This weekend I have a full weekend off. This means that I don’t have to work Friday, Saturday, or Sunday nights! I can’t tell you the last time this has happened because I usually work either Friday or Sunday. It will only happen again on July 4th weekend because it isn’t my holiday to work but who knows when again it will happen, probably not till my vacation in August. Anyway we have a packed weekend of fun. Yesterday we had the pleasure of serving at SOS, that is Summer of Service, at our church. I am sure that a lot of you aren’t familiar with this, it is where that gather about 1,000 high school students to serve the city of Cincinnati for an entire week. We only took a small part by making sure that the kids were safe while playing on the inflatables during free time. This is because we did it as a small group. We loved watching the kids have a blast on the water slide. I had the opportunity to share with someone about having a jewelery party to help girls be rescued out of slavery. I got to meet people Chris hangs out with all the time with his high school small group. It was a really good hour and half that we spent.

Today we are headed to the zoo. Yes I know it is going to be HOT outside but there will be plenty of water and we will be shade to be in. Plus I am sure the zoo will have the water misters going too. The kids are so excited about taking Grandma and Daddy with us since last time they didn’t get to go with us.

Tomorrow we are headed to church of course and we will be having friends over for dinner. Not to mention that VBS starts for our kids. Not sure what my husband is going to do with a couple hours in the evening at home by himself. I am hoping that he will use his time wisely and maybe find a job. We will see what God has in store.

Okay I need to get going and haul booty because we are suppose to be leaving soon and I am still in bed! Have a great day and look for pictures from the zoo later!


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