Water Fun!

Yesterday that kids and I had a blast at Parky’s Ark. I tried to follow my Google directions but it ended up getting me lost because I thought a road was later than it was. I called Chris and he got me back on track, but hey if I didn’t try new things we would be stuck in the house all the time. It took them a little bit to warm up but once they did the laughter and smiles didn’t stop until they were done and ready to go home.  I got almost as wet as they did so next time I will wear my swim suit. When we got in the car Ephriam said “I’m Sleepy.” He never fell asleep on the way home but he did enjoy eating popcorn and watching The Wiggles for a rest time since we missed naptime. Here are some pictures of them having fun.

warming up with a little splashing.

Kendra waited in line to go down the slide but when she got up there she said it was too scary.

The outside of the Ark.

Where’s the water? It was just here.

Checking out the rainbow.

I think that I will stand here and just put my hand in.

Ephriam loved the water coming up like this. He played in that more than anything.

See there is Ephriam again with the water and Kendra figured out how to use her foot to cover it up!

Look Mom it is between my legs!

Turtle sitting.

I thought for sue that the turtles would be the 1st thing Ephriam got on since we ate lunch just across from them in the picnic area but it took him till the end.  We will do this again for sure we might try the Pirate Ship next time.

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