Longest Day of the Year

That would be today and not just because it is summer but really because I worked last night and will be up all day talking care of my kids. Yes, I usually have a sitter but today Ephriam will be hooked up the an EEG monitor and I am going to have to watch him very carefully so that he doesn’t take it off. We are hoping that they catch a seizure while he has it on for 24 hours. The good thing is that Ephriam gets to live his normally daily life except be like Buzz Lightyear with helmet and a backpack. I am hoping that the results will be in to his doctor by the time we see her next Monday so that we can have a plan of action as to what is next. Not holding my breath though or getting overly excited or anything.

Now I am sure you are asking why did I do this to myself? Staying up all day and all night? Well the answer is quite simple, I have very few options for appointment times. It could be worse, I could have had to been there at 8 this morning and missed some of work to only have to occupy him most of they day. This way I only have to occupy him half the day.

I wish that I could say that we were spending the day outside and enjoying the sunshine but not so much today. We will be enjoying things from the inside since we won’t be able to get wet today and it is going to be blasted hot out. Not to mention our normal routine of speech therapy and what not.

How about you all? What are you doing on the Longest day of the year?


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  1. How did you get approved for a 24 hour EEG? Did he have shorter EEG before? Who is your ped for Eman? I’m seriously frustrated with lack of medical follow up for Vasant

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