Weird but Nice

It is nice to have Christopher around but man is it weird. I  don’t even know what day of the week it is because I just keep thinking that it is Saturday. The past couple of days though he has really rocked at keeping the house up and getting a few things back into shape. This past weekend we had tackled the project of Spring cleaning the kitchen. We took things out of the cupboards, wiped them down, got rid of the stuff we don’t use or want, and then put things back neatly. We took almost everything off the counter to make more work space. However we didn’t finish up putting things away till yesterday. Meaning that it was the first time since Saturday breakfast that we sat at the dinning room table. The kids had really enjoyed eating with the TV in front of them but I like it much better when we can sit and share about our day. Chris is the one who mostly finished up the project. While I manned the kids a bit. We ended up having a dance party in the living room because Ephriam and Kendra wanted to. They got baths and went to bed. Chris decided that he need to see his brother Mark so he headed out for a visit while I read my bible for a while. Once Chris got back we watched the Reds game and then went to bed. I should have gone to bed earlier but didn’t.

This morning we wanted to get outside for a while and get the pool up. So we spent a couple of hours doing that. The kids are so thrilled that the pool is up and can’t wait to get in it. I am sure once Kendra feels how cold the water is that she won’t want to but hey we will see. I am not sure what is in store for Chris and the kids tonight while I am at work or while I am sleeping tomorrow morning but hey it could be anything. I just hope that we enjoy this time together as a family while it last.

I am hoping that it draws us closer together as a family. Learing to love each other more and more. I mostly hope that it draws us more dependent on God. Trusting in him to lay down the path and not doing it on our own.  Like I said yesterday we really feel at peace about things.  Hoping that it will all come together in the right moment. For now we are in the waiting game.


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