Pools UP!

Yesterday morning Chris and I headed outside with the kids to get the yard ready for the pool. We waited for a while to get the pool up so a ton of weeds had taken over its spot. So we pulled weeds, turned over the dirt a bit and then put up the pool. The kids were so excited that they could hardly stand it. Kendra didn’t even take a nap because she wanted to go swimming so bad. Someone should tell that kid that sleeping through the time makes it go by faster then staying awake. Not sure why she thinks that staying awake gets her anywhere sooner, just irritates the parents more. Anyway, they had a blast swimming while I cooked dinner. I took some pictures of the 3 of them in the pool. Kendra came in the house sooner then Ephriam did because Ephriam loves the water. Chris and Ephriam sat outside finishing up listening to the Reds game. Ephriam loves to listen them on the radio so Chris took some pictures of him hanging out.  So with out further ado here are the pictures:

Today so far was just a regular day at home. Not sure what a tomorrow holds other then helping out at SOS with our small group.

How is your week going?


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