I didn’t forget you


I know that I said that I would blog about you yesterday but you see my dear I had forgotten what a hectic day it was going to be for me. However I didn’t forget about you and I never could. I know that you think I have forgotten you in the car a couple of times but really I was just putting stuff in the house so that I had arms to carry you in plus you were out cold and I didn’t want to disrupt that. I think and talk about you often and even though you are more than a handful at times I still love you and you bring great joy to my life.

I love to see your face light up when I tell you how proud of you I am and how excited you get when you can do something you didn’t think that you can do. I love your giving heart for others. Not to long ago you made a whole stack of cards to give to sick people and you want to give your hair away to help make a wig for someone with cancer. How precious is that at FOUR you do these amazing things. I hope that you continue to light up the world for others like you do your family.

Just recently we had parent teacher conferences with your teacher Miss Collins. You are doing so awesome in school. You are so smart! You count the highest in both the morning and afternoon classes, you know all your letters and the sounds they make. You are even asking how to spell out words. You are a great friend in sharing toys with out a fight.  You just had a couple of things that you need to work on. You need to be a leader and not a follower. We know that you want to fit in with the other kids but we want you to do what is right with fitting in with them. You also need to learn to get a tissue on your own and be a bit more independent in the classroom. We know that you are a big girl and can do it yourself. We push you to do these things at home too.

We also recently went to see Dr. O’Malley and learned that you are in the 75 percentile in both height and weight. This means you are tall for your age but also that you heavier for your age, however we are glad to see that you match your height because this means that you are very much right on track and not too thin or not too heavy! You are so beautiful! You got some of your 5 year shots so that you didn’t have to have so many at once. Mommy let you choose.

Next week we go for your big haircut. I can’t wait to see how grown up you will look. It till be better for both you and mommy and daddy. You won’t cry when we brush your hair and mommy and daddy won’t feel like they are hurting you so much. I can’t wait to see how good you look.

You are growing so big. I wish that I could put a book on your head and make it stop. One day you will be married and be a mommy of your own but first you will have to make it through your teen years! LOL.

Love, hugs, and kisses,


Wuz up with Ephriam?

I would love to tell you what is going on with him but simply the DDBP doctor and I are having issues getting on the same page. Well, honestly I can’t get him to return my phone call and when the nurse called it too him a month and half to type up his consult letter to Ephriam’s Pediatrican and write out what he wants ordered.  Problem #2 the orders were never placed therefor nothing can be scheduled.  This lead to me calling Ephriam’s primary care doctor, whom I love, and she said we should move on and see if we can get him to see another doctor in the DDBP. She gave me a couple of names and we are waiting to hear back. Today marks a week of waiting but let me tell you I will place a phone call today to see where we are at. Maybe by the time he is six we can find out what they mean by he is certainly different.  Well that is definately what we see and hence why we are seeking help. Just gets frustrating trying to get there.

Don’t worry though, I am on the case and I won’t back down. I know that Ephriam needs a firm diagnosis to get anywhere in being different. Being different doesn’t give him the services he needs at school. Actually his current diagnosis of Developmental Delays doesn’t get him services at school. His teacher last year, his teacher this, and I had to push to have him in the room he is in so that he can be successful. 

The good news is that Ephriam doesn’t know that the doctor is not taking care of him and that his mama is fighting for him. He is happily playing and growing like he should. We had a small victory of a one time poop on the potty the other night which lead to a McDonald’s celebration. Wish he would do that more but one small victory we will take. He is learing lots and school and moving a good pace. I think that he is doing wonderful and I can’t wait to see how far he will come this year. We are also greatful for him praying out loud grace for dinner at Chris’ parents’ house in front of everyone. This is huge step for him and we love seeing him grow.

His speech has improved A LOT, thanks to the fish oil that the neurologist said that the could have each day. Wow has it made a change in him. I think that he be talking up a storm in no time.

Ephriam, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! We will continue to get you the best help that we can. You are working so hard in school and in therapy with Miss Nikki and Miss Aurora. I hope that you know how proud we are of you! Keep up the good work lil’ man and one day it is going to pay off for you. Love, Mommy

Kendra, Tomorrow is a post for you babe. Love you! Mom


PJ Day

Sundays are about my favorite day of the week. I love since we go to church on Saturday night that we don’t do much here at home. It gives us a day to relax and do thing just for us. Today we will watch movies, get caught up on dishes and laundry, and take a nice nap in the afternoon.  It gives the kids down time that they don’t always get through the week. It gives me a chance to get the house caught up or just play with my kids.

It also gives my kids a chance to relax before we hit the ground running the for the week. This week we will be going to both speech and occupational therapy for Ephriam, Christopher has his internship, high school small group, and a meeting. Christopher and I are going Christmas shopping on Friday while the kids are in school. Saturday is Turkey Fest and church. Which leads us back to our PJ Day.

It makes the week easier to tackle knowing that once a week we get to do this. I hope that as the kids get older we can stay with this tradition. I know that at least the kids will hopefully sleep in later and not be up at 7:30. We will see.

What do you do for your Sabbath?

This week

It is Saturday morning and while the rest of my family is outside hanging Christmas lights I am enjoying the few minutes I have gotten to be alone this week. As an introvert I cherish these moments. Oh yes I would love to be out helping hang the Christmas lights but I was still in bed when they started and after this week I have needed this moment of quite to enjoy. On Monday I had 3 back to back to back appointments, there was little to no time in between each of them and by the time the kids had a bath it was bed time.  So there was no quite time to reflect.

Tuesday since I knew I was going into a 3 day no hope for a call of stretch at work (not complaining about the no call of thing) I knew that since it would be my only down time I need to watch a movie. I pulled up our Netflix cue and watched Julie and Julia.  It was an okay movie that I thought was kinda slow but hey not complaining since I have been wanting to see it.  After it was over it was time to go get Kendra from school. She was fine other then her time spent not napping.  Things seem to go just fine through dinner and what not and I head into work. Work was busy and I didn’t expect it to be that way.

On Wednesday I slept well in the morning before picking Kendra up from school. I wrestled with her to eat her lunch and again no nap for her. The guy next store has spent everyday since the leaves have begun to fall using his leaf blower for an hour, during my afternoon nap time. So not much of a nap for me going into my second night. I got Ephriam off the bus and started to make Chicken Enchiladas. Kendra was in the kitchen relentlessly asking me to help her with her learn to sew butterfly kit that she got for her birthday. I explained to her several times that I was cooking dinner and could not help her. She continued on and on with me. Finally my nerves were almost shot so I spanked her and sent her to her room. Finished making dinner to realize that I still had to get everything ready for the kid for school tomorrow pack my lunch and be out the door for work in 10 minutes.  Good thing it doesn’t take long to pick clothes out of a drawer or throw Ramen in my lunch. Another not so hot night at work.

On Thursday morning since by now my nerves were completely shot I told my husband if the guy next store uses his leaf blower today I am going to wrap it around his neck! Lucky for him he didn’t. I went off to bed. Got up and got Kendra at school. This time after several days of her not taking a nap I threatened her life and her being able to go to Grandma’s to have dinner. She finally gave in to the nap thing so much that I had to wake her up. I got Ephriam off the bus, made noodles, and out the door to family dinner. How nice it was to not have to cook a whole meal and to get to enjoy family. Nite 3 at work was a successfully nice night. With the exception that the system used to put in birth certificates wouldn’t let me.

Friday I go GREAT sleep since Christopher was here to entertain Kendra and take Ephriam to school. Small Group was so nice to enjoy the company of a friend and not entertain my kids. Followed by my kids quickly going to sleep. I however was in night shift mood and didn’t fall asleep till after midnight.

That leads till now. Sleeping in till 10am while my family is outside putting up lights. I think that they are almost finished actually. Then we will be headed to the toy store to see what kind of things Ephriam wants for Christmas. Kendra already has her list but Ephriam really doesn’t know how to tell us, so we take him to the store to see what he plays with most. We have several gifts he has gotten this way and still plays with these toys this way. I can’t wait to see what he picks out. Tonight is church and a good way to end a not so great week. I love Saturday night service at VCC.

Tomorrow is a PJ day with the kids before headed into work, which will hopefully start my week off right. For now I need to head outside to help put up Mickey Mouse.