4 more days…

I have 4 more days of work and then I am off for 17! I can’t wait. A lot of people have been asking me what I will be doing with my time. Well the first couple of days Chris and I will be attending the Leadership Summit at church then we have a family reunion at Chris’ sister’s house, then a couple of off days before I have a jewelery party for Destiny Rescue, then we will be seeing my mom and dad for a whole week! I can’t wait! It will be nice to be at home and enjoy my kids for it is getting closer to them going back to school and I won’t have half as much time with them. Ephriam will be going to school full days this year which will be weird not to have him in the afternoon. However this may give Kendra the attention that she needs while he is at school and the 2 of us are at home.  We will see if that will really work or not.

What I am most looking forward to in my vacation is spending time with my mom and dad. I haven’t seen them since May and that was during all the chaos of my brother’s wedding and my grandparents anniversary party. This time even though the kids will be with me it will be quality time. I like too the slower pace of life we will have. It will be a blast to be with them. I am sure however that once we depart Kendra will have a MASSIVE meltdown. She loves her Nana and Grandpaw so much. We will all probably be exhausted by then too.  The day after we will have a recovery day and I am sure that we will all sleep in or at least I am hoping for that.

Well off to get a few things done today before I have to go into work.  YUCK but it must be done.



Tonight is our last night at CinyKids.  The past 2 nights have been a blast! This has been the first year that they have done 4 and 5 year olds for CincyKids. For the past 4 years it has just been elementary kids. Let me just tell you how much our Preschool team ROCKS! These people really have a heart for the kids and are so silly with them. It was so much fun to see them interact with the kids and bring things down to their level. It was also great to see 85 kids raise their hands and worship God together with their parents.

On Wednesday night we read a story about kids who helped each other, made cards for the sick kids at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, we washed the tables with shaving cream for the teachers, put finger prints on a city scape to represent lights, and had blast worshiping Jesus together.

Yesterday we went and did outreaches or reach outs as Kendra calls them. We pasted out little boxes of Tide at an apartment complex.  It was hard for people to be mad when a little kids smile and hand you a box saying here this is for you. The kids had a great time and learned to love on other people. We then headed back to church for game night. We played cheeto head game. Where a couple of parents sat and with rain ponchos on and whip cream on their there heads while the kids threw cheetos at them. The kids thought it was great fun! Then the kids put their hand print on a piece of a cross.  Then we went to large group and played some more games! Kendra and I were in a game where I had to feed her pudding blind folded. We were one bit away from winning! She did totally awesome and was the cleanest kid! We watched the next game where they had 2 teams trying to flip pancakes on a platter. It was too funny to watch a little kid flip a pancake over his shoulder without looking and an parent try and catch it. We also had a dance party to Toby Mac’s “Funky Jesus Music”. I felt like I was one of the few adults in the room that knew the song word for word.

Tonight we will be watching a magic show and doing E2. Not sure how we are going to do E2 because usually you pray and then follow vision that God gives you to do Jesus. Not sure how that is going to work with 4 and 5 years olds but I am sure that our team has a great plan.

I can tell you that even with most kids having parents in the room that this kind of work is exhausting! I am so worn out! I don’t know how these people do this week in and week out! But Thank You Jesus for giving them the gifts to do this. They are so special. It is also nice to hear your kids come home and tell you thing about Jesus, the Bible, God, and prayer.  Not sure how much Ephriam gets because of his delays but Kendra gets it. She tells us stuff all the time that amazes me.

Thank you Cindy, Bob, Penny, and all the people who give up their time to be with these kids every week. You ROCK!

July Update

Do you know that July is almost over? I can’t believe it! Did you know that we are less then 5 months away from Christmas? (Yes, in our house Christmas is BIG deal and we base A LOT of time on how close it is) I think that I have missed most of the month because I have been working overtime. Instead of working 36 hours a week I have been working 40-48 hours a week. That is anywhere from an extra 4-12 hours. With Chris not having a job right now the money has been needed.

So let’s start there. Yep Chris still doesn’t have a job but is opening his own computer buiness to see how it goes and if he can make enough money to support us. If you want to know more go here to find out more. Hopefully we can spread the word and he can do great work for less money then someone else would charge. Right now he is mostly incharge of the kids and the house work. He does a pretty good job staying up on things and I am glad since I have been working overtime.

Ephriam is Ephriam. He has been more vocal on things lately and seems to be working hard for his therapist. Still no word on anything yet for his doctor. Well, I take that back. She is waiting to hear from the Developmental and Behavioral Ped to see what he has to say. She talk to the Neurologist and he said he would probably do some chromosomal studies and go from there but he can’t say much since he hasn’t seen Ephriam yet. The Neurologist did say that we have done the important things with the MRI and the EEG. Right now it is probably good for him to havea break from the testing and just be normal.

Then there is Kendra. She misses her Mommy. Since I have been working overtime she is like glue on my hip, she doesn’t let go and likes to be there. She wants to do whatever I am doing and keeps asking to help over and over, even after the billionth time of me saying that there is nothing she can help with right now. She hasn’t been sleeping well lately but I think she is running into crash and burn time and will be sleeping more soon. She is OVER THE TOP excited to be 4! She enjoyed her birthday parties but was sad that not everyone came over ON her actual birthday. She picked pepperoni, carrots, and celery for her birthday dinner (yeah I know, I had to work hard to make some sort of meal out of that and ended up with a buffet!) She is so excited about getting to see her Nana and Grandpaw soon and felt special that they called to wish her a happy birthday.

Me, nothing much to report. I keep plugging along being a wife, mom, student, and HUC. Lately my body has reached its limits and have been slowing me down from my fast pace life. The more rest I get the better I feel. I am hoping all will resolve when I am on vacation for 17 days in August and resting well if not I will proabably have to go and see a doctor. We will see how things go. I am also very excited to be seeing my mom and dad soon. This summer has been hard not seeing them from May to August but we have hung in there. Next year maybe all different.

We are all just waiting to see what God has in store for us next. Waiting on the opportunities to come up. We are just waiting. Yep, sure did pick the right word this year. Waiting.

Up next Cincy Kids, Staycation, visit with Mom and Dad, and gearing up for back to school. I can’t believe that school will be starting but we have till September for that. I love that they are starting later and getting to enjoy summer more. Before we know it it will be Christmas! Yeah!

So how are things with you?


Am I one of the only honest people left out there? I mean I know some really honest people who I feel would do the same things I would do. But why is it that when you do something honest that sometimes you get looked at like a deer in headlights? Okay so maybe you don’t know what I am talking about so here is a recent true story:

Chris and I were at Meijer’s (one of my favorite places to shop, but mostly for groceries) we picked up 2 booster seats for Kendra since she is now 4 and several things for her birthday party. We got out to the parking lot, where it felt like 110 degrees on the pavement and noticed that Kendra’s party hats and one of her coloring gifts were under one of the booster seats and had NOT been paid for. Being the honest person I am I took them back in to pay for them.  The greater saw me come in the door and I of course explained what I was doing. She looked at me like I was some crazy lady! (Yes, I know that I am crazy but she doesn’t) One of the other employees says “That was really honest of her.” People, I didn’t pay for them and walking off with them would be STEALING. My conscience would NEVER let me get away with that. NEVER! So yes, I walked around to the cash register and paid for the couple of things that hadn’t been paid for and went back out to the car where Chris was waiting patiently on me.

Most of the people that I know would have gone back. I don’t know too many people who would have just walked off with anything. Why is it that honesty is suprising? Should we all be in practice of this? I know that our world is getting to be a dark place but don’t just more than the handful of people I know do this?

How about you? Would you have gone back and paid?

She’s Four!

Here she is 4 years ago just minutes after being born. I can’t believe how little and quite she is. Oh how alert she was in that moment.

Today she is still alert but the quite, not so much.


You have made life an adventure for me for sure! You love to ask questions and get curious about everything. There seems to be never a dull moment with you.  Right now your favorite things to do other than talk are to color, draw, paint ect., paint finger nails, play mommy with your babies, and play dress up. You just can’t wait to go back to school and be in Miss Collins’ class. You are all girl and love to wear dresses. Right now your favorite person is your Nana, with Mommy coming in a close second. You love to spend one on one time with both Mommy and Daddy. You are the best sister to Ephriam. I know right now you don’t know how different he is from other kids but you love him and love to play with him. I love to hear you laugh and giggle together. I hope that you remain ever so close to each other. You also have heart for other people, you don’t like it when they are sad and want to make them feel better. Right now, I am so thankful that you LOVE to go to church. I also love it that you are learning great things about God there. You love Mr. Bob and Miss Cindy so much and mommy is greatful for them too. My biggest prayer for you is that you love God with all your heart, mind, and soul because all things are possible with him.  I thank him everyday for the gift of your life, even on difficult days with you, I love the ray of sunshine that you bring.  You are so special to me!

Love, hugs, and kisses,


Finally In!

It has only taken over 2 weeks to get the results of Ephriam’s EEG but they are finally in.


There is nothing wrong with the electrical pathways in Ephriam’s brain. So since the MRI says that his brain looks normal and now his all his neurons in his brain are firing what is wrong? I don’t have the answer. I don’t know. I don’t even know what the doctor is going to do next. She hasn’t see the results of the EEG yet because today she is out of the office. I am hoping that she will see the results tomorrow and give us a call with a plan. I guess that we will still keep our appointment with the neurologist and see what he wants to do. Really I am just wanting the testing to be over for Ephriam. He has been through a lot these past couple of month and I think he is just ready for things to be over. However I am still on a quest to find out what has happened to my little boy was talking and singing at 20 months but at 2.5 had quit. I want to know know how I can help him get back on track with kids his age. I mean he is years behind kids his age and not making progress to catch up he just keeps staying behind. I am in this for his benefit. It could be as simple as some dietary changes. We will see. I will keep you posted at to what is next, for now we just rest in know that God has got a huge plan for him.


Back to work

Well this weekend has been a blast.  On Saturday I got laundry folded and put away, I cleaned up the kitchen, living room, and both the kid’s rooms. I had help by Ephriam picking up the living room by himself. Well okay, Daddy motivated him by telling him he could have McDonald’s for lunch if he did. Kendra picked her room by herself, well with a little help from Daddy, for 5 pennies. I think that Kendra’s deal was better because it was cheaper! LOL. But at least they helped out. After that was done I headed to church to help out in the nursery. I love holding the babies and giving them back to their parents.

On Sunday we all headed to church together as a family. I love how going together. It is so nice also to get to relax for an hour knowing that my kids are there learning something for other people.  Then I came home and went to the grocery store to get things for the week. Then when I got home, I got ready for the Walker Clan to invade for a cookout. It was so nice and not too stressful to have everyone here. I love it when they come over and hang out. It was fun to watch the kids play together and swim in the pool, if that is what you want to call it.  Thanks to my brother in law Mark we were able to have our own personal fireworks show in the backyard. The kids were so excited about them. Maybe next year we will take them so that they can see some big ones. When they get old enough we will take them downtown on Labor Day to watch the fireworks but they need to be much older.

Yesterday we headed to the water playground again with Matt, Heather, and Luke. The kids had a blast but someone pooped and it took them about 45 minutes to clean it up so that we could get back in the water. Than just as we were getting ready to leave someone else pooped. I was glad that we were leaving because that is a long time to wait for the kids. Good thing the 1st time we needed to eat lunch.

Today we will just be hanging out at home. I have school work I need to get done and since we have been so busy it will be nice to hang out and relax. I am hoping to get pictures posted either later today or tomorrow depending on how much I get done with school work. Since it is back to work for me tonight.

Hope that you all had a great 4th!


Big Day turned into not so great

Yesterday I thought was going to be a big day.  A big day of answers and fun however it didn’t turn out that way. It turned into a day of much more unknowing. Chris’ meeting at church went well but still no job.  We were suppose to get Ephriam’s EEG results and yet they won’t be read till early next week. I was suppose to have a good conversation with my mom and it was more of a very sad one. It made me miss my family terribly. I was glad that the day ended with Chris’ parents and Mark coming over for dessert of smores and ice cream by the firepit outside. It was really nice of them to be there because I am sure that if they hadn’t that I would have wallowed all evening and I didn’t need to do that.  I felt down and not so great. After they left, I came in and took a shower and turned on the TV to watch Whale Wars on Animal Plant.  Then when I was relaxed enough I rolled over and fell asleep.

I slept pretty well for the most part. Ephriam has a bad cough from all his sinus drainage so I heard him but other than that I slept well. I am feeling better today and am WAY excited for tomorrow. I can’t wait to have Chris’ family over to celebrate the 4th with us.  Not to mention we all get to go to church together as a family in the morning.

Even better yet it marks 8 year of Christopher asking me to be his wife! It only seems like yesterday that we are standing in my parent’s living room waiting for my parents to come back from what ever they were doing to go over to my dad’s cousin’s house for a cook out.  When Chris said I should probably give you this first. I turned around and WHAM there was a RING! All I could say was “Are you serious?” Not even sure what he said after that but I eventually did say yes that I would be his wife. It is one of the best decision ever! Because no matter how hard things are or how good they are Chris is always there for me. He is my rock in all situations and I love him more everyday. I just can’t even begin to think of life with out him.  I thank God everyday for the blessing that he has been for me.  I kept having to count and recount to make sure that it was really 8 years but we have been married 6.5 and we waited 1.5 years to get married so it all adds up right to 8.

Well it is time to get this house in shape for tomorrow. I am looking forward to a good and happy day!