Happy Father’s Day


You have been such a great dad to your kids. You have loved them like no other and played your heart out with them.  You have taken them on MANY adventures, I mean not too many people I know have been traveling since they were 2 months old. You have been there through the hard time, having 2 kids under 2 is not an easy task. You have always stepped up to the plate when need. Mostly you encourage your children to love Jesus above anyone. I hope that you continue to the the role mode l for them that you have. I hope they learn what a father really looks like.  Also hope for my daughter that she knows what a loving husband is. You are the best and I can’t say enough. You have been our rock and support for many years now and I know that you will be there forever more. I know that today is a bummer because it is one of the few day a year that you get completely off but once again you come through as Superdad so that I can work and sleep. I hope that you enjoy the day even if it is not as relaxing as it could be.

Love you,

Your wife who thinks your the greastest

To my Dad,

Well I don’t think that you actually read this and I realized that other then Jamie’s Wedding I don’t have any picture of you with your grandkids from the last year. I think I will have to change that when we are there in August. Anyway, Thank you for stepping up to the plate at such a young age to be a dad. I know that you gave up a lot for us to be a family. Thanks for sticking with mom even when things weren’t easy. I know that she love you more for it and so do I. Thanks for teaching me how to playball and for being there for me. Thanks for paying out the wazoo for my high school education and the sacrifices that came with it.  I think it helped form me into a better daughter! Okay I may have learned a few things I didn’t too but what teenager doesn’t? Thanks dad for being you. Wish I could hug your neck today but you will have to settle for a phone call later.

Love you,

Your favorite daughter

To My Father in Law,

What can I say? You are so great. You have been there to support Chris and I so much. Thanks for being the ‘temporary’ babysitter. LOL. I am so thankful that you were where you were at to help us out. I know a couple of kids who loving having you hear during the week to be with them. One little girl who wouldn’t know what to do with out you. Also a grandson who loves to wake up and snuggle with Grandpa in the chair. You sure are a special guy. Thanks for raising you son to know what it is like to be a father, for the example that you have set for him. Because how else do you learn to be a dad but mostly from your own. Thanks so much for being here for us. You are super.



*all the pictures of Christopher and kids were taken in Gatlinburg this year, however I could find pictures of my dad or Chris’ dad that were any good, maybe next year?*


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