Zoo Trip Pics

We had a good day at the zoo on Saturday, the morning was good because it wasn’t so hot. As the day progressed however it got hotter and hotter. The air conditioning felt great by the time we got in it. We didn’t stop as much as I thought we would be we did hit the highlights. The kids got to touch and see some more animals that were out. I was not the photographer on this trip so there aren’t as many shots as I expected from my husband but it was hot out. We usually sit at a table and eat our packed lunch but this time we found a couple of benches in the shade instead of sitting in the hot sun. Kendra of course had to use the bathroom so we had to hike half a mile backwards to get to one. The kids got to pick out something from the gift shop in the end for a special treat since they have never gotten to do that at our zoo before. Kendra picked a cute little monkey and Ephriam picked a snake that looks real. Yeah his mom is totally thrilled with that because of how much she enjoys snakes, ha ha. So here are the pictures:

Looks like the Rhino is kissing Kendra’s butt here and Ephriam is like what is going on!

A bit better picture but still kinda strange.

Checking out the waterfall.

Looking at the fish in the water.

Posing for a picture with the waterfall.

Ephriam, Grandma, Kendra, and Daddy photo by Mommy.

Ephriam, Mommy, Grandma, Daddy. Photo by Kendra

Grandma and Daddy. Photo by Kendra.

Kendra posing for a picture. What a ham!

Kendra taking pictures during the cheetah show.

Yes, that is a dog not a cat of any sort taken during the cheetah show by Kendra

No we don’t know these people, I think that Kendra was trying to get the wart hog in the background and caught them going down the stairs but what a funny pic!

And yes she finally got the cheetah standing on the tree stump.

I took over on the camera to get the cheetah coming out of the gate. Tried to get more pictures but failed because he was too fast!

Usually when we go to the zoo we see the boy lions but the girls were out today.

This is what Ephriam comes into the reptile house to see, he really doesn’t care about seeing the snakes.


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