Clean your Ears out

Today I took my first psychomotor, written skills, and theory test. I failed my first attempted at my psychomotor. I failed at things I KNOW how to do. I can take a blood pressure and I can take an apical pulse listening to your heart with a stethoscope). However today I let my nerves get the best of me. I second guessed my counting on my apical pulse thinking that it was too fast. However had I kept counting the way I was I would have gotten in right. Then on my BP I was so worried about getting either the 1st or the 2nd reading right that I missed up one or the other both times.  So next Tuesday I have to go back at 0830 and try again. Next time I am going to nail it because I got the hard parts completely right no problems. I now know what to expect so we will keep on. I will get it right and won’t let my nerves get me. If not guess I will be starting all over again in fall. I will not fail out on my first attempt. I will get it right. After I took the written part of the test I was fine. I wasn’t even worried about my theory test. I nailed them both. I am sure that I passed and I am sure I won’t let my nerves get the best of me and will pass my psychomotor with flying colors. Plus now I am requried to have at least 30 minutes practice with the lab manager and 30 minutes with a student who has passed there psychomotor. It will be just fine.  Dear God I will not let the stress get to me. I will do. I will. With no doubts in my mind that I can’t.


Taking Turns

Well I think it is a great idea for kids to take turns, as in sharing, but this my kids taking turns getting into trouble is getting old fast.  Ephriam is usually a good kid that stays out of stuff that he isn’t suppose to be into. However, today is a different story, today he decided that it would be a great idea to get the bag of American cheese out and spread it on my living room floor and probably share with his sister. When I talk about bag of American cheese I mean we buy it at Sams in a huge block with 4 breakable  stack and he had almost a full 2 stacks.  The back half of the cheese because I freeze the other two and these were ones just recently pulled from the frig. Yes that is a whole lot of cheese. His sister didn’t rat him out either so she is just as guilty as he is because she knows they aren’t suppose to be in the frig with out asking first. So now not a week has gone by since the middle of January that someone hasn’t ruined or gotten into something that they shouldn’t have. I thought that maybe it was just that the kids needed some sunshine and fresh air but I am not thinking so. Kendra has been good this week and almost got a toy back but was found out of bed last night so lost that. Otherwise she has been a gem this week. Maybe it is because she got some individual attention or maybe it took all the way to taking her toys away to get that we aren’t messing around here. Ephriam is so much harder to talk to though because he really doesn’t get it. He knows that he got in trouble because Chris spanked him but when asked why he was in his room he couldn’t recall. Hopefully at some point he will be able to but for now we just have to keep on him to stay out of the frig. It might involve locks and gates but he will get the point. For now I am praying that Double Trouble stays out of the Trouble.


Mom and Me Valentine’s Day Tea

Kendra in the fashion show

Making butterfly sand art

Putting in her favorite color purple

Getting the glam treatment by having her nails done

Posing for a picture with Grandma

Stopping at the end of the cat walk for picture.

Next year Kendra hopes to bring her cousin Clare with her. They would be in hog heaven together. Thanks Grandma for such a good time.


Made it!

I have now survived my first week of working and going to school.  Over all I think it was a good week. I haven’t learned much that is new but I am sure in due time I will. I have A LOT of work to do. My instructor (I have for all 3 class I am taking) wants us to work ahead of what we are doing in class.  This means that I need to have so knowledge of what I am doing before we get to class. So getting ahead now is what I have to do this weekend. I am sure that I can do it, actually, I know that I will because I really don’t have a choice.

I thought that this week would be easier since it was the first week but I was wrong. I offered to make dinner for friends and do make cupcakes for Kendra’s class on top off all the regular stuff and adjusting for school. So my lesson learned this week was to not do so much the first week of class or even for that matter the second week. After that it is still a play it by ear.

I do have to say that I have an awesome husband who has picked up the slack around here for me. He has taken on dishes, some laundry, and the kids. He has done an awesome job. I am totally blessed to have him as a husband. God knew what he was doing in creating him just for me.

The kids are a little confused as to why mommy is leaving in the morning after she didn’t work the night before but they will get used to it.  Kendra told me on Thursday that she didn’t want me to be a nurse or go to work that she just wanted me to be a Mom. I explained to her that I can be a nurse and be a mom to her at the same time. I think that she would just rather we all stay home all the time.

So here is to week 2. I am sure that you will be as good as week one if not better.


Full Day

Today has been full day.  My day started at 6:45 this morning as I got everyone up, ready, and out the door so that Ephriam could have OT this morning. Once I got them ready it was time to ready myself. I got out the door 5 minutes later then I had planned but I still made it to school on time, actually I made it there 20 minutes early. It gave me time to get to where I needed be and find out where I was going. We got to do apical pulse and blood pressure. Nothing that I hadn’t done before. We listened A LOT to our instructor talk.  Shortly after skills lab started the Dean of Nursing came in and said we needed to order our uniforms today. So after class I went ahead and ordered my uniform for clinicals. Then it was off to Theory class. There we got all of our paper work and assignments and took a math test. If we missed one out of the five questions then we needed to go to a math review sessions. I got all 5 right! Part of is was that I knew how many ml were in a ounce. Then we got to go home! The drive home was nice except for watching the temperature drop the closer I got home. Tomorrow is my clinical lab in which I am sure that I will get more papers and learn some more. Then back to Theory class on Thursday afternoon. Right now I am ready for bed but I still have a long night ahead of me. Looking forward to eating some dinner tonight, doing valentines with the kids, doing my reading for school, and hopefully an episode of LOST. We will see though. For now getting things ready for tomorrow.


Slow Saturday

It is after 12:30 and I have not gotten out of bed yet. In fact I didn’t wake up till 10:30, thanks to Christopher getting out of bed and getting the kids breakfast. It has been a really nice seriously rare treat. Especially since I know that for the next 18 months or so this is not a reality at all. I will have to get up to spend time with my kids or do school work. Sleep will be limited but I know that we will make it through it, graduate, and pass my boards. For now though I am going to enjoy this day of the kids playing great together using their imaginations and play together. Enjoying being in the same room as my husband looking at our computer screens while talking.

Oh did I mention part of the reason for getting out of bed is because it is snowing AGAIN. Seriously. I can’t wait till Spring arrives. I am tired of the snow. Right now we aren’t even sure if we are going to be able to church tonight.

I think though that I should probably get my kids some lunch. Not sure what we are having yet but I will find out when we make it to the kitchen.


January Pictures

Here is a family picture of us at my brother in law and sister in law’s house

Here is a picture of Ephriam playing with Woody from Toy Story

Here is Kendra just being a ham!

This is me, someone had my camera and was taking pictures of Me!

Here Kendra taking a nap

Kendra playing in the snow

Ephriam playing in the snow

A much needed night outside with the snow to burn off some energy

I am sure that my husband loves I shared this picture but it was a practice one with my camera.


COLD WEATHER! I am tired of it being cold and snowy. I can’t wait for spring to get here. I look at a picture of the kids taken last April of the kids at the zoo in front of the flowers and think how I can’t wait for it to be warm. I am tired of coats, hats, and gloves but am ready for sunscreen, bathing suits, and flip flops. I would even like to just see the sun a little more. I know that soon enough it will be blazin’ hot outside and I just can’t wait for that. I am so ready for 80 degree temps.

I can’t wait to plant our garden this year. So long as I am not sleeping while I should be planting because with school I am not sure that it will get done. We are going to just wait and see. Hopefully I can at least get a couple of tomatoe plants in. I am sure that the kids would like to see what else we can grow.

So dear cold and snowy weather please just go away.


PS I am working on getting up some new pictures of the kids. Hope to get it done by Saturday night but we will see.


Well Christopher and I have been struggling to get Kendra to not destroy the nice things that we have. It doesn’t seem to matter what we take away or how many times/ how hard we spank her (yes we spank). It is just not going into her brain. I am not sure if it is just that she is bored and looking for things to do, trying to get our attention, or needs to get rid of some bottled up energy. I have tried keeping her busy, giving her attention, and sending her outside to run to see if this helps and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know what is next if she doesn’t straighten up. How in the world am I going to deal with her as a teenager if I can’t get a hold of her at 4? Can someone tell me it gets better with out lying to me?

We have now gone through this 2 year in a row. Last year it was chocolate chap stick on the wall and soap all over her, Ephriam, and the bathroom. So maybe it is just the season. Hoping to keep her busy this weekend and see if that helps. I hope that I don’t have to fill every minute of her day for her to behave but we will see.

However if you have suggestions I am willing to take them too.

Plugging Along

I am just plugging along. Getting things that need to be done finished up and done. I of Monday I finished my last crap class that I have to take in so that I stayed on the wait list for clinicals because next Tuesday I will officially start my classes. I am so glad all of that is over and done. I am now onto more new and exciting things. I might actually get to blog more because on Tuesdays I will have an hour and a half lull between classes to get school work done, blog, pray, eat lunch, ect. I am looking forward to that time alone and being able to do my own thing. Who knows though I might end up with a friend to do things with too in my clinical lab group. We will see how things go.

I am looking forward to the little bit of a break that I will get inbetween classes. I have enjoyed sometime reading, getting things around the house caught up, but mostly I have enjoyed watching lost season one with my husband. Yep last night we spent from 8pm to midnight watching the end. He just can’t stand it that he has to wait for me to watch the next episode but he is doing well waiting. He is usually watches Heros in the meantime.  The kids were sad to see me go into work tonight because they have enjoyed having me at home. I don’t know what they are going to think come time for me to go to school and I am not home that often. We will also see how my schedule works out as for me getting to school.

Ephriam is plugging right along. I need to call the developmental and behavioral ped to see if we can get things back and moving for him. There has been a little bit of a miss hap with them and I am quite disappointed but still need to fight for Ephriam.  He has been talking up a storm which has been great. He has been a joy to have at home.

Kendra is working at getting all of her toys taken away due to writing, drawing, coloring, painting, and taking apart things that she shouldn’t. I am not sure why she is being so distructive but we are hanging in there. She usually a joy to have and it might be her age or the weather. She hasn’t been able to go outside for weeks now and I think that is killing her. I try to keep her busy inside but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. Hoping that maybe she will snap out of this soon. We will see. She is doing well in school and looks forward to going to Kindergarden next year.

Christopher is hanging in there taking on the Daddy Daycare roll while I work. He is doing a good job so far but his job is going to only get harder as the year goes on. He is still looking for a job and I just know that when God wants him to have the perfect job he will. He just needs to keep looking.

Well I think that is it for now but look for more post as the week goes on.