Wirldwind.. Part 1

Okay I am officially ready to see the calendar say 2011. This year has been a trying time in my life. I am not complaining because sometimes in order to grow we must face challenges. I was just hoping that they all wouldn’t come at once but so it seems that they have. I know that once we get through this valley in life there will be great rewards.  The best part about all of these challenges is that I know I am never alone and I never have to carry the burdens of life by myself. God is right by my side even carrying me on the toughest days, even when I don’t see the light in the darkness. I truly can feel God right there with me.

So here is what has been happening right since I last blog:

On Aug. 12 I headed for a road trip of just the kids and I to my parents house 6 hours away just outside of Nashville, TN. Chris was coming later alone because he had somethings he wanted to do around the house without little hands around to “help”.  The kids and I got there just before dinner time and enjoyed stretching our legs and visiting with my Mom. When my Dad got home from work we had dinner and then headed out to their pool for a swim. We swam even while it was dark outside and Kendra got out of the pool a couple of times to tell me how much she loved swimming in the dark. Yes it was a treat since it was already WAY past their bed time but hey we were on vacation. We of course went to bed late and like clockwork the kids were up at 7 EST or 6 CST. We didn’t move around too fast in the morning, Kendra enjoyed morning coffee with Nana in her very own cup and Ephriam ran in and out of the house to the backyard with the dogs.  My dad of course had to work and Mom only had a meeting  from 9-12 so we all got ready and headed out. Mom went to work and Chris, the kids, and I headed to the castle play ground before it got too hot. In the hour that we were there the temperature rose 10 degrees.  It was now pool time! We swam till my mom got home and then had lunch, rested for a bit, and then headed back out swimming. Came back in had dinner and settled in for the evening.  The kids had baths and we had made some plans for our ‘party’ the next day. We put the kids to bed and settled in to watch Whale Wars. I am not sure exactly when but my mom got a phone call saying the my Grandma was headed to the hospital again for her chest pain. This pain had been going on for about 2 months or so and no one could figure out why. I really didn’t think much of it but in my heart I knew something was seriously wrong

… to be continued

Down time

I should say little computer time. This means that starting tomorrow I will not have my e-mail up on the computer all day or even have tweets coming to my phone. This means getting away from social media and enjoying my family. Since I haven’t seen my parents, brother, and sister in law since May I thought that it would be a good time to focus on my family. The kids can’t hardly stand it that they get to see all of them this week. I think last night alone Kendra asked 500 times if tomorrow we get to see Nana and Grandpaw. Thursday they won’t be able to contain themselves and with be overly wild. I am glad that they are excited and not dreading it. I am glad that my parents are so very important to my kids. Not that Chris’ parents aren’t but the kids see them more frequently then my parents.

I also finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday about my joint pain that I have been having for weeks. She thinks that it is probably due to a virus but stuck me for some lab work anyway to be sure. She also gave me a steroid to ease the pain that I am having. I am hoping that it really is just a virus and will be gone in another month or so. If not of course we will figure out how to deal with it but something that is only temporary sounds much better.

Chris also informed me tonight that the developmental and behavioral ped finally got decided to call his doctor back so I am hoping that we will hear tomorrow from her to see what is next. I would really love to hear from her and get things moving again before Ephriam gets back into school. We will see though. It is at least some progress.

So I think that is it for now. When I come back to the computer I will hopefully have lots of picture postings to do. Enjoy the week!



Right now I am on vacation from my job outside the house but that doesn’t mean that my job at home has stopped. Actually we have been busy full filling before school appointments. Eye appointments, therapy, check ups ect.  We are also preparing for a week long hang out with my family that lives just outside of Nashville.  We haven’t seen them since my brother’s wedding at the end of May. It will probably take me weeks to detox after this week with them but we will enjoy being together and getting to do things.  I am enjoying being with my kids and my husband and NO I am not ready to return to my outside the house job and I might not be when I have to go back.

I spent the first couple of days at the Global Leadership Summit that is done out of Willow Creek church just outside of Chicago. However we are so lucky to have our church be host site for it so we were able to just go to church to see the same things that they see in Chicago.  There was a ton of things that Chris and I learned together. We are not only going to uses them in ministry and our jobs but also in the way we run our family.  It will be interesting to see how it goes. I hope to post things so that you can see the changes that we are going to make and how it is working out for us.

Well that is it for now. I have to get back to running around some more. I will blog more sometime later.