COLD WEATHER! I am tired of it being cold and snowy. I can’t wait for spring to get here. I look at a picture of the kids taken last April of the kids at the zoo in front of the flowers and think how I can’t wait for it to be warm. I am tired of coats, hats, and gloves but am ready for sunscreen, bathing suits, and flip flops. I would even like to just see the sun a little more. I know that soon enough it will be blazin’ hot outside and I just can’t wait for that. I am so ready for 80 degree temps.

I can’t wait to plant our garden this year. So long as I am not sleeping while I should be planting because with school I am not sure that it will get done. We are going to just wait and see. Hopefully I can at least get a couple of tomatoe plants in. I am sure that the kids would like to see what else we can grow.

So dear cold and snowy weather please just go away.


PS I am working on getting up some new pictures of the kids. Hope to get it done by Saturday night but we will see.

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