A New Adventure Awaits

Let me just be straight forward, yesterday my husband got laid off from work. He gets paid for 6 more weeks but he still has no job. However we are seeing this as time when he will be able to do something else that he wants to do and not just take any old job. Now that he has felt called to being a pastor he is looking for something a little something different. We really feel this is a great opportunity for him.  At small group on Friday he told the group that God would have to fire him from his job because he didn’t think that it was smart to just quit. Little did he know on Monday that God would do just that. So I think that we are headed to better things, a new adventure of sorts. I am not sure where God is leading him at this point but I do have to say that I am not stressed or worried about it either. I really feel peaceful about it. I am not wondering where the money will come from or anything like that. I just feel that God has got that handled.

We have been kinda in this type of place before. Chris and I were getting ready to get married and he lost his job. Needless to say we got a lot of wedding plans done while he was off. He interviewed for some jobs and finally got one like a month before we were actually married.  So maybe I am not  fretting either because it is kind of a been there done that thing or maybe this time knowing that there are 6 weeks before money gets too tight. I am not sure. I just know that I feel at peace. Maybe double payment for a few weeks? We will see.

So for now we will wait and see. Of course prayer are always excepted. Thanks in advance.


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  1. We are praying for you guys. This time, it is a little different with a house and 2 kids, but obviously God is in control and it is good that you aren’t too stressed about it yet and maybe God was waiting for Chris to say, OK, I’m not quitting on my own and give him the permission to make the changes….as you say it is an adventure! In the meantime, I’m sure Chris could moonlight and make some cash helping with people’s computers, I’ve already had one person ask me about that!

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