid that sleeping through the time makes it go by faster then staying awake. Not sure why she thinks that staying awake gets her anywhere sooner, just irritates the parents more. Anyway, they had a blast swimming while I cooked dinner. I took some pictures of the 3 of them in the pool. Kendra came in the house sooner then Ephriam did because Ephriam loves the water. Chris and Ephriam sat outside finishing up listening to the Reds game. Ephriam loves to listen them on the radio so Chris took some pictures of him hanging out.  So with out further ado here are the pictures:

Today so far was just a regular day at home. Not sure what a tomorrow holds other then helping out at SOS with our small group.

How is your week going?


Weird but Nice

It is nice to have Christopher around but man is it weird. I  don’t even know what day of the week it is because I just keep thinking that it is Saturday. The past couple of days though he has really rocked at keeping the house up and getting a few things back into shape. This past weekend we had tackled the project of Spring cleaning the kitchen. We took things out of the cupboards, wiped them down, got rid of the stuff we don’t use or want, and then put things back neatly. We took almost everything off the counter to make more work space. However we didn’t finish up putting things away till yesterday. Meaning that it was the first time since Saturday breakfast that we sat at the dinning room table. The kids had really enjoyed eating with the TV in front of them but I like it much better when we can sit and share about our day. Chris is the one who mostly finished up the project. While I manned the kids a bit. We ended up having a dance party in the living room because Ephriam and Kendra wanted to. They got baths and went to bed. Chris decided that he need to see his brother Mark so he headed out for a visit while I read my bible for a while. Once Chris got back we watched the Reds game and then went to bed. I should have gone to bed earlier but didn’t.

This morning we wanted to get outside for a while and get the pool up. So we spent a couple of hours doing that. The kids are so thrilled that the pool is up and can’t wait to get in it. I am sure once Kendra feels how cold the water is that she won’t want to but hey we will see. I am not sure what is in store for Chris and the kids tonight while I am at work or while I am sleeping tomorrow morning but hey it could be anything. I just hope that we enjoy this time together as a family while it last.

I am hoping that it draws us closer together as a family. Learing to love each other more and more. I mostly hope that it draws us more dependent on God. Trusting in him to lay down the path and not doing it on our own.  Like I said yesterday we really feel at peace about things.  Hoping that it will all come together in the right moment. For now we are in the waiting game.


A New Adventure Awaits

Let me just be straight forward, yesterday my husband got laid off from work. He gets paid for 6 more weeks but he still has no job. However we are seeing this as time when he will be able to do something else that he wants to do and not just take any old job. Now that he has felt called to being a pastor he is looking for something a little something different. We really feel this is a great opportunity for him.  At small group on Friday he told the group that God would have to fire him from his job because he didn’t think that it was smart to just quit. Little did he know on Monday that God would do just that. So I think that we are headed to better things, a new adventure of sorts. I am not sure where God is leading him at this point but I do have to say that I am not stressed or worried about it either. I really feel peaceful about it. I am not wondering where the money will come from or anything like that. I just feel that God has got that handled.

We have been kinda in this type of place before. Chris and I were getting ready to get married and he lost his job. Needless to say we got a lot of wedding plans done while he was off. He interviewed for some jobs and finally got one like a month before we were actually married.  So maybe I am not  fretting either because it is kind of a been there done that thing or maybe this time knowing that there are 6 weeks before money gets too tight. I am not sure. I just know that I feel at peace. Maybe double payment for a few weeks? We will see.

So for now we will wait and see. Of course prayer are always excepted. Thanks in advance.


Longest Day of the Year

That would be today and not just because it is summer but really because I worked last night and will be up all day talking care of my kids. Yes, I usually have a sitter but today Ephriam will be hooked up the an EEG monitor and I am going to have to watch him very carefully so that he doesn’t take it off. We are hoping that they catch a seizure while he has it on for 24 hours. The good thing is that Ephriam gets to live his normally daily life except be like Buzz Lightyear with helmet and a backpack. I am hoping that the results will be in to his doctor by the time we see her next Monday so that we can have a plan of action as to what is next. Not holding my breath though or getting overly excited or anything.

Now I am sure you are asking why did I do this to myself? Staying up all day and all night? Well the answer is quite simple, I have very few options for appointment times. It could be worse, I could have had to been there at 8 this morning and missed some of work to only have to occupy him most of they day. This way I only have to occupy him half the day.

I wish that I could say that we were spending the day outside and enjoying the sunshine but not so much today. We will be enjoying things from the inside since we won’t be able to get wet today and it is going to be blasted hot out. Not to mention our normal routine of speech therapy and what not.

How about you all? What are you doing on the Longest day of the year?


Happy Father’s Day


You have been such a great dad to your kids. You have loved them like no other and played your heart out with them.  You have taken them on MANY adventures, I mean not too many people I know have been traveling since they were 2 months old. You have been there through the hard time, having 2 kids under 2 is not an easy task. You have always stepped up to the plate when need. Mostly you encourage your children to love Jesus above anyone. I hope that you continue to the the role mode l for them that you have. I hope they learn what a father really looks like.  Also hope for my daughter that she knows what a loving husband is. You are the best and I can’t say enough. You have been our rock and support for many years now and I know that you will be there forever more. I know that today is a bummer because it is one of the few day a year that you get completely off but once again you come through as Superdad so that I can work and sleep. I hope that you enjoy the day even if it is not as relaxing as it could be.

Love you,

Your wife who thinks your the greastest

To my Dad,

Well I don’t think that you actually read this and I realized that other then Jamie’s Wedding I don’t have any picture of you with your grandkids from the last year. I think I will have to change that when we are there in August. Anyway, Thank you for stepping up to the plate at such a young age to be a dad. I know that you gave up a lot for us to be a family. Thanks for sticking with mom even when things weren’t easy. I know that she love you more for it and so do I. Thanks for teaching me how to playball and for being there for me. Thanks for paying out the wazoo for my high school education and the sacrifices that came with it.  I think it helped form me into a better daughter! Okay I may have learned a few things I didn’t too but what teenager doesn’t? Thanks dad for being you. Wish I could hug your neck today but you will have to settle for a phone call later.

Love you,

Your favorite daughter

To My Father in Law,

What can I say? You are so great. You have been there to support Chris and I so much. Thanks for being the ‘temporary’ babysitter. LOL. I am so thankful that you were where you were at to help us out. I know a couple of kids who loving having you hear during the week to be with them. One little girl who wouldn’t know what to do with out you. Also a grandson who loves to wake up and snuggle with Grandpa in the chair. You sure are a special guy. Thanks for raising you son to know what it is like to be a father, for the example that you have set for him. Because how else do you learn to be a dad but mostly from your own. Thanks so much for being here for us. You are super.



*all the pictures of Christopher and kids were taken in Gatlinburg this year, however I could find pictures of my dad or Chris’ dad that were any good, maybe next year?*


Water Fun!

Yesterday that kids and I had a blast at Parky’s Ark. I tried to follow my Google directions but it ended up getting me lost because I thought a road was later than it was. I called Chris and he got me back on track, but hey if I didn’t try new things we would be stuck in the house all the time. It took them a little bit to warm up but once they did the laughter and smiles didn’t stop until they were done and ready to go home.  I got almost as wet as they did so next time I will wear my swim suit. When we got in the car Ephriam said “I’m Sleepy.” He never fell asleep on the way home but he did enjoy eating popcorn and watching The Wiggles for a rest time since we missed naptime. Here are some pictures of them having fun.

warming up with a little splashing.

Kendra waited in line to go down the slide but when she got up there she said it was too scary.

The outside of the Ark.

Where’s the water? It was just here.

Checking out the rainbow.

I think that I will stand here and just put my hand in.

Ephriam loved the water coming up like this. He played in that more than anything.

See there is Ephriam again with the water and Kendra figured out how to use her foot to cover it up!

Look Mom it is between my legs!

Turtle sitting.

I thought for sue that the turtles would be the 1st thing Ephriam got on since we ate lunch just across from them in the picnic area but it took him till the end.  We will do this again for sure we might try the Pirate Ship next time.

It’s over…

So I thought that after May was over that things were going to get better. Well I didn’t realize how much time I was going to need to finish up Pathophys. Now that it is over I am back to blogging and having fun with my kids.  Today we are headed out to have some fun. Kendra keeps talking about it like she has been there before but we never had because I thought that it would take us double the time it is going to to get there.  It has been 10 days since I have been able to do something fun with them between doing my school work and actually working. We were last at the zoo with our friends on the 8th. We had a great time with them and hope that we will be able to do some more fun things with them this summer.  Here are some pictures:

Can’t go and not have pic with the Rhinos, Travis is in the picture but Caleb was sleeping in the stroller.

Ephriam petting the lizard.

Looking at the alligators.


Caleb and Travis getting ready to ride!

Ephriam and Kendra getting ready to go.

This would have been a good picture if that other kid’s butt wasn’t right by Travis’ head.

Kendra’s favorite.

I was almost too slow in getting the picture of them here.

I tried to get Caleb in a picture with the rest of the kids but Paula moved so you can’t see him! LOL.

Our last stop. The kids were disappointed that I didn’t bring money for them to feed them but maybe next time.

The kids really had a good time seeing all the animals, in fact Ephriam cried all the way to the car because he didn’t want to leave.  We had to go though so that we could get a little nap in because I had to work that night. I did however get called off  so I worked more on my school project that night.

This week the kids have been ‘locked’ in the house because I have had to work on my last assignment and worked 3 nights in a row. This then has lead to today, going out to play in some water at Parky’s Ark. I am hoping to take some pictures of the kids playing in the water there and posting them tomorrow.

Later today I will be posting updates to the kid’s blog on what is going on with Ephriam. Like we changed doctors he has an EEG and all that stuff. It might not be till tonight because the kids are getting crazy anxious to get out of the house so I need to get going so that I can settle them down.

We should be back into the swing of thing now with the blog now, look for a new post tomorrow!